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  1. BlueWizard

    I should pick up where I left of in the book, about half way of it but recently I havent found...

    I should pick up where I left of in the book, about half way of it but recently I havent found time to read. Feels like it would be best to start over. 😅
  2. BlueWizard

    Accepting Lack Of Knowledge: To Not Spread Confusion

    Will we have something implemented to forums regarding this? The problem I see is many people here, especially new members try and "teach" other members or even new people and for me it always causes doubts or uncertainty in their answers and if a more knowing member doesn't intervene in the...
  3. BlueWizard

    Thieves, Slanderers and Traitors: A Warning

    This is disgusting and absolutely disgraceful. As someone who sacrifices almost entirity of my free time translating, I cannot explain the disgust and anger I feel for this. We chose to translate, and asked nothing in return. So it is not only stealing from JoS, it is also stealing from us...
  4. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Hello. I have set a goal to work and exercise on my physical body and have a timed period. I only have one question. I am not looking for a working or a planetary square (although that might boost my success, please clarify), but I want to actually start exercising on a specific date, mainly...
  5. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Weekly report 15/7 - 21/7 Translated: Demon Section: https://radostsatane.com/DEMONVIII.html/index.html https://radostsatane.com/DEMONVII.html/index.html https://radostsatane.com/DEMONSII.html https://radostsatane.com/Baal-Berith.html Advanced Satanism: https://radostsatane.com/ASHTAR.html...
  6. BlueWizard

    I cannot be more happier myself. I see this as the point of finally waking up, in these last 4...

    I cannot be more happier myself. I see this as the point of finally waking up, in these last 4 months I have put more effort than I did in almost all these 6-7 years. I'm thankful to the Gods and this beautiful family.
  7. BlueWizard

    This day marks the completion of the 14 day purification cycle. I experimented with this cycle...

    This day marks the completion of the 14 day purification cycle. I experimented with this cycle but it paid off as at the end of it I had a perfect meditation which I enjoyed a lot. At the end of cycle the purification went like this (also I will be very glad if anyone shares some tips or if...
  8. BlueWizard

    Quick Tips to Beat the Heat

    So many helpful tips. We don't have such heat here in north but I will be going on vacation to Mediterraneans very soon because family and they have it really bad down there. These tips will come in handy when I'm there. Also for shower, you mean we should put it to cold water and then get in...
  9. BlueWizard

    Developing Yet Controlling Your Imagination and Mind to Further Your Advancement

    I love how both you and HPHC write sermons for each side of the brain, HPHC writes more about left side, logic, wisdom, understanding, and you write more about right side such as creativity, imagination and art. I haven't noticed this before but I say it is great to do so, and it is in balanced...
  10. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Weekly report 8/7 - 14/7 Translated: Exposing Christianity: This completes the translation of Exposing Christianity: https://radostsatane.com/satanslibrary.org/ExposingChristianity/Conspiracy.html...
  11. BlueWizard

    How to become more organised - a rough guide

    Trust me, I tried, I prefer old fashioned way of paper and pen as I might forget how to write in the future lol, but I never really make it into a habit of writing, tried journaling but didnt work either. It is probably I constantly forget that I need to journal.
  12. BlueWizard

    False Sense Of Entitlement In Spiritual Satanism

    This is very important to read and understand, especially for new members. When starting, I was in similar situation, not as described above but I would always blame the Gods if something wouldn't work out for me. The thought of blaming xtian god before finding spirituality just shifted to...
  13. BlueWizard

    Functions Of The Mind: Basic Functions and Obstacles In Meditation

    Bump! I am still finding it hard, or not really finding it hard, i meditate daily, but finding it satifying and enjoyable to meditate. I believe because I am still in process of reprogramming which is taking time. But it is happening which is important. This sermon helped in many ways and I...
  14. BlueWizard

    How to become more organised - a rough guide

    Bump, starting from tomorrow, Sunday, I am free the whole day and will create long, mid and short term goals. I have a app called HabitNow and Ive been using it to make meditations into a habit which worked. I am planning to use it again in this case, it doesnt have functions such as keeping...
  15. BlueWizard

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    He is aware of that, I was simply expressing my curiosity regarding future updates
  16. BlueWizard

    About Translations: End Of 2024

    I had a thought recently about different JoS websites and their own information and knowledge shared there. Will they be added with their own pages that are only written for that specific website? If we take Serbo/Croatian website for example, will it have things such as pagan history in...
  17. BlueWizard

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    That is what I do, my focus is still on main JoS website, unfortunately our domain hasnt been updated for a year or more and many of pages are broken, same goes with Death of Communism and other. I hope JG'S will update all domains on the most recent JoS main website.
  18. BlueWizard

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    DeepL doesn't support croatian or serbian so I use google translator which is kinda pain to use but I proofread all the content anyway, no matter the translator used.
  19. BlueWizard

    About Translations: End Of 2024

    Oh I have to try this. I also translate paragraph by paragraph, but then replace original text and when looking for spelling errors I have original text in translator tab which like you said, I have to go back and forth all the time.
  20. BlueWizard

    Organising Translations: Present & Future

    Thank you for writing this important topic. I have also taken HPHC' topic regarding translation to heart. As for JoS Serbo/Croatian, I have dedicated 2 hours daily on translating material that is on websites. At the moment it is not much because there is still possible hundreds of pages left to...
  21. BlueWizard

    About Disease And Healing

    I enjoyed a lot reading this one, thank you for putting this up.
  22. BlueWizard

    Dedication Ritual

    Welcome. The first step is now complete and you are on your way for something greater. As for connecting to specific Gods, you should use our SS calendars as it shows the date and which Demon rules that day so you can spend some time meditating on their Sigil. SS Calendars Keep meditating...
  23. BlueWizard

    Plants tips needed

    Thank you both for replies. I have limited space in front yard and I also have plans to dig small pond, create a gravel path and place decorations everywhere so it will limit the space but ideally plants would follow the path and some, larger ones would be bit further away. I plan to sketch some...
  24. BlueWizard

    Plants tips needed

    I was unsure where to post this thread so I hope it is okay if it is here. To the topic, I am working on front garden and I am looking for some tips on which plants and like, decorations that appear pleasant every time someone passes by or we spend time there. We already have Japanese cherry...
  25. BlueWizard

    Question #5132: Blood transfusion

    Off topic but congrats on your 6666 post. 🙂
  26. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Weekly report 1/7-7/7 Translated: https://radostsatane.com/RITUALITEMS.html https://radostsatane.com/Incense.html https://radostsatane.com/Advanced_Satanic_Ritual.html https://radostsatane.com/Ritual.html https://radostsatane.com/Beelzebub.html https://radostsatane.com/Astaroth.html...
  27. BlueWizard


    Beginning is always the most difficult, as with everything else. I have noticed recently and this post came in right time to reflect a bit more on it, that now I am able to focus more on myself and on meditations while meditating. The thing is, before, when I would meditate on and off, I...
  28. BlueWizard

    I will just share this here as I did my first ever purification today on Witches Sabbath. I...

    I will just share this here as I did my first ever purification today on Witches Sabbath. I rarely share my meditation experiences but this is something that everyone should consider doing as much as possible. As I am still unexperienced in visualising I did best as I could and as followed...
  29. BlueWizard

    Lord Dagon

    Now that is pretty. Love the cross-hatching! Keep it up friend!
  30. BlueWizard

    Advanced Knowledge: Witches Sabbath & The Lunar Month Purification Circle [Updated]

    Will start this the upcoming Saturday for full 28 day cycle. Somehow I let this very crucial knowledge slip but I am very much looking forward to starting it now that I've read many positive replies here on it actually helping a lot in cleansing.
  31. BlueWizard

    Dibujo de Maat

    Lovely drawing!
  32. BlueWizard


    That's great news! I seriously want to try this, what I do is I usually change the position of some furniture in my room every few months just to make it a bit refreshing and new but never really did anything like this before. I will need to study this and implement it soon, now that others...
  33. BlueWizard

    Useful visual Astrology Illustration

    That's so good, I never knew how it looks in 3D and this is awesome!
  34. BlueWizard

    Physical discomfort for Kundalini Yoga

    Start slow and build up from there. When I was new the ones that should be repeated 108 times I did 54 and the ones that should be done 26 times I did 13 so basically I halved amounts of repetitions. As for the last one I am also unable to do it for 3 minutes so just go for as much as you are...
  35. BlueWizard

    Safest way to introduce someone to SS?

    I would never push anyone into something they may not be interested in. Also that is a good idea to first explain what it means to me. Forgot to add that she occasionally does yoga and meditates so I believe she would be easiest to talk to. Will have to build this up to be easy for her to...
  36. BlueWizard


    And Holden QiGong My phone decided to send previous message for some reason before I was done writing it.
  37. BlueWizard


    I have 2 different ones which I like to practice from: QiGong Meditation
  38. BlueWizard

    Safest way to introduce someone to SS?

    I have a family member that I know for sure is going to be interested in SS. And don't tell me it's not safe and what not, I know my family more than anyone here, we talk openly about everything and I believe it is time to slowly and safely introduce them one by one to our Gods. Yes, we were...
  39. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Updates: 24/06 To avoid unecessary posting as translations are currently only done by me, I decided to post them at the end of every week for all the work for that week. Anyway, I work by the tracking document and even if the document says some pages have been translated, I re-read and check...
  40. BlueWizard

    JoS Calendar app?

    Yeah JoS app would be insane. Import all website materials, forums, astro services, customizable meditation programs, keeping track of them and taking notes on each meditation etc etc but it will take enourmous amount of time to develop. Plus for some reason I feel like if everything gets...
  41. BlueWizard

    JoS Calendar app?

    That's what I'm going to do and it will take a while to import this but was just curious as well if we will have an app in future.
  42. BlueWizard

    JoS Calendar app?

    I am curious is this something that is maybe in plans but we don't know it yet? The idea came to me as I will be downloading a reminder app and writing down all important SS holidays, dates to start workings and VoC's. It's just I still don't have a habit of opening SS calendar every day...
  43. BlueWizard


    You can ask them here and people will help you.
  44. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    Updates 23/06/2024 Translations: All the text on every pictures from website has been translated, implementations to our website will begin in near future. Started parts of Azazel's Astrology, decided to leave it for last as it is challenging section to translate. Translated: About Astology...
  45. BlueWizard

    birthday and demons

    I'm also curious about this. I thought that maybe its connected with our guardian demons who rule those days and our birth day but that is just my guessing which I cannot confirm is true. Very interested about this.
  46. BlueWizard

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    Thank you for these wonderful Rituals High Priest and thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing our Gods to their true light.
  47. BlueWizard

    I wrote down my goals for this life

    I have some similar goals like you and I come to conclusion (this I am addressing for myself but maybe someone else finds this appropriate) that money will get me all the goals I have. Some people maybe already have home that they inherited and don't have to pay much for it, grow their own food...
  48. BlueWizard

    Healing the soul.

    These are very positive changes. Best of luck on your journey and keep it up!
  49. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    From now on I will post a daily changelog on updates on the EX-YU website to keep better track on updates. Inspiration comes from @Hellenic SS who does same on the Greek translation thread. :) What I'm posting below is in one week's work. Will post it daily from now on. Translated by me. Every...
  50. BlueWizard

    Jos activism

    I believe he mentioned he has about 30+ members that are still currently on wait for the project. If you replied to him on the topic or sent him private message then just wait. Rest assured, he saw your message and interest but due to limit of accounts available at the moment, it can take some...
  51. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Is it okay if I replace Hatha Yoga with Tai Chi for example? I've been practicing hatha on and off for quite a while but never really enjoyed it too much and I've read we can change the practices to our liking. But I want to ask because I'm not sure if hatha has some special benefits. I recently...
  52. BlueWizard

    Question #4989: Crown Chakra

    If you mean for the current rituals we are doing for Lady Maxine and Lord Balaam, the runic vibrations are explained on this page: https://www.joyofsatan.org/Odin.html It doesn't matter if vibration isn't 100% correct, what's important is your intent and focus.
  53. BlueWizard

    Best of luck and we look forward to having you back whenever you're ready!

    Best of luck and we look forward to having you back whenever you're ready!
  54. BlueWizard

    Tatoo and music.

    What music you listen to, that is totally your thing and no one will hate you for it. As for tattoos, again, it is totally your choice but getting a tattoo that can in any way point out that you are SS can be dangerous (such as Father's Satan tattoo if I understood your question). I advise...
  55. BlueWizard


    As with choosing pendulums and such, I will go with the feel for whichever I feel most drawn to. But feel free to send over the link for the ones you're using, no need for sending a link for youtube video. Appreciate it.
  56. BlueWizard

    Question: Using noise music to focus in meditation

    What is important is not to be disturbed while meditating. I have seen people here mentioning they meditate while listening to metal music. Don't know how true it is, but as long as you stay focused on your meditation, the kind of noise you use while meditating is up to your liking. Personally...
  57. BlueWizard


    Interesting, I will save it and try it out when I am more prepared and ready. Thank you for sharing.
  58. BlueWizard

    First Official JOS Marriage

    Congratulations and best of luck brother. May your marriage be long and fruitful.
  59. BlueWizard


    I recently thought of purchasing some tarot for myself. I searched some stored online but they offer enormous types of different decks so I got lost in trying to find perfect one. My plan is to find any physical store and try to see which tarot cards feel best for me. Or is there a specific...
  60. BlueWizard

    Happy Summer Solstice!

    I worked on my solar chakra but just a question. As summer solstice in my area started on 20th and Sun entered Cancer at 22.51, isn't the Solstice for one day so until 21st? Or is it just on 20th but workings are amplified for just 1 hour until midnight...?
  61. BlueWizard

    Happy Summer Solstice!

    Happy Summer Solstice! I wish I am able to light a bonfire but that will be when I get my own place. Tonight, candle will be enough, how nice that I have some white candles at home! As for one-shot workings, that is any working that is usually done for 40 days?
  62. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Not too much. I have some exercises that I used to do that take about 10 minutes a day but I stopped. Now that I think about it, I didn't have much trouble before with yawning when I exercised. Thank you 🙂
  63. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    I haven't seen many discussions about this so I'll ask it here. When I meditate or do workings, rituals, anything, I yawn all the damn time. It's annoying because then I lose concentration. I yawn literally every 30 seconds. It doesn't happen this much during the day, only when meditating. Does...
  64. BlueWizard

    About Human Perception Of Time

    As this is common for us SS, this post is literally what I needed and came in great time. For last couple of weeks I was trying to understand why does time pass me by so damn quickly, looking back and just couldn't understand why does it happen. It also felt for me like time was eternal in our...
  65. BlueWizard

    lakshmi mantra for money

    Hmm I'll try and see if I can manage twice a day for 108 reps each. Doing it once already feels a lot but I'll try a day or two and if it's too much I'll continue with once a day.
  66. BlueWizard

    lakshmi mantra for money

    I just started doing this mantra about a week ago. Can anyone answer if I can switch to doing it twice a day now after a week or should I just do once per day like when I started and at the end of 40 day cycle switch to 2 times per day?
  67. BlueWizard

    About Translations: End Of 2024

    Even though I use translator for my mother language, it makes it easier, I still go over and re-read the translated page for any grammar errors, proper name for Satan and addressing the author as she because most older pages (if not all) were written by HPS Maxine. JoS for EX-YU is QUITE...
  68. BlueWizard

    Rising Serpents

    Is it okay for you if I save it on my device and use it as a background?
  69. BlueWizard

    Rising Serpents

    Absolutely beautiful. If privacy wasnt such a big issue for us i would consider buying. We want to see more of your great talents! :)
  70. BlueWizard

    Was I attacked?

    I sleep well almost all the time, my bed is quite large so there's literally nothing I could have accidently hit my arm on, not even the bed frame as it's all covered it cloth. But it might be nothing, cannot really tell, all I can say is I got the bruise which looks unusual and that my arm...
  71. BlueWizard

    Was I attacked?

    If it was just a random attack I wouldn't ask here or anything, its not something thats gonna scare me or make me leave but as I got this out of nowhere bruise now that's a bit concerning. And to come clean, no, I wasn't working on my AoP for past few weeks, alright, I didn't work on anything...
  72. BlueWizard

    Extreme Importance of Walking The Path and Meditation for Newer Brothers and Sisters

    Beautiful post. I'm one of those that started meditating and then stopped after a while, and it repeated for many times. From me personally, I always thought that meditations would be something one would benefit from in like a week or two and not something that really requires 110% from you for...
  73. BlueWizard

    Was I attacked?

    This night when sleeping I believe that I was attacked or something as now I have a giant bruise (like really big, like something was holding my arm with full force) and small like bloody injury spots near the bruise, and none of that was there before I went to sleep. I know because every time I...
  74. BlueWizard

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    Thank you. Very beautiful post HPS Lydia, important both for parents and those who will become ones in future. Worth re-reading often to remind ourselves that being parent is not one person work. When child is raised by both parent, the child will still have more affection for his mother as she...
  75. BlueWizard

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    This has really helped me in understanding some key problems in my life. After writing thoughts and meditation, I felt like I was at therapy with myself. Every thought was analysed and asked so many questions on why etc and I came up with many key factors why do these thoughts appear and how to...
  76. BlueWizard

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    I'm so happy for HPS Maxine and what she managed to achieve. She has brought so many satanists to truth and left a mark on humanity. We thank her for this. Hail Maxine and Balaam!
  77. BlueWizard

    Swedish and Korean Translators Needed

    I've been living in Sweden for about 9 years now and can speak and understand the language, not so much as native speaker but I have knowledge. I am currently working on croatian translations but if needed I can help a bit with swedish if there is someone who will organise translations. But I...
  78. BlueWizard

    My biggest obstacles

    I've read about that practice somewhere recently but I didn't try to implement it fully, I think I tried for an hour but failed. Believe it was when I was reading about ADHD and stuff that one guy explained when mind doesn't want to focus on tasks to just then do absolutely nothing for some time...
  79. BlueWizard

    My biggest obstacles

    Alright I'll write this thread here as I'm having enough of it. Whatever you write, just note that I am taking it personally as I'm on a thin ice right now. I'll rant as much as I can here, to just let it all out because there's nothing to do anymore. So this is what's going on with me and why...
  80. BlueWizard

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Also gotta say the new pages look wonderful and fresh. ApolloAbove overdelivers yet again!! And everyone else who is working hard on expanding JoS in every way possible, MASSIVE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!
  81. BlueWizard


    Čovjek ti je upravo odgovorio gore, bez meditacije nećeš daleko, čitaj šta ti se nudi na stranici, meditiraj, i ako stvarno ovo želiš da što prije napraviš ritual posvećenja jer tad pokazuješ da si spreman napredovati i tada dobiješ svojeg Demona čuvara koji će da ti pomogne na putu.
  82. BlueWizard

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    I forgot to mention will the donors have access to previous pdfs that they missed? Or once one climbs ranks in donor system and becomes more engaged or trusted then they get to receive these?
  83. BlueWizard

    Polls Now Available!?

    Good feature. Definitely going to be useful in future.
  84. BlueWizard

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    Congratulations JG Karnonnos! I believe that these new improvements to the donor system will inspire more people to act and do works to become a part of it. If nothing more, THIS should be the main reason more people should join and help as this goes a long way.
  85. BlueWizard


    Dobrodosao! Evo da ja napisem jer skoro svi ovde pricaju na engleskom pa zato nije nitko jos odgovorio. Ukratko da objasnim, ovdje vjerujemo u Spiritualni Satanizam sto se puno vise razlikuje od slike koje su druge lazne religije svijeta postavile i na kako se gleda Satanizam. Ovo nema veze sa...
  86. BlueWizard

    Kako napraviti frtr

    Pozdrav! Forum je inace na engleskom ali ako trebas pomoc u vezi necega samo napisi, ovdje ti je link za FRTR : https://josrituals.org/ritual/rtr/final-rtr-killing-tetragrammaton-shattering-jewish-soul-protection.html Upute za RTR su jos uvijek na engleskom ali radi se na prevodima. Jednostavno...
  87. BlueWizard

    Family Portait of Joy of Satan 2024

    This is simply beautiful, it just radiates with positivity. Thank you for sharing!!
  88. BlueWizard

    How to be a better writer?

    I did purchase recently (don't know why, these books are way above my knowledge and last time I opened a book was over 6 years ago lol) books such as "the last days of socrates", "boethius consoltation of philosophy", "meditations" by "Marcus aurelius" (currently reading that one), "48 laws of...
  89. BlueWizard

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    I waited almost the whole day until it got nighttime so I could do the ritual. But it was damn worth the wait. These rituals are always blessings to us. At first I was uncertain if I can do the full ritual but did it anyway and what an absolute bomb of energy this was (in a good way obviously)...
  90. BlueWizard

    How to be a better writer?

    Yes, I am already reading other people writings and practicing myself. Even have a daily reminder on phone so I don't skip a day. My own style will come with practice so I am not really focusing too much on it atm but it is good to keep in mind. Ahh yes, I was worried it would be throat chakra...
  91. BlueWizard

    How to be a better writer?

    Aaah, totally missed to put a question mark at the end of the thread title line, this way people click thinking that its something informative about being a writer. If any mod can just put a question line at the end of the title I would be very grateful!! If that is even possible.
  92. BlueWizard

    How to be a better writer?

    Hello, I thought of opening this thread to ask people on well, how to be a better writer, more precise copywriter, but from the spiritual side of things, such as, are there specific chakras that should be empowered for things such as persuasion, maybe even 3rd eye, to be a better thinker... are...
  93. BlueWizard

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    Very informative post, both from HP and members regarding AI. I wish more people would read this, even outside forums. People need to understand what the AI truly is about. Personally I am still sceptical about AI as, of course, it will take over jobs in future. Now some here mentioned that...
  94. BlueWizard

    Pictures of the Northern Lights

    Then you can communicate with about 90% of Slavic people. :LOL: To the topic, these pictures are beautiful, I didn't know about this, the sky was clear for the past few days and I'm sure I would have seen it in Sweden too, just I missed it. Hope it will be visible for few nights tho.
  95. BlueWizard

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    Thank you for this post. So far on my journey I have focused mostly on myself but never really focused to also try and establish a proper connection with Gods. I never thought of a idea, or it never crossed my mind until you brought it now, that Gods teach about everything one wants to know and...
  96. BlueWizard

    Blue Baphomet - sculpture by DarkAries

    You did great for your first time sculpting! It's a fun hobby to have.
  97. BlueWizard

    Crowned sigils painting

    Is the background done with acrylic painting? I love it! It really goes well with the red from the sigils. Awesome job!
  98. BlueWizard

    Share your books!

    I'm opening a thread here in this forum for everyone to share their books regarding health only! I am personally looking for few interesting myself, such as for acupressure, TCM, TCM for herbs and natural foods, books about herbs, even yoga and Qigong etc etc. Anything that has to do with...
  99. BlueWizard

    This reminds me when I played AC Odyssey for the first time. Most of my time spent in that game...

    This reminds me when I played AC Odyssey for the first time. Most of my time spent in that game was admiring the beauty of amazingly crafted world and just wanting to live somewhere there. Ehh, I had my fun playing that game. Wonderful picture, almost for wallpaper if it was of higher quality.
  100. BlueWizard

    Learning Respect and Freedom

    A wise post a day keeps me on the right way :) I can literally see myself in the text. My parents were harsh on me as a kid, but that taught me how to be kind and respect others. Unfortunately, that is only it. They forgot to also teach that kindness is often abused by others and I learned it...
  101. BlueWizard

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    Thank you for your hard work HPHC
  102. BlueWizard

    Body hair loss on same areas

    Alright, appreciate the advices. Will test it out
  103. BlueWizard

    Body hair loss on same areas

    Interesting,I will need to look into these and possibly even see the doctor about it then. 1. Yes, I should exercise more, I haven't done it in what feels like ages. 2. My liver seems to be working fine, I never experienced pain or discomfort but it doesn't mean something is not right with...
  104. BlueWizard

    Body hair loss on same areas

    So I would like to ask about this. Basically I'm starting to loose body hair on exact same areas on both of my legs, see picture attached. It is only there and no where else on my legs, what's strange is that the pattern on which the hair is less is almost identical on both legs. The leftover...
  105. BlueWizard

    I want to undo my dedication

    There is no such thing as undoing the dedication. You are welcome to just walk away but please think about it for a moment. You have been given the opportunity to grow and develop like no other. It is good to take a break from SS but don't just give up on it. And if you have decided that you...
  106. BlueWizard

    Serbo-Croatian Translation Thread

    I will write here to ask if there are people who are still active and interested in translating? I assume the JoS site is fully translated but there are things like important articles from the forum and maybe even crucial posts from members that are worth translating and possibly adding to the...
  107. BlueWizard

    Question #4658: JOS and the Public

    I agree with others. It will be possible in future, just not now. The people need to wake up and j*ws have to be dealt with first before doing anything of that sort. This will still take couple of years and after that it is only a matter of time before JoS starts organising real- life...
  108. BlueWizard

    What has being SS changed in your life

    Having a meaning in this life 🙂 This path is challenging one, and oftentimes one gets pushed down hard and at the end gets all sorts of bad thoughts. Somewhere deep inside that broken mind, just giving a thought about Gods or JoS brings me back up and restores my meaningfulness to this life. The...
  109. BlueWizard

    Lilith mama

    Gorgeous! This is absolutely beautiful! Please do draw more. You are very talented 🙂
  110. BlueWizard

    Moon - A Poem in Honor of Lady Lilith

    This is beautiful. I absolutely love it! Your poems are joy to read! Hail Lilith!
  111. BlueWizard


    Okay I will just add this here: After doing a ritual for Lord Anubis which in no doubt was wonderful (thanks again HPHC!!) I decided to talk to my GD. After asking Satan if it is okay for me to speak to my GD and once I started feeling the energies I decided to ask, because why not, if my GD...
  112. BlueWizard

    Chinese eye massage

    I have quite dry eyes and have constant problems with eye mites or at least I think that's what they are called. In general, my eyes are very sensitive so any tips or practices are worth checking out for me.
  113. BlueWizard


    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I personally tend not to bother my GD, (still didn't find them) but this post clearly made me wrong. When talking and interacting with your GD, it improves our bond and connects us more. They care for us, like parents that are always there for us when we...
  114. BlueWizard

    Problems with forums

    I agree, the new bookmark function on forums is a time saver for me, sometimes when I don't have time to read though certain topic and all replies in it, I just bookmark it and come back later. It's also nice how you can add notes to each bookmark to have it more organised 🙂
  115. BlueWizard

    Chinese eye massage

    Interesting, I will have to try it out as I tend to have problems with eyes and spend quite a bit of time daily in front of screens. May I ask which book on acupressure do you have? Was thinking on getting one myself in near future. 🙂
  116. BlueWizard

    Alternate Living Masterpost

    Thank you for putting together this post! My parents have recently started doing their own gardening, but in a bit more "extreme" level in cases of crisis and such and I'm sure they'll love some of these videos and links 🙂 I myself will also look into some when I get time, bookmarked!
  117. BlueWizard

    How many of you still eat WHITE REFINED SUGAR?

    We made dandelion syrup recently and it is a very good substitute for honey. This post reminded me that maybe we should switch sugar in the syrup with something different. Anyway, thought I bring it up as dandelions are literally blooming everywhere right now. It's fun going outside and just...
  118. BlueWizard

    Meditation Music

    This is indeed pure gold! I clicked on first video that it recommended me, the one that's 8 months ago and I'm at loss of words. So calming and beautiful. I've heard of the instrument before, but it never caught my interest and oh how I was wrong. I personally don't have favourite music to...
  119. BlueWizard

    What meditations/rituals should a new SS do?

    Great post! Will definitely help new members and returning ones about importance of AoP workings and void meditation.
  120. BlueWizard

    Managing Disease and Pain.

    These things have been an major obstacle for me for literally half of my life now. I fought and tried countless ways to heal things, spent immense amounts of money and they showed second to none results and in the end I lost hope and learned to live with it. This post has gave me new hope and I...
  121. BlueWizard

    Progress in the 10-Year Charter

    How far has JoS come over the last few years. It just keeps getting better and better. With the most recent Outreach project this will take everything to the next level and its the right time for us to push JoS publicly when people are finally waking up. I'm glad to be the part of this journey...
  122. BlueWizard

    Anonymity & Security Advices

    Very helpful and informative topic! I am considering switching to Linux in near future and this should give me some insights in what to expect. Appreciate it!
  123. BlueWizard

    Translators Still Active - Please Reply Here

    You literally took my comment 🙂. I was about to write the same about ex-YU translators so yeah. I'm same as you. So Alchemist, if you need some translators in that area I'd also like to help. Not sure how to ping Serbon but he was the one leading EX-YU translation group and I would like to...
  124. BlueWizard

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Have also messaged you!
  125. BlueWizard

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Happy New Satanic Year everyone!! I also want to thank everyone here for keeping and supporting JoS through their hard work and donations throughout these years. Your dedication is just inspiring for me and really shows just how strong and big family we are. And the clergy, for standing against...
  126. BlueWizard

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    This is quite eye opening post for me. Now I know the reason for my over-thinking about 85% of my day (yes, its very true). I have been using only my left side of the brain all the time. I just don't know why I never looked into this. This is going to help me solve a lot of problems I have and...
  127. BlueWizard

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Great post! What would you recommend are best platforms to earn money from as a freelance if I don't want to work on commissions?
  128. BlueWizard

    I have found that in these times when almost no music talent is to be seen I prefer to listen to...

    I have found that in these times when almost no music talent is to be seen I prefer to listen to game music and OST. One theme song that got stuck with me when I used to play games before is from game Warframe called "To Take Away It's Pain" or "Smiles From Juran" Quick short story while you...
  129. BlueWizard

    No...i am not on a rampage...

    I feel bad for mods that have to read through wall of text every 10 minutes (if they even read it anymore). I usually hate posting unnecessary comments like "thank you" and such cause I feel bad that someone has to use their time to approve that comment 😬 But seeing this literally makes me boil...
  130. BlueWizard

    A little art

    It takes practice and patience as you might already know that yourself. You did good and just keep it up, you will notice that you will improve a lot if you just keep on drawing. Focus on areas you think needs improvement and grind those, such as proportions, head, hands etc and also draw few...
  131. BlueWizard

    Necronomicon Money Working - All dates for 2024

    Awesome! Saved this. Thank you for putting this together.
  132. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Maybe it's just for me but email notifications seems not to work. They did work first few days of new forums but recently whenever I receive private dm the notification either doesn't arrive or arrive couple of hours later. I tried resetting my settings but it's still the same. Is it an issue...
  133. BlueWizard

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    This is great time. Continue fighting for our Gods brothers and sisters! Great times are upon us.
  134. BlueWizard

    Endurance on this Path: Should I give up?

    Beautiful words brother, this is something I will keep in mind at all times, especially when in doubts or facing any difficulties on this path as you mentioned.
  135. BlueWizard

    Good thing to note Henu! I totally missed that as well.

    Good thing to note Henu! I totally missed that as well.
  136. BlueWizard

    Beautiful song, thank you for sharing!

    Beautiful song, thank you for sharing!
  137. BlueWizard

    The Science Behind Kundalini Yoga

    Awesome post, bookmarked! Just about KY in general, I have found out a practice on youtube from someone called 30 day Kundalini Transformation. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9x6oNwZBfuykl5xvO0fs4u2naLpNyVkN After every single practice I felt more energetic than if I just did regular...
  138. BlueWizard

    Such a lovely little hoot :D

    Such a lovely little hoot :D
  139. BlueWizard

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    It literally came to my mind after posting this. 😄 I found out a store nearby that sells gemstones, crystals, books and anything relating to spiritualism and I really look forward to seeing what they have in store. One thing that came to my mind, is there an alternative we can purchase if we...
  140. BlueWizard

    Crystal Balls: Scrying, Spiritual Communication

    Thank you for this post! I will definitely consider into buying one in the future. Unfortunately I don't know where to safely store it in my room without anyone discovering it, which is not a problem because no one never comes into my room anyway and I could only practice it very late in the...
  141. BlueWizard


    Funny how yesterday I thought of starting it myself but the browser I use is a bit older and turning pages into pdf was a mess so I didn't do it. And then after a few hours you reply :)
  142. BlueWizard

    A little art

    Heey, you did good! I love how you shaded. I do have to point that the proportions of the eyes are a bit wrong but don't let that bother you now as this is really good. This is the way I practice proportions of the head. Hope it helps! :)
  143. BlueWizard

    Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur Christian Staves

    Very informative about the symbols. Unfortunately, I fell for this trap some time ago when I decided to have it tattooed on my arm. Now that I looked it up I see it. I feel like a complete idiot now. I will see to have it removed and will to do some workings in near future to clean myself from...
  144. BlueWizard

    A quick guide to being healthy and wealth - Q3659

    This is one heck of a informative post. Well constructed and written. I love how you included mental health in this. I just wanted to see what you have to say about wealth but instead bookmarked this topic and will get back to it often to practice this.
  145. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    I don't really understand where does all this own hate about my art come from. I am not trying to be a perfectionist from the beginning and I want to take all the time necessary to develop these skills. Even after I look at other's art that are complete beginners and then look at my own art...
  146. BlueWizard

    A little art

    They look so pretty! I love the scenery! Glad you shared this with us. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is similar to what you have told me in my art thread about us always being hardest critics on our art. :)
  147. BlueWizard

    Journaling, Writing to Yourself

    I just wish I have started writing at younger age. I have started writing down in my journal a few months back but unfortunately stopped as I could never get it into a habit. But during that time I can positively confirm everything you mentioned above. Journaling really helped me write down...
  148. BlueWizard

    Illustrator(s) for my yoga posts wanted!

    Hello, if I understood correctly, you want all of the asanas illustrated and they all should also be in different angles? Or just the more complicated ones? I could sketch few examples later and you can see if it is good enough or not.
  149. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Yesterday before bed after I did HY and other smaller meditations, as I laid to bed, I felt very warm energy in my lower legs and feet. It usually doesn't happen so can someone tell me what happened? Is it something with my feet chakras not being open as I know that when they are open it allows...
  150. BlueWizard

    Could I have finally found my Guardian Demon?

    Beautiful post and congratulations on finding your GD if this is the case! For some reason it always brings me tears of joy seing other fellow SS family getting so many positive experiences in their lives. I have also started seeing 666 more and more often recently, but I am not sure why as I...
  151. BlueWizard

    Hitler Drawing

    Hello, sad to hear you had an accident and I hope you are recovering nicely. These drawings look very good! I was also thinking of doing some arts of our Führer in future.
  152. BlueWizard

    Forum Guide

    Ooh I didn't know we can just select a part of the text to quote or reply to it. That is a lot better than having to quote the whole post and then having to erase parts of it and only leave the bit you want to quote. Or at least that is how I did it on older forums anyway... Thank you for...
  153. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    Yes, I will have to incorporate more spiritual work in regards of this. I am still doing very basic things each day such as KY/HY, AoP and just opening smaller chakras and astral senses. As for the elements, I don't want to invoke any as I am still very unbalanced in that area. I tried Aether...
  154. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    OMG why is there a "oven" reaction :ROFLMAO:, is it like the "fire" reaction but even better. So when someone makes a SUPER DOPE post or comment we can react with oven. Or wait, maybe that would be for trolls, to throw them into the oven. Then we need reaction scale from good to awesome: like...
  155. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    I have managed to get decent at proportions by practicing gesture drawings. Look them up online. It is a form of capturing the movement of the body, while not really focusing on details or anything, just a loose sketch so to speak.
  156. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    So I tried quickly another portrait of Father Satan taken from reference from this post: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/free-powerful-uncensored-ai-tool-to-make-graphics.93136/ Well, considering I came back from a 12 hour shift, I'd say it turned out decent. I had to sketch...
  157. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    I'm glad I was helpful, in some way anyway :)
  158. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    Thank you for this. I don't know why, but I really started hating the idea that I have only picked on art now, and not in my younger days. I keep thinking of where I could already be if I started practicing at younger age, but that is how it usually goes for everything. Maybe it is something...
  159. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    3-5 MB does sound fairly enough. Some people, like me, like to take photos and upload them here but due to high quality I often have to resize them which lowers the quality too. Appreciate it!
  160. BlueWizard

    Erm... HPHC?!

    Hehe I kept track of the forums while they were down and refreshed them like almost every hour. Eventually I went to sleep and when I woke up early they were up. What a way to start my day. I think that I've spent most time ever on forums that day. 😆
  161. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    I have tested uploading a photo from my phone on forums, think it was 2 and something mb and it didn't go through. After I resized image a few times, last one being like ~350kb it still didn't send it. It showed error and that the image is too large to send. So I uploaded image to my pc (the...
  162. BlueWizard

    Erm... HPHC?!

    Yup, it has been renovated. The whole house, fresh new look, new paint, plenty of new new things have been added, some things relocated to different rooms etc. 😆 I still can't get over how good the new forums look. HPHC and ApolloAbove did a heck of a job 👏👏👏
  163. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    I really appreciate all the kind comments. For some reason I felt disappointed again about it, thought it was not worth showing but the comments clearly proved me wrong and gave me more positivity and confidence in myself. I don't know why did I decide to practice in private and avoid...
  164. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Also can you tell us what is the upload limit for photos, files and such?
  165. BlueWizard

    Oh this one looks interesting to try out when I get back home. 😊

    Oh this one looks interesting to try out when I get back home. 😊
  166. BlueWizard

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Is there a way for us to get back our bookmarks? I didn't have that many but I am sure there are members that had dozens of bookmarks and they are all gone. Everything else is wonderful about new forums.
  167. BlueWizard

    My SS Art Thread

    Good evening. Today I have tried to do a practice drawing of Father Satan and Lilith. (Had to reduce quality of photo so it can upload to forum.) I just have to say that I have only practiced for a few months but I only practiced portraits for 3 to 4 times in total. This is my first try of...
  168. BlueWizard


    Would you be able to do a english version? If not, I will happily do one if you allow me.
  169. BlueWizard

    About quitting porn

    Oh wow it's so nice that you can view anything linked directly on the forums, like that video. I love this new forum!
  170. BlueWizard


    I don't have them either sadly. I really hope there is a way for them to fix this.
  171. BlueWizard


    Ooh that is interesting. It would be nice if someone changes his username, that his older username stays in his account profiles for others to see. It would be easier for recognising old members who changed their names.
  172. BlueWizard

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    I do believe these are oil paintings, they fit wonderfully for portraits.
  173. BlueWizard

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    Oooh that's good thinking. Why do I always think opposite for everything. Mind of a uneducated guy in his mid 20's. 🙃 Why can't I just think like you guys.
  174. BlueWizard

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    I see, AI is something that has been bothering me for a while as an artist that is still learning and growing. I do know that in the future there will still be people that will appreciate art crafted by human mind and hands rather than from a program but as I said, it still bothers and...
  175. BlueWizard


    Okay , it seems that I can post images from my other browser, then I think it might be the browser issue, but this is how the home page looks, both in light and dark themes. If nothing, will soon look into switching to another safe option, no worries!
  176. BlueWizard

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    Wow they are indeed beautiful. I am a bit jelly for the use of AI as I myself am an artist soon focusing on portrait works but any art related to our Gods is wonderful, doesn't matter where it comes from. :)
  177. BlueWizard


    I am unable to view on the home screen everything from "Important Articles" all the way to the bottom where it says forum statistics. Everything is blank but when I hover my mouse over the blank area, the mouse icon change and I can click on the invisible letters to send me to the page. I am...
  178. BlueWizard


    This is amazing! The whole forums look nice and fresh! It will take some time to adjust to new layout and all the new things but I must say I LOVE IT! Thank you HPHC and ApolloAbove for this!
  179. BlueWizard

    Deep Cleaning

    Will be doing this one on a specific days in calendar to avoid overdoing and on Sabbaths will be doing it for a full cycle! On top of my regular daily cleaning. Thank you HP Lydia!
  180. BlueWizard


    Well said! It is amazing how Gods helps us in all kinds. On the side note, I have found the document in your signature, named "ARCHIVIO PRATICO" to be of so much help to me and I am curious do you have it in english? If not, if this is okay with you, I will slowly "copy" it and make an english...
  181. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    I believe fire to be my dominant element as I struggle with quite a few of issues regarding that, as in me being easily stressed, quick to anger, prone to inflammation issues with my body, unorganized, not good at following routines etc etc. So I do believe I need to balance these things out...
  182. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Before I start balancing out my elements I just want to double check if I am reading it right from the natal chart. So for one to see which elements are more dominent and which are weaker, one should look into "Distribution in the Signs" section? If that is the case then I am very, very out of...
  183. BlueWizard

    It's time for me to take the step.

    Noted! I just have a question on how often I should do the Spleen 6? Is it something I can do daily before sleep or maybe something that should be done once or twice a week, I couldn't find any side effects about it online. Also apologies on such a newbie question but can you explain shortly...
  184. BlueWizard

    Fuck The Mob

    Thank you for this beautiful sermon HPHC, just in the time when I needed it the most.
  185. BlueWizard

    It's time for me to take the step.

    Thank you AFODO and Henu! I am in process of making a full meditation plan where I will try and fit everything I do in my day plus meditations to have more organized time and I will start over again on 1st of next year so I can easily keep track of things and take notes. To reply Henu: Yes, I...
  186. BlueWizard

    It's time for me to take the step.

    Dear brothers and sisters. First of all Happy Yuletide to everyone! Now, it has come to my mind about my overall experience and progress in the path of SS. The reason why I am writing this quite lengthy topic is because Jule is closing on us and the importance of Satan's Day, and I thought...
  187. BlueWizard

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    A bit late to this but congratulations on becoming a High Priestess Lydia! You have been of such a help throughout the years for me and I can safely say others and your topics have been of such help, thank you! CONGRATS!! :D
  188. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Greetings family. I am considering starting a new working regarding my passion for art. I am looking to improve creativity and making it a long term goal, as a career. Was looking in the calendar for dates but I am not sure which ones are best for this. There is one now on 21st but it isn't...
  189. BlueWizard

    How to Draw (and use our mind powers for it)

    Wow, I am so happy to see other fellow ss teaching the fundamentals of the art. I myself have been enjoying reading through this topic as it is so well written and constructed. Recently I started to learn how to draw again, I bought art courses and seems like I've been catching it up pretty...
  190. BlueWizard

    How To Defeat Alcoholism And Drug Abuse [Update: Defeating Food Addiction]

    This is a bit off topic but I looked him up and he has some amazing videos. Do you think it is safe to practice them as an ss?
  191. BlueWizard

    Being attracted to person I've never met??

    I'm sorry to hear that. How is that even possible? Don't souls reincarnate after some time? How could his soul possibly dissappear forever? This really broke me hearing that because then I don't even get what is the point of having a soul mate when something like that could happen and it will...
  192. BlueWizard

    Being attracted to person I've never met??

    Well today I've been having f*** mental breakdown if I can say (sry for language) from all of that feeling. I couldnt stop thinking about him but I havent even met him irl or anything. Just I've never felt like this before in my life and I apologize if I overreacted. I will see if I can get his...
  193. BlueWizard

    Being attracted to person I've never met??

    Hey everyone, I just have some questions I am needing some help with. I dont know the persons name but hear me out, for some unknown reason, whenever we speak online or something i just feel joy being around him (i know its all online but seriously hear me out here). I dont know because ive...
  194. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Has anyone tried some kriyas from this website? http://www.pinklotus.org/-%20Kundalini%20Yoga%20kriyas%20english.htm How are they? Like kriyas for healing, memory , balancing etc. Do they actually work? I am building an yoga routine and I am wondering do I have to do the hatha yoga every day or...
  195. BlueWizard

    Spotting an afflicted or debilitated moon

    Thanks, i did it. I really appreciate what you did because I didnt think that that would reveal any personal information but damn, it doesnt take much to find out everything about the person. Thanks again :)
  196. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Okay, another question regarding moon mantras. For the big reps like 60+, do I need to do it all at once or I can split it and do 30 in the morning and 30 couple hours later? Sometimes after i do mantra and do my other working directly after, it is very difficult to vibrate or even just say the...
  197. BlueWizard

    Ask All Questions Here! New members

    Can someone help me with my affirmtion for moon square? Is "My weakened Natal Moon has been correctly strenghtened" okay or should I add something after? That is the part where I am stuck on because i dont know what to add after.
  198. BlueWizard

    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Thank you everyone who yet again did an amazing job on the calendar. It looks really fresh. :D Satans blessings to you all! And Happy Yule!
  199. BlueWizard

    Health working tomorrow on 15th

    No worries, thanks a bunch for your help! I will start reading from Azazel Astrology and try to get an insight of my chart.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan