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  1. tiajra13

    First Official JOS Marriage

    Congratulations! May you have a lifetime of happiness and love!! Hail Satan!!!
  2. tiajra13

    What Is The Point Of The Dedication Ritual?

    I "accidentally" found JoS. But I fully embraced this religion. I had always had faith in "MY God" but I always knew he wasn't that mean, evil god of the xtians. I was delighted to finally find out that "MY God" 's name was Satan. I was happy to do the Dedication Ritual almost immediately...
  3. tiajra13

    Ethics, Closeness to the Gods & Enemy Attacks

    Part of advancing your Soul is helping to advance humanity. We need to live an ethical life in order to be role models who are preparing for the time when "Evil will no longer be necessary". "Monkey See, Monkey Do!" Hail Satan!!!
  4. tiajra13

    Why Are There Ethics In Spiritual Satanism?

    Eloquent sermon!!! I can't wait to see the day when "Evil will no longer be necessary in this world". You paint vivid pictures with your words, High Priest Hooded Cobra 666. Hail Satan!!!!
  5. tiajra13

    Deciding to embark on your Soul’s Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

    Deciding to embark on your Soul’s Path to Spiritual Enlightenment The target audience for this post is for those who are New and those considering becoming a Spiritual Satanist. I sincerely Welcome you to the JoS Family (JoyofSatan). You are now in a period of discovery, of revelation...
  6. tiajra13

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    Thank you High Priestess Lydia. This was an excellent post. In marriage you do have a sense of belonging. But it takes work to keep growing and advancing. It is all too easy to give up and divorces are too common place. Love is worth fighting for. A marriage shouldn't be broken "over random...
  7. tiajra13

    The Recycle Bin Of Life & Excuses

    I was always too lazy to take care of myself and always put off what I could have done. I was really dead also because besides not meditating, I didn't do anything to live my life (because I was too lazy to do it). (quote from SeguaceDiSatana) ---------------------------------------------...
  8. tiajra13

    Accepting Lack Of Knowledge: To Not Spread Confusion

    I enjoyed this thought provoking sermon. And I totally agree with the quote I used from VanceViktori888. We will forever be students learning in this lifetime. It is impossible for one person to contain all the knowledge about all topics even after a lifetime of learning. There will always be...
  9. tiajra13

    I, the rest and opposition

    Beautiful topic post by Draconi666 and beautiful posts by everyone who responded. That’s community and brotherhood. We’re all learning. And I am so happy to have found so many willing teachers in this one short thread of posts. Keep it up brothers and sisters. I enjoyed the topic post and the...
  10. tiajra13

    Extreme Importance of Walking The Path and Meditation for Newer Brothers and Sisters

    I agree, beautiful post. Heartfelt education. I have been meditating for 50 years. It is a natural state of mind for me. Just keep meditating. It really works. I speak to the Gods on a regular basis. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without the guidance of the Gods. It’s a beautiful...
  11. tiajra13

    How Dedicated Are You?

    Thank you for “reviving” this older post and thus bringing it to my attention. The sermon was eloquent and right on the nose. And the education that JG Voice of Enki submitted was affirmation that education is the ultimate goal for everyone, in JoS. Hail Satan!,,
  12. tiajra13

    Question #5067: Dedication Ritual

    Satan does not push himself on anyone. Satan does not punish you if you reject him. However, if you wish to dedicate your soul to Satan, you will forever be under his and the Gods protection. There is no rush to dedicate. Only do so when you’re ready. And as you read more on the JoyofSatan.org...
  13. tiajra13

    Question #5071: Need answers please

    An option for the panic attacks, (flashbacks?) look into EMDR therapy. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.) It helped me get over PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from a similar, but physically abusive, cult situation. And it was resolved in just 5 months of therapy for...
  14. tiajra13

    Short promo video and picture

    Awesome!, My favorite is intro 3 and the picture in orange. It is edgy. Look forward to seeing some of this in the public realm (if it becomes officially accepted)
  15. tiajra13

    About Violence & Conversion Of "People" To "God"

    I am a warrior in Satans Army. I fight the true way with Spiritual warfare. However, if the day ever comes where we physically engage in warfare against the Jews, I will stand by my SS brothers and sisters to do whatever we are called upon to do. I hope we don’t see the world come to this within...
  16. tiajra13

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    First, let me say, HPS Lydia this was one of your very best sermons. And most of the responses indicate that the topic was needed and well-received. Secondly, I raised my two children within "a village" of relatives and family friends. I was a single mother but knew my children needed to learn...
  17. tiajra13

    For Our People: The Joy of Satan

    Thank you High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 for the heartwarming sermon and the highest levels of Wisdom you share with us. It made me proud to be a member of this family of such advanced Souls and such a high caliber of people who have embraced the responsibilities inherent in growing and sustaining...
  18. tiajra13

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    Oh my,..........dearest High Priest Hooded Cobra 666, This was one of your best sermons yet! The allegories you used were perfect for the message. The pictures that your words painted, made for inspired content!!! I am willing to admit that I called our True God by the name of Father Enki for...
  19. tiajra13

    Question #4787: Pregnancy

    Honey I'm going to answer this for the sole purpose of you being able to judge how the world has changed, however, my most recent pregnancy was 42 years ago! I remember getting horrible cramps in my calves. My doctor back then had me eat more bananas because mine was caused by low potassium...
  20. tiajra13

    Very Demonic Artworks

    I love it!!! you are truly a creative Soul who knows how to give pleasure thru your art. Hail Satan!!!
  21. tiajra13

    Spiritual Satanism: An Aristocratic Religion

    Thank you for the suggestions. I haven't attempted any "squares" so I'll be sure and fit this into my study itinerary as soon as possible. Hail Satan!!!
  22. tiajra13

    Spiritual Satanism: An Aristocratic Religion

    As Naked Pluto said, this was exceptionally Direct Wisdom!!!!! I have been diligently dedicated to studying the information on the JoS website with the intention of advancing my soul. However, the last two days, I have been spending more of my time on improving my physical looks (which I had...
  23. tiajra13

    Blue Baphomet - sculpture by DarkAries

    I think it shows the promise of talent. It's an interesting piece. can't wait to see how your talent evolves. Thank you for sharing. Hail Satan!
  24. tiajra13

    Doubt & Disbelief: Spiritual Satanism

    Dear HPHC666, Thank you for that enlightened sermon. I must admit that I only found JoS website in December 2023 (just 5 months ago). But I have been following my own beliefs for 50 yrs and that belief was described over and over again in JoS. Imagine my incredulity to recognize that MY GOD's...
  25. tiajra13

    Marriage & Baptism in Spiritual Satanism: About Love

    Dear High Priest Hooded Cobra666, This was such a beautiful sermon and the fortuitous timing of the message really hit home and made me very emotional. I have been married to my True Love for 17 years. Although I lived in Bliss, I did not keep the flame burning for him. I "ASSUMED" he knew how...
  26. tiajra13

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    These virtues were awe-inspiring, beautiful, and incredibly profound. Thank you HPHC for bringing them to the light. They filled my Soul with Joy at the perfection of the words used to describe Her. Hail Astarte!!!! Hail Father Satan!!!!
  27. tiajra13

    Experiences With The Gods: Levels of Experiences

    Dear HP Hooded Cobra, I hesitate to reveal my experience as everyone else should have their own experience and not try to force an experience such as mine. Yet, I feel that you are needing specific information for a reason that comes from a higher calling. I do not require anyone's confirmation...
  28. tiajra13

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    HPS Lydia, thank you so much for explain “direct message” to me. However I can,t locate the words “Start Conversation”. Someone else posted they don’t have this ability due to being a new member. I am also a new member. So is that what is happening? I gave my new email address anyways. I just...
  29. tiajra13

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Thank you to serpentskirt for your suggestion. Naked Pluto, I have also just created a proton mail account. It’s [email protected] Hail Satan!
  30. tiajra13

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Awesome! Hail Satan!
  31. tiajra13

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Naked Pluto JG, I don’t understand what the verbiage “direct message” means unless you’re asking for an email from me. The only email address I know is “ApolloAboveatprotonmail.com” and I’m not even positive I have that one correct. I don’t see an email address for you, so there must be some...
  32. tiajra13

    Death & Funerary Rites In Spiritual Satanism

    HPHC, wonderful sermon. I am looking forward to reading the new material. Fascinating topic. Hail Satan!
  33. tiajra13

    A Message To Cobra

    To The Bloom of Darkness, You said it so well and your words express my sentiments exactly, also. Thank you for having the courage and initiative to express yourself. You show great insightfulness. To HP Hooded Cobra, I will let these words speak for me also as they encompass my reverence...
  34. tiajra13

    A pattern in successful books. Useful?

    Dearest. Big Dipper, I am not much help as I haven’t delved into astrology as deeply as you have. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your observations as I believe you have found a key for success. I have no desire to be an author, so I wish you great success in your endeavors. I just...
  35. tiajra13

    Let Us Save The Goddamn World!

    Truly motivating HPHC! I am willing and able to do my part! Let’s save the fucking world! Hail Satan!
  36. tiajra13

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    I have read this sermon numerous times because it is so deeply inspirational. The most beautiful words I have ever read. Thank you HPHC for touching my soul with these words. I will strive to hold the wheel. Hail Satan!
  37. tiajra13

    Impressive profile. I love it!

    Impressive profile. I love it!
  38. tiajra13

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Afodo, I respect your opinion and I have to admit the way you support your reasoning could work. I still have doubts about the way “levels” will work. I hope you keep providing your insight to the forums so that we can all embrace this change if it happens. Thank you for clearing the way so that...
  39. tiajra13

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Also, the purpose of the JoS is to share truth and knowledge with all SS. I do not believe there should be segregation of the forums because then newbies would be deprived of the knowledge from more advanced members. We rely on the rest of the family for different levels of knowledge. Some the...
  40. tiajra13

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    I apologize if I have offended anyone. I just feel strongly that that the JoS clergy cannot be responsible for misuse and abuse of information. And I do not believe the information should be regulated so as to make conformity when this is an individuals path. Hail Satan!
  41. tiajra13

    Fair Treatment Of Knowledge

    Dear HP Hooded Cobra 666, I respectfully ask you to fully consider what it would entail to test members qualifications for levels.....every member has their own unique path to follow. You can’t pigeonhole them into levels. Some will skip levels and others will branch out sideways. You have said...
  42. tiajra13

    How does one perform the Gods Rituals more efficiently?

    Thank you E veryone! I was vibrating too long also, I see
  43. tiajra13

    Ave Astarte (I)

    This was lovely!
  44. tiajra13

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    HPs Lydia, thank you. This was a beautiful sermon. It hit home. Hail Satan! Hail All the Gods!
  45. tiajra13

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    I also was led to your previous sermon on “Magick, meditation, and your Destiny”. I enjoyed that one also. I think Imight need to study more before “jumping in with both feet” so that I fully understand the actions needed with Magick. Thank you for being a beacon of light on this topic. Hail...
  46. tiajra13

    Changing The Course Of Life With Magick As A Spiritual Satanist

    thank you HPHC, as a newbie, I’ve been doing the breathing, chakras, meditations, and some of the RTR stuff. I was just thinking I needed to dip a toe in the water by studying a little on Magick. Your timing is impeccable. Now I have a more realistic expectation of what Ineed to put into it. I’m...
  47. tiajra13

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    Quit complaining.it is your duty Goldenxchild1......your post tickled me pink. You are so special that Lord Andras singled you out because he knew you would pass on his message to our family. It was indeed something I needed to hear as I also like to take the easy way out when I’m tired. May...
  48. tiajra13

    Obsessing Over Physical Looks; Personality

    Lovely sermon. You got to the heart of some problems I’ve seen with our young and old. Thank you. Hail Satan!! Hail All the Gods! Bless HPs Lydia for her insight!
  49. tiajra13

    Problems in anyway? Call Me At :(+1)666-COBRA'S-FAULT

    HIgh Priest Hooded Cobra, you are beloved to us all and your soul shines so brilliantly that it’s hard to fathom your coming under attack like this. I thank you for the dedication it requires to put up with bullshit like this. I personally am extremely grateful for everything you do for us...
  50. tiajra13

    Free Donor Article: My Mission & The Great Dragon Of The Joy of Satan

    As usual, a beautiful sermon, HPHC. It was very uplifting.
  51. tiajra13

    Lord Valerefontis Art

    How beautiful! Definitely talented!
  52. tiajra13

    Staying Focused On The Gods

    Loved this sermon HPHC! As usual you have the oratory gift of words that clarify our beliefs. Much love to you brother! Hail Father Satan! Hail all of the Gods!
  53. tiajra13

    The Stance Of The Joy of Satan: Towards the so called "Jews"

    Excellent sermon, High Priest Hooded Cobra. 666. You were put in place by the Gods to be a leader in this movement because you could see the conspiracy. And you had the knowledge and abilities to teach this to the world. I stand beside you in this war. Hail Satan! Hail All the Gods! Love and...
  54. tiajra13

    A Note About Psychiatric Drugs

    Have any of you read a book authored by Bessel Van der Kolk MD called "The Body keeps the Score"? This in-depth, medical based, hard to read book explains EXACTLY what stages your body goes through as you actually lose brain function in the four parts of your brain from mental illness. It...
  55. tiajra13

    Bonds Of True Friendship - Joy of Satan

    Hail Satan! Hail All the Gods, I have kept my spiritual beliefs to myself all my life. But I never could find a belief system or religion that even closely resembled my own unique belief system, which has been cemented in my soul with astral travel for morethan 50 years. When I “stumbled” upon...
  56. tiajra13

    Thoth's Power Ritual: NOW LIVE!!! [Jan 28th to Feb 5th 2024]

    Thank you HIgh Priest Hooded Cobra 666. When trying to access the modern link, it takes me to a JoSRituals page, but the only thing on it is the title and that it should take an avg of 25 minutes. I tried clicking on everything but nada. What’s the secret for viewing this.
  57. tiajra13


    Both AryanPriest666 and HIgh Priest Hooded Cobra 666, I rhank you both for each sermon. They were impactful sermons and both captured the exact ways I have always believed. I am proud of my decision to dedicate my soul to the path of Spiritual Satanism. Hail Father Satan! Hail All the Gods! I...
  58. tiajra13

    Spiritual Satanism: The True Religion That Is Pro Humanity

    HP HC, Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I just stumbled onto this website and I haven’t been able to tear myself away from reading everything all day.finally I found the way of life that resonates with my soul and encompasses everyone of my beliefs. I can’t thank you enough for your...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan