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  1. Big Dipper

    Figuring out a link between natal chart and past lifes?

    Has anyone found a way to get a hint at who they were in a past life through their natal chart?
  2. Big Dipper

    The Pearls and the Sharks Out of all the times I've sunk, I've never noticed the sun's rays...

    The Pearls and the Sharks Out of all the times I've sunk, I've never noticed the sun's rays still reach me even in the darkness of the ocean floor. I see now the pearls scattered about as far the sun will tell and the sharks that drift cautiously among me in my deep-dark waters...
  3. Big Dipper


    I saw him using my car for doordash 😭
  4. Big Dipper


    Thats the giraffe that stole my yu-gi-oh cards as a kid. This memory ruined my day.
  5. Big Dipper

    Blending aspects?

    Then what would be the difference between someone's mercury being in the 8th house vs their mercury NOT being in the 8th but hard aspecting their 8th ruler?
  6. Big Dipper

    Blending aspects?

    When it comes to having a house ruler, lets say someone's 2nd house ruler, and that planet is in a hard aspect to a planet does that make the second planet add a twist to the house of the 1st planets ruler? For example, lets say someone's 2nd house is ruled by the moon, if they have a...
  7. Big Dipper

    Question #4398: Failed sun square?

    Here's this too: Answers for planetary squares
  8. Big Dipper

    Question #4530: hp hc deep voice

    Kings have powerful voices. :) He's so based he didn't even kill Paarthurnax. Delphine can go shit herself :LOL:
  9. Big Dipper

    I planed on using the esbat for "Transformative abilities", but I don't exactly know what that...

    I planed on using the esbat for "Transformative abilities", but I don't exactly know what that means. Here's the mantra: "This energy has permanently improved my transformative abilities and capacities in the best way for me. x8 " I was going to use the Eiwaz rune 26x. (13 is number of rune and...
  10. Big Dipper

    Feminists, Incels, MGTOW, GBLTQAI

    They come from different clans, but go to the same Hot Topic and watch the same anime :LOL:
  11. Big Dipper

    Has anyone done this to Salvage a Jupiter square?

    While doing my jupiter square I realized that I doubled up one day and did it twice on accident. I guess Jupiter square ruined. But I was thinking if I've already done 34 reps over the past 3 days, what If I just vibrate the other 102? As a jupiter squares rep's are 136. Also, has anyone ever...
  12. Big Dipper

    Mercury Retrograde (What You Can Do)

    I've actually started writing something recently, but only for one sitting, now I don't want to touch it lol. Which I wonder if it's because I started during mercury retrograde or im just being lazy.
  13. Big Dipper

    A pattern in successful books. Useful?

    TL;DR Is at the bottom I plan on being an author and I've been trying to use Neptune as a sign of what will be the most popular genre to hammer in on. On the Azazel's astrology page for when neptune was in scorpio it says: Spy and detective work were glamorized with James Bond movies. Which...
  14. Big Dipper

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    The jews rot. Like dogshit on grass, the jew's remains are too acidic for even the holy earth to fertilize off it. I'd recommend we feed them to the pigs as a poetic justice (Since they adore pork), but the Hog will gag. Feel it, Kike.
  15. Big Dipper

    I plan on using Jupiter square to expand my consciousness.

    I was going to use a jupiter square for the above, but I the moon was in gemini, which is said to be good for communication, I didn't like that it was a mutable sign. Then, next week on thursday the moon would be in leo, but only for about an hour before going into Virgo. I'm thinking that...
  16. Big Dipper

    Money Money Money :O !!!

    Money Money Money :O !!!
  17. Big Dipper

    Final Eclipse: Destroying Nazarene and Lies

    I'd like to do something with the eclipse and was thinking of freeing the soul working, but Im already doing a 90 day munka working and I don't know if doing two workings of munka a day will "ruin" the working like a square. Would it? thank you
  18. Big Dipper

    Electional astrology for writing??

    Would you also take the moon sign into consideration for starting a book? I like the idea of starting a book during the moon in leo for Leo's fire/fixed personality. also For the "attracting center stage, and creativity" part of it. One thing about me is, when it comes to the 3rd house ruler -...
  19. Big Dipper

    Write Down Your Problems

    Astrology. I need to learn more, but I don't understand how. Specifically solar return charts. When I hear other talking about how they looked at someones chart at their time of death i dont know how they were able to get an accurate reading without knowing the birth time to the minute. Also...
  20. Big Dipper

    Electional astrology for writing??

    I've read blackdragon's introduction to astrology and in the 6th lesson we talked about "Election astrology" where we look at the best time to start a new venture. I was wondering, since I'm working on being an author I'd like to know if I can plan out the perfect dates to start writing books...
  21. Big Dipper

    Using Munka for natal planets karma?

    I see. So after the 90 day working with my chakras I'll move on to fix my chart ruler next. (It's on a bad star and has been a pain) I've been going strong with satanism recently, and I definitely feel my mind being more stable as time goes on. I need to get into a deep trance so I can work on...
  22. Big Dipper

    Using Munka for natal planets karma?

    I already started a munka working with the affirmation relating to free my 7 chakras and their extensions, but I was thinking about my natal uranus. My uranus has made me a bit unstable and Scatter brained. I was wonder if im going to use the munka working for my Uranus do I even have to vibrate...
  23. Big Dipper

    Death charts and astrology in autopsies

    I just realized how creepy it is when nature compiles a bunch of people with the same transits, puts them in the same place, and makes them die the same way. All at once. It's pretty scary to think about. If I were in a building that was about to blow up, or whatever, and I and some others...
  24. Big Dipper

    Zodiac Wheel and Planetary Rulerships

    Use this to find your natal chart: Natal Chart And use this to help yourself learn astrology and to find out more about yourself/what your chart says: Azazel's astrology Also, DO NOT ever post your natal chart or give intimate details about it since people can use those details to make your...
  25. Big Dipper

    Is this the right move?

    Im wanting to use the sun square date as a time to use a sun mantra working to help one of my houses, specifically this this working from blitzkrieg: Empowerment of specific houses - transmutation of one's affairs "This energy of the Sun has permanently improved all the affairs of my _____...
  26. Big Dipper

    Zodiac Wheel and Planetary Rulerships

    One thing I know about astrology is the sign cusps definitely have an affect on the person. For example: Howard Unruh - child killer - ruler of 8th in 5th. Edmund Emil Kemper - serial killer, murderer and mutilator of teenagers - Aries on the cusp of the 8th house with its ruler mars in the 5th...
  27. Big Dipper

    How to make the best of jupiter transiting through your 1st house?

    Since it's said jupiter transiting through your 1st house is to be the best time of your life, what exactly can one do to maximize this?
  28. Big Dipper

    When it comes to "Aop" on esbats ?

    OH sorry, I looked at the calendar wrong. Thats just a date during a waxing moon for white magick. But then, there are dates that are good for white magick but you have other dates that don't state being a good time for Aop and I wonder why some signs are not preferable for Aop even in a waxing...
  29. Big Dipper

    When it comes to "Aop" on esbats ?

    What does that really mean? Is an esbat one day to get a really good one-shot Defensive meditation day where you can spam Aop meditations the whole day? "One-shot" as in not for 28 days like a sabbat, or 40, 80, or 90 days working. thx
  30. Big Dipper

    A few questions, cusps, Jupiter Square

    in the case for the 11th and 5th house, seeing as they have no sign cusp, is that house considered weaker or more "Focused? Also is there a term for that happening, or is it still just intercepted? thx
  31. Big Dipper

    Can you meditate on planets transiting through your 12th house?

    Say for example Jupiter is transiting through your 12th house, could someone do a jupiter square to enhance Imagination and Meditation, or are square entirely dependent on the sign it's in and not at all about the House of the mage?
  32. Big Dipper

    Is jupiter boosting money workings right now?

    Jupiter is in Tauros, and the moon will be in taurus on the 10th of april. It's a wednsday, but wouldn't a sun mantra (or a jupiter mantra?) be a good Idea at that time for a money working?
  33. Big Dipper

    Passively cursing your personal enemies?

    Here recently I've been Vibrating Raum 10x on all my chakras while breathing in white gold light, then 10x on aura and then pushing all the dross out of me through the bottom and sending it to someone I hate to death and I imagine it seeping into them and absorbing it. I haven't heard of a black...
  34. Big Dipper

    Ganesha - Powerful Mantra

    I was planning on doing a saturn abolishing working for 28 days starting on March 26th when the moon enters scorpio. I just have a couple of questions. If im doing a spiritual thing such as karmic removal why wouldn't I swap the Namah for Svahah? and also, why 6 times and not 9? I see that 6...
  35. Big Dipper

    Finding a god through your natal chart?

    Every so often I've read people talking about how one might have had a relationship with a god in a past life (or something like that) by looking at your natal chart. So, by that logic if a god's personal planet is the sun, and their position in the zodiac is, for example: 10-20 degrees Tauros...
  36. Big Dipper

    Ethics And Ignorance

    When you say "Purification" are you saying the gods would take someone they might've smite or died in jail from their actions and take some of their Bad Karma away before reincarnating them? Like Ed Gein, not to say the gods did anything with that guy, but being born with placements that are so...
  37. Big Dipper

    Gems, crystal, stone books?

    do you think there is such a thing as wearing "too" many crystals? I wear green moss agate, rose quartz, and citrine on the same wrist and have more stones for bracelets for the other hand I haven't made yet.
  38. Big Dipper

    A few questions, cusps, Jupiter Square

    When it comes to interceptions, what if a house is within a sign with no sign cusps within the house? For example, if the house starts and ends in leo with no cusps does that mean the sun would still rule that house but have a weaker effect, or any planet residing in that house be that house's...
  39. Big Dipper

    Should I start a mars square today or 6th of february?

    What are bad degrees for squares, are we talking about the 15 leo 29 pisces and any other or are we talking about the decans, also fixed stars?
  40. Big Dipper

    Should I start a mars square today or 6th of february?

    My reason for the confusion is if the moon would boost the working or not. On the 6th of feb Mars and the moon will be in capricorn. Would the moon boost the working by being in the same sign as mars for a mars square? thx
  41. Big Dipper

    Question #3748: 12th house planets and trance

    What about saturn? On the astrology page it doesn't look good, but wouldn't it make the person more disciplined in something relating to the 12th?
  42. Big Dipper

    I think I picked the worst time for a square?

    I recently messed up a mars square, then restarted it on the 16th not realizing it was when the moon was in aries adding the Quick (but not lasting) results. The whole point of the square was for my career advancement. Should I end it and restart again on the next tuesday so the moon wouldn't be...
  43. Big Dipper

    Neptune - Pluto aspects?

    So what is the right way to interpret aspects of Neptune to pluto in the natal chart? I'm assuming that would make it a prominent neptune, but aside from that, maybe an interest in the occult and *maybe* addictive tendencies in the person, I can't think of much. I don't have any myself, but...
  44. Big Dipper

    Why are there no Earth squares, plus what do the mantras say?

    I know that the outer transcendental planets have squares but they're too dangerous for us to do, even for advanced people I'd bet. So they are kept safely away for our benefit.
  45. Big Dipper

    Why are there no Earth squares, plus what do the mantras say?

    It makes sense to me that when we use a mantra that deals with a specific planet, we are invoking the energy from said planet. And I think the mantra's we use have to deal with the noises the planet's make, for example: The Sun is said to make an "Aum" sound My source . (I didn't bother reading...
  46. Big Dipper

    Beginners meditation YouTube video

    0_0 woah, I didn't know any of that. Also, do you happen to know what was going on with Ghost in the Machine? I looked that dude up recently and was horrified to see his last posts on here. What's crazy as well is somehow for over 2 years none of his last schizo posts got any comments, which is...
  47. Big Dipper

    Seasonal depression.. I long for the warm weather! 🪷⚡️💜

    I know what you're saying about the winter-time depression. The sky get's lifelessly gray outside, the tree's appear to be dead, it's unforgivingly cold outside, and etc. What else I hate is how winter is like a constant reminder to humanity that we haven't exactly "Tamed" the cold, we only...
  48. Big Dipper

    too cute to eat !😁

    too cute to eat !😁
  49. Big Dipper

    An Ai generated Lady Bug but with inverse colors. I like lady bugs since the term for a group of...

    An Ai generated Lady Bug but with inverse colors. I like lady bugs since the term for a group of them is "Loveliness" and I had one fly on my finger randomly somehow when I was in a basement one day, 1 day after asking lord Satan for a sign as to who my Guardian Demon was. I came to the...
  50. Big Dipper


  51. Big Dipper

    We can have private messages now? Do we still need proton?

    We can have private messages now? Do we still need proton?
  52. Big Dipper

    Music for each of the Planets and Runes

    My pick for Mercury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X14kC-sEH0I Sounds chaotic from all the travel and day-to-day communication happening all at once/the thoughts inside someone's head. also that one guy at an auction that talks VERY fast, like the guy on storage wars. This one's definitely...
  53. Big Dipper


    I've noticed I had 2 T-squares in my chart and I don't know how to interpret them. Any suggestions?
  54. Big Dipper

    Index of Common Answers: A Community Project

    Would You happen to know any member that would have the time to be able to give me a quote about these 2 T-squares, or doing natal chart readings (I don't need a reading tho)? I know blackdragon and Lydia are very busy and I hate putting any work on Guardians and H.P's. Not to say that anyone...
  55. Big Dipper

    Index of Common Answers: A Community Project

    HI Shadowcat, I was looking at my chart and discovered I had 2 T-squares (I dont remember if thats what they're called; the one aspect where 1 planet is opposite another and a 3rd planet is squared by both). I assume they had some kind of importance, like a yod, but I don't know how to...
  56. Big Dipper

    Bless Up My Family: Spiritual Schedule Nov 12 to Nov 25

    NEW PROFILE PICTURE?!?! More GOD lore coming? New GOD Ritual Coming? :D
  57. Big Dipper

    Asking about Jupiter returns

    bump I would also like to know what a jupiter return signifies
  58. Big Dipper

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Thank you so much for helping me, both on the forums and in private! Congratulations on having pretty much the HOLIEST title on earth! :D I can't make cake, so I had AI do it instead :lol: (I forgot the candles)
  59. Big Dipper

    Question #1003: pluto

    I see, so what would you recommend using these mantras for? My idea would be: Uranus: Genius, occultism (maybe making one better at pyrokinesis for example, but probably not as good as neptune) Neptune: Mediation Pluto: Willpower (I could use that while pluto is in it's sign of exalt)...
  60. Big Dipper

    Can Using algiz rune in Aop

    I emailed :)
  61. Big Dipper

    Question #1003: pluto

    Hi stormblood, I have a question about the Neptune mantra "Aum Indraya Svahah". I was wondering if if I could treat it in the same sense of doing an "abolishing saturn" working. I was thinking of taking the affirmation from the saturn working and swapping out Saturn for Neptune: " In a positive...
  62. Big Dipper

    Short scary story contest for Samhain

    Thanks for the feedback :D I didn't really mean to write a depressing story, I wanted it to be a bit scarier and more suspenseful, but I need to work on making horror. :lol: One reason why it's a bit more depressing than just horror is because I wanted to write something that would be...
  63. Big Dipper

    Can Using algiz rune in Aop

    Hi Blitzkrieg, I was wanting to try to fix my natal houses on this next Sabbat which is in a couple days, do you happen to have a second for me to send a short question on proton? I happened to already have asked the question on here but it has less personal info and I wasn't sure if my post was...
  64. Big Dipper

    Short scary story contest for Samhain

    I wanted to write a scary shorter story, but I accidentally wrote a 3 page more depressing story :lol: Let me know if my grammar sucks or something I need to work on since I want to be a writer, but I never did good in english or literature class lol I call it: Never skip stones After a few...
  65. Big Dipper

    Im trying to fix my natal houses

    I just realized I should have been fixing my houses a while ago, and just recently realized some issues I've always had came from these retrograde houses. A couple houses of mine are getting ganged up on by a couple reasons made by retrograde planets so in an effort to fix them what should I...
  66. Big Dipper

    question on wearing wrist rosaries and the material

    I made myself some wrist rosaries: green moss agate, rose quartz, and citrine stone. I haven't invoked any energy into them or programmed them for anything for a while, though. A. Is there such a thing as "too many" stones, especially on the same hand? B. I used a stretchy cord made of...
  67. Big Dipper

    Azazel's Day: Three Days Of Honor

    What workings would be recommended for one to do on this holiday? The calendar says: " friends, groups, goals, covens, humanity, revelations, technology, freedom, independence, individuality, the unexpected, and aura of protection. In terms of "goals" does that mean you could do a working...
  68. Big Dipper

    For anyone: Aesop's fables

    These are some of my most favorite of Aesop's fables. I bought a book that only had 203 of the 725 fables, but here I have a website that should have around 600 of them, I just discovered it and haven't looked through all the way. But here it is: https://aesopfables.com/ Hercules and the...
  69. Big Dipper

    Mars in Leo Opportunity: May 22nd

    Hi, Blitzkreig, I've been wanting to do a mars square for a while on raising my willpower and passion to make me a better satanist and to care more for my duties both spiritual and material. I've done a couple 40 day nauthiz workings, and maybe more in the future, but I feel like my issue is...
  70. Big Dipper

    saggitarius esbat?

    thanks blitzkrieg :D I'm eventually going to gather info over all the esbats and put them into my signature, because I would like to use them, but am not exactly sure what to do for each one.
  71. Big Dipper

    saggitarius esbat?

    what would be a smart working to do for the 3rd of june on the esbat? Education? Good Fortune?
  72. Big Dipper

    seems like target got in trouble for hiring a laveyanist?

    Stumbled across this https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/did-target-partner-with-designer-whose-work-includes-satanic-imagery/ar-AA1bEczW?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=2c5bdc6e4eb14a269aa86e852034e269&ei=10 Thought it was kinda bizarre
  73. Big Dipper

    Highs And Lows In Life

    This reminds me of something that happened to me today. I was having dinner and some fat bitch kike worshipper behind me was talking to someone, pretty much mentoring, about "gOd" and how "thAt'S hOW thE dEviL GetS YoU" and I was just listening to this fatass ramble with this other loser. The...
  74. Big Dipper

    White, White-supremacist Neo-Nazi gunman opened fire in a Dallas suburb mall on Saturday

    today i learned you can be a white supremacist...without being white. Maybe this dude SEXUALLY identified as white supremacist :lol:
  75. Big Dipper

    Career Interpretation

    Oh thats cool, I actually know someone who thought they were a saggitarius their whole life because they were born on the last day of saggitarius, but I looked at their chart and they had their sun at 0 degrees capricorn, they were a capricorn this whole time :D thx for the info !
  76. Big Dipper

    Career Interpretation

    Is the cusp at the beginning or end of a sign? I've always thought it was at the end, plus what degrees are considered the cusp? 5 degrees, like a conjunction? thx
  77. Big Dipper

    Something About Learning Astrology (Transits, SRs)

    Don't know why that happened with the image.
  78. Big Dipper

    Something About Learning Astrology (Transits, SRs)

    When it comes to looking at a solar returns to see how the year will play out, how exactly do you do that? When the sun hits the same degree as the natal sun is that when you would look at where all the planets are and their aspects to each other for prediction? I put a random chart here, when...
  79. Big Dipper

    Question #1224: Total bad luck with a computer since forever and sometimes with technology

    Hi Lydia, Sorry to go off topic, but I needed to speak to you, or anyone that's great at astrology. I was looking at my natal chart and noticed a certain transit that's coming up that has me very worried. I looked at the azazels astrology page and it doesnt look all that good, but I wanted to...
  80. Big Dipper


    this is funny, just a couple weeks ago I was looking a bit into Ganesh, which I guess turned out to be lord Janus. Then, we have his ritual.
  81. Big Dipper

    Fuck you with your Dogmatic Agenda

    dipshits are pretty funny. " I'll infiltrate and turn many of them against their own, and lead them to destruction, it may take years, but I'm willing to do it at all costs" *2 days later* "FUCK YOU AND FUCK HIM I GOT YOU ALL LOL" :lol: lmao it makes me kinda mad that they do a job so...
  82. Big Dipper

    A working for the scorpio esbat?

    I see. I'll use those runes for the scorpio esbat for at least a 40 day, or longer, working and save the sun for other stuff. I thought we would be able to use specific planet's energies from the squares to gain psychic powers, but I was worried doing too much of that would make someone go crazy...
  83. Big Dipper

    Tarot Question

    I had actually just bought the druid craft deck and when I saw XIV The Fferyllt it had two hebrew stars https://druidcrafting.blogspot.com/2014/09/xiv-ferryllt.html I'm guessing it's a bad deck ? thank you
  84. Big Dipper

    JoS Anthem

    I like these. This first one sounds like it's saying: "Were entering the age of aquarius, winner takes all, and My god has already deemed my side victorious, let's get this game over with" then the ending sounds like "even those who are without see the fruits of our labors and our victory is...
  85. Big Dipper

    Deep Cleaning

    what is the difference between imagining the energy shooting off in the direction of the enemy v.s. asking a god to take it? I don't really ever ask a god to take any energy and I have been imagining it shooting off far away from me. But when it comes to asking a god to take it, when you have a...
  86. Big Dipper

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    (something happened with the last reply) I see. I was going to do a money working with Fehu and Sowilo soon anyway, maybe I could start a 40 day working on april 20th, then a 90 day one on the summer solstice. One of your affirmations was: " This energy has permanently given me the wealth and...
  87. Big Dipper

    A working for the scorpio esbat?

    I appreciate it, one thing though is I made a post titled "can we use squares for 12th benefits" (i forgot to add "house" after 12th) I had linked a post from you talking about sun square usage and some of the affirmations were...
  88. Big Dipper

    A working for the scorpio esbat?

    I see we are about to have a scorpio esbat on the 5th of may. I plan on doing something, but Im confused. It says "transformation, and the occult" what does it mean by "transformation" and what exactly could I do that's occult related? My thought is maybe I could do a working on the astral...
  89. Big Dipper

    Echoes of World War 3? [Spoiler: No - Update 2]

    H.P. cobra, I recently made a post titled "moving out of america for fear of it's situation" where I talked about moving to another country amidst all that is happening and soon to happen, I had talked about moving to denmark for example, but the others who replied had and talked me out of it...
  90. Big Dipper

    Can we use squares for 12th benefits?

    I recently saw in a post here: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=431501&sid=a95a67d2972dc299b37822ed2539edf3#p431501 that we could use squares to gain benefits related to the planet of the square from a certain house using these mantras: "Empowerment of specific houses -...
  91. Big Dipper

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    I wonder if on the april 20th when the sun enters taurus, where it says "slow but lasting result", what do you think would happen if you were to do an immediate money working on that date? Is "immediate" a different energy where as "slow but lasting" would be more earthy? thank you
  92. Big Dipper

    mars square in virgo?

    I missed the mars square while it was in capricorn and was wondering how good it would be for me in virgo? I know virgo doesnt rule discipline, and that it's more related to work. I wondered if I could still use it for getting me into action. If not then I'll just use the nauthiz rune. thx I...
  93. Big Dipper

    Question #1029: Can i do the Munka working to free my soul more than once a day?

    Hi lydia :D, i was about to start a munka working and saw this, what would happen if you did it twice a day for a few days or couple weeks then went back to once a day, or just once a day and twice sometimes throughout the 90 days? would you be shooting yourself in the foot by doing less than 2...
  94. Big Dipper

    May 6th sabbat confusion.

    I was planning on doing a munka working during april 13th but saw there was a scorpio esbat on the 5th of may and a sabbat on the 6th. This makes me wonder on if I should do a karma cleansing on the esbat of the 5th or wait until the sabbat? also, would it be ok to do a working that is based on...
  95. Big Dipper

    Combining Runes?

    I was planning on getting rid of some bad natal stars and was going to use uruz and ansuz. I didnt know if it was ok or not, or even meaningless to combine the two. I would vibrate Uruz Ansuz x20 (i dont vibrate one at a time 20x just both at the same time if that means anything) for 90 days...
  96. Big Dipper

    april 5th esbat?

    on april 5th the esbat takes place with the moon being in libra, since libra is ruled by venus, and venus rules the throat chakra could I use the venus square's mantra for 40 to empower my throat chakra? It says "aop" on the calender, not sure exactly what that means in terms of aura of...
  97. Big Dipper

    Sun Square Thread! + additional information

    Is it ok to start a sun square when the sun enter taurus on during april 20th, or just wait for the 23rd for sunday? That sunday, however, doesn't have a sun square sign for the date, which makes me wonder on if it would not be as strong as a sun in aries or leo. thank you
  98. Big Dipper

    moving out of america for the fear of it's situation.

    I appreciate it. I have no friends or family, which is the reason behind me being quick to decide to leave as I have nothing to uproot or leave behind, aside from my candle collection of 129... :( that's gonna suck if I have to leave them, but so be it if I have to. I wondered if something was...
  99. Big Dipper

    moving out of america for the fear of it's situation.

    Here recently with all I have been hearing about the banks closing and america's dollar going down and eventually cashless, I've been pondering on the possibility of moving to denmark. I've been wanting to learn danish and become a translator, so thats why I had denmark in mind. I understand...
  100. Big Dipper

    Sacred Relationship Of Teacher And Student

    same here, anyone that says "bruh", I make fun of them and they always get pissed lol. They really hate getting called out for their monkey talk.
  101. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    you've already answered my question :D thank you still
  102. Big Dipper

    a question on the perfect blend of intelligence and wisdom, sisyphus

    Since I found out mythology is used to teach us how to develop properly, I've been looking at the story of sisyphus, where someone was really smart but was damned for eternity for not being wise enough to know what he *shouldn't* do. It made me realize that intelligence is there to tell us what...
  103. Big Dipper

    I have an irrational fear. plus a question.

    I don't know when it started, but I have this big fear that someone will/could steal an idea of mine and get very successful (rich, famous) and get all the credit, while if I had tried to make a claim that it was mine, or I finish my version of it (which would've been the first) then the world...
  104. Big Dipper

    Resurrecting Extinct Species - yay or nay?

    I want a dodo bird
  105. Big Dipper


    Did anyone else almost cry at the : "You are a warlord among warlords, we chant to you with a loud voice: “We are Satan’s Loyal and protected flock, and we glorify you with great happiness, lord protector!”. We the disciples and our families stand beneath the shield of your protection, for you...
  106. Big Dipper

    Some colors feel negative to me

    What about gray energy? Is it PURELY death energy, or can something positive come from it? also, why is gray a bad color, energy wise? ty
  107. Big Dipper

    Can we celebrate HP Maxine with a spiritual Holiday :>

    I've been thinking the same thing, about showing appreciation to the high priests, I just don't know how we could go about doing that.
  108. Big Dipper

    do we know what will happen near "the end"

    I glanced upon this and it got me wondering what it meant: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/666.html "In the Al-Jilwah, Satan states that those who are without "do not know the state of things that is to come. For this reason, they fall into many errors." We are...
  109. Big Dipper

    Question #211: The Eternal Outcast

    I thought I would give my piece on this, since it sounds similar to me back when I was younger. When I was younger, I was desperate for attention and was dying for the approval of others, I wouldn't do just anything, I wasn't THAT desperate, but after a while of being rejected and bullied from...
  110. Big Dipper

    How to counteract the negative effects of a bad Neptune transit?

    They don't mind us vibrating their names? I thought that would be like trying to contact them?
  111. Big Dipper

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 4: The Signs and Constellations

    Hi Blackdragon, I had a question but it's a private one about the upcoming "freeing the soul" date in december. If you have the time, would you mind me asking your proton? I try not to flood anyone's inboxes, but this question is a tough one for me. There might be an old question there already...
  112. Big Dipper

    dec 20th freeing the soul question

    Would that date be a good one to start a freeing the soul working? I was thinking of the 18th since that's when the moon enters scorpio, but it says "freeing the soul" 2 days later. Is that because of saturn or something? I plan on doing another 40 day working. I don't know what I need freed...
  113. Big Dipper

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    I think this is it :D https://web.archive.org/web/20170722122316/http:/josministries.prophpbb.com/topic16239.html#p80745
  114. Big Dipper

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    2 things I would ABSOLUTELY adore: 1, we had a sermon on the greek gods on how each god represented masculinity, I would really like to hear one for femininity too. 2, I REALLY REALLY WISH we could get some more explanations of mythology tales (greek for me :D). Like, what some of the tales...
  115. Big Dipper

    One Of The Biggest Lies In This World: The 6000 Years Old "Civilization" Timeline

    HP hooded cobra, Wasn't the creator of humanity Prometheus instead of Hephaestus, or have I been lied to this whole time? I know it's not important, but I'm a big fan of Greek mythology and heard that there were a lot of fake blasphemies hidden in greek mythology. I had heard that prometheus...
  116. Big Dipper

    What Do You Want To See From JoS?

    when I was new, I was just doing the basic meditations for years not moving on to other, stronger meditations. I wish we had a "meditation tier list". Not in terms of usefulness, but in terms of "you do this for this number of times a day for this many days ( basic aura cleaning for 60 days (i...
  117. Big Dipper

    best time for a mannaz working?

    I think I'll go for the Kenaz ansuz route, does it matter which order I vibrate them in, would vibrating kenaz first then ansuz be like "gifted-language learning" ?
  118. Big Dipper

    best time for a mannaz working?

    would you suggest kenaz or mannaz? My goal is to learn them quickly, I wanna get out of the 9-5 lifestyle as soon as possible. New affirmation: "The power of the (mannaz/kenaz) rune is increasing my intelligence and memory significantly and making me the perfect translator now and forever" 10x...
  119. Big Dipper

    best time for a mannaz working?

    I'm wanting to study other languages and was thinking of doing a mannaz working to increase intelligence, hoping for an easier time remembering and understanding what I will be learning. I'm wanting to study Romanian, finnish and japanese for now. Other languages later. Will the 25th of october...
  120. Big Dipper

    memory square vs language square?

    I was thinking that people that are usually really smart have really good memory, should I use a moon square for better memory to help me retain new languages, or a mercury square for the languages?
  121. Big Dipper

    Giving up on video games and social media

    Hunt: Showdown? I actually just smashed my controller, deleted all the data on my ps4 and am going to sell it soon because of that game. I'm done gaming. But fuck that shit game especially. It's a cool game though, ps4 is just terrible to play it on.
  122. Big Dipper

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    "we have to stay within the law, but black magic isn't illegal" : :lol: I like my high priest :D I wished I kicked ass back in school, I was too much of a pussy. Sucks for them that im interested in black magic tho. I'll get what im owed eventually.
  123. Big Dipper

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 1: The Celestial Sphere

    WELCOME BACK! :D you went m.i.a for a few dog years. glad to see you back :]
  124. Big Dipper

    pinpointing imminent fortune through transits?

    Is there a way to know when there would be a good time to gamble by looking at your chart? For example, if jupiter were transiting over the ASC and into the 1st house, would that be a good time to gamble? what would you look for?
  125. Big Dipper

    Calendar - All dates for the Necronomicon money Spell

    where did you get these spells from? I remember seeing a list of these weird sigil looking thins kinda like this one but dont remember where it is. thx
  126. Big Dipper

    on "praying" to demons.

    Im not one to really try to contact one of our gods. I've only done it a handful of times in 5 years because I never wanted to ask for anything, especially when I was new and thought I would be "getting in the way" by wanting to talk to them. But when it comes to asking for things, I know HPS...
  127. Big Dipper

    Donations FAQ

    I have an idea. I could be totally misunderstanding with this idea, but I'd like to offer it. What if the Jos had a thoughtform that would help with gaining fortune? My idea is if we had trusted people, You and the Jos guardians and other high priests, to create a thoughtform, together or...
  128. Big Dipper


    I've heard from, I think, Hps Maxine that tongue piercings can be bad since they may get in the way of vibrating. I remember hearing it somewhere and I fell that it was her that said it, maybe not.
  129. Big Dipper

    Gods That Were Human - Guides To Humanity & "Hell"

    Were the gods' names the same as their human names, or did they change it to a word that has power when they ascended?
  130. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Hi lydia, this might be a dumb question but we can do this meditation at anytime, right? It doesnt only have to start on a specific date?
  131. Big Dipper

    For Those Who Don’t Like, Or Don’t Know How, To Exercise

    hey stormblood, a bit off-topic, but I cant find the original post of you talking about doing the cursing israel ritual on your chakras, or something. How did it go?
  132. Big Dipper

    Advice on seduction and with girls

    is having a candle collection counted as a hobby? and a hot one? :lol:
  133. Big Dipper

    10th and 11th chakra colors

    why do they vary, what color are they usually? https://joyofsatan.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Top_Chakras.gif
  134. Big Dipper

    How to spiritually treat a child?

    spiritually clean environment? what is a dirty place, church grounds? How do you clean a place astrally?
  135. Big Dipper

    Career (Important)

    hey lydia, on the 21'st of august, one can do a sun square, but on the next day the sun will inter virgo, because of that what does it mean for the energies of the sun square that you started it while the sun was strong, but did the majority of the square with the sun being in a different sign?
  136. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    do you think the cards told you I would finish it, or do you think it won't do as well as I think it will because I might not finish it? thank you
  137. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    actually, i'd like to retract my question about the "what's my biggest issue". It's a dumb question. Thanks anyways though :D
  138. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    oh wow thank you! :D Are you able to tell what one's biggest issue would be, in terms of spirituality? I think I know what my issues are, but I wonder if Im missing the biggest one of all. So, if I may have another reading, what is my biggest issue regarding advancement/spirituality? Aside from...
  139. Big Dipper

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity: Working For Satan and The Powers Of Hell

    God I wanna beat my own ass for not knowing japanese by now. I plan on doing a mercury square to make languages easier to learn and I'll learn japanese, because I want to be a translator. When I do, I'm coming back here and I'm translating everything on the jos website, the big topics here, and...
  140. Big Dipper

    QR codes

    Hi, the qr code has all the sites on them, including expostingchristianity. What I did was I got the qr code and had someone I know use photoshop to duplicate them, then I went and got sticky paper(label paper) and printed it onto that. Then you just cut them out and stick them :D
  141. Big Dipper

    Male blood donor turned away from clinic for refusing to say if he's pregnant

    i dont get it. why didnt the guy just answer "no" and carry on? Surely the form was made for anyone and not just one gender, right?
  142. Big Dipper

    Numerology - "The Core Meanings Of Basic Numbers" 1-10

    so, if we multiply 7 by itself and get 49 would that mean if we did a luck working would we want to do the runes 49 times for double luck? Also does 7 tie into the venus square because it equals the amount of days of the square when you x it by itself?
  143. Big Dipper

    What do gaurdian demons do?

    I heard they protect us so we can advance without harm, so does that mean they put a "cloak" on us for the public eye?
  144. Big Dipper

    Sun on Betelgeuse coming Sunday

    "In a safe, healthy, and positive way for me the power of the sun and betelgeuse are making me extraordinarily wealthy through gambling now and forever" Is that good? :) and thanks for the info!
  145. Big Dipper

    Understanding Element Distribution

    OH that's cool. I learned that the detriment is opposite the home sign and fall is opposite the exalt sign, but why do the planets have exalt signs? Like pluto's exalt is leo, why, is it half fire and that's why mars co-rules it; if so then why wouldn't the sun co rule it? thx
  146. Big Dipper

    Understanding Element Distribution

    is moon weak because it's fixed?
  147. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    oh sorry, didn't mean to ask twice I didn't know my first one went through :D
  148. Big Dipper

    Using numeralogy with runes?

    since im doing a nauthiz rune for discipline during saturn's regrade, should I avoid the hour of saturn, or is it not affected?
  149. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    Hi, sorry if you're clustered but I had a question. I want be a translator, and an author on the side, but with a book that Im working on, I have a few, but my main one I was wondering if it would do good? Will it do good, bring wealth? I don't want to take up much of your time by you doing 2...
  150. Big Dipper

    About Your First Saturn Return [Updated - How To Manage This And The Good News]

    I feel like Im going to be very nervous around my first return bc of my saturn placement and the number of planets that will be in conjunction and/or being in the same area as my saturn. Still getting my reading done to see what it could all mean and what to watch out for.
  151. Big Dipper

    Using numeralogy with runes?

    So I just got some black toumaline beads, about 122 of them and I got them for the algiz rune. Algiz's number is 15, so If I go to make a rosary for it would I want 100, 111, or a number that is a multiple of 15, like 90? And when it goes for other runes, when would be good a time to use a rune...
  152. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    :D ty
  153. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    Would you happen to know if I should refrain from saying the rune in the affirmation, like " the power of the nauthiz rune..." and instead say: " the power of this rune" to keep from accidently doing a rep of the rune in the affirmation? ty
  154. Big Dipper

    Sleep Paralysis - The Curse Of Conscious Dreaming

    I remember there was this one type of dream where you wake up in 1 spot and wake up for real in another, that only happened 1 time and only after I just discovered it, never happened again tho.I never had sleep paralysis ever, except for one-time last year, but it was kinda weird. I was dreaming...
  155. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    so, when im doing the nauthiz rune would me putting the rune in the affirmation like this "in a safe healthy and positve way for me the power of the nauthiz rune is making me disciplined and self sufficient now and forever" count as me saying the run an additional time, Im vibrating it 30 times...
  156. Big Dipper

    🎀 My Tarot thread 🎀

    sorry if you're a bit clustered, but I'd like to ask one if I may. I would like to be a successful writer, kinda on the side of being a translator, but the book that I am working on now, more than the others. will it do extremely well and make me wealthy? thank you
  157. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    I'd like to try one saturn square at least once before it leaves aquarius, bc it will be a very long time before its in a good spot again. would it be better to do a saturn square for empowering base chakra, or would i want to wait a bit to clean it better so i wouldnt be empowering any dross...
  158. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    Ive been slacking as of late, but I think im going to do a saturn square for it. Are the saturdays a good time to do one as long as saturn isnt retro? i feel that they did not put up dates for saturn square so no one does them uninitiated.
  159. Big Dipper


    Hey hp cobra, do you think it would be good to have the link to your 6 month meditation program in the featured section next to the 40 day med program?
  160. Big Dipper

    What do you want?

  161. Big Dipper

    Im paranoid

    So, a little story about me is, I i've always been paranoid. When i was 4 years old I was fine, i use to sleep in my own room, and walk around in the dark house of mine when i was a child without a care. I have very old memories of myself before I was walking perfectly fine and I wasn't really...
  162. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

  163. Big Dipper

    The Collapse Is Real: Economy Goes Down The Drain [+Crypto Update] - Reminder - "Here We Are"...

    are you doing this one, or is there a shorter one you know? "START: Waxing moon in Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius. The best time is as close to the full moon as possible. The best times for doing this working are Sundays during the hours of Jupiter, Thursdays during the hours of...
  164. Big Dipper


    wat? this is traditional. are you talking about that lavayanism?
  165. Big Dipper

    Who was the Satanic YouTuber?

    The guy got into legal trouble because some kid wanted to "sacrifice" a couple people to enter a pact (which doesnt work that way) while using advice they got from koetting. E.A. koetting got all their stuff removed from facebook and youtube. The guys was doing drugs and is more like a "famous"...
  166. Big Dipper

    I have a bone to pick with Cobra

    That's cool and makes a lot of sense. What about mexicans?
  167. Big Dipper

    Magnetism vs Gravity

    hey gentile, you haven't been on for awhile, are you good?
  168. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

    sorry, i've had issues with torrent before. Could you upload it to icedrive please, and what is icedrive?
  169. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

    could you explain please?
  170. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

    so if I decide to just do the mantra for 40 days, It would be the spiritual version - so, sva-ha, and how many reps do you think is good, 10? and for the affirmation : "In a safe, healthy and positive way for me the power of mercury is making me fluent in reading, writing, speaking and...
  171. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

    jupiter square is 16 days though :lol:
  172. Big Dipper

    "cheating" the system?

    So, i'm wanting to be a translator of Japanese, but I was wondering if it would be easier to pick up if I tried a jupiter square. I know that a mercury square rules language, but it's really long and I was wondering since jupiter rules foreign culture and higher education - is it possible that a...
  173. Big Dipper

    pluto square

    shouldn't you be able to extract that from yourself and send it to someone though?
  174. Big Dipper

    broken links on lord azazels page

    I found these when on lord azazel's page and hit this: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/AzazelHC.html Honorary/Invocatory https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Azazel_PsalmHC.html Psalm to Azazel...
  175. Big Dipper

    pluto square

    Now I know that we don't have the outer trans planet square because they were being held off until we were more capable of handling them, but I've been wondering - since pluto rules death would it be possible that the pluto square is so powerful it could be used to end someone? Also, if one is...
  176. Big Dipper

    what was the JoS like in its early days?

    wow, what type of music, pan flute or something celtic-ish?
  177. Big Dipper

    solve etcoagula?

    Is this a jewish thing or something? It's on the arms of baphomet.
  178. Big Dipper

    Selling the god's image?

    I keep getting pissed off on how inaccurate satanic merch sites are to the point that I damn near want to do one on my own that way someone would be doing it right, not that I know how I would do any of that, but It would still be pretty cool. But I was wondering on what the gods might think of...
  179. Big Dipper

    Is it possible to prank one another?

    I didn't mean to sound like I was actually going to do it, and I should've titled it better. The main reason why I asked was because I was wondering if stuff like this is possible with the aura, on what it chooses not to deflect and if it can't deflect based on the sender's way of tricking their...
  180. Big Dipper

    Is it possible to prank one another?

    So I was thinking that since we program our auras to deflect negative and all that, if one of us wanted to we could do a square for someone else in the forums right? Like a blessing in a sense, would our auras accept that since it's not a curse? But on the other hand, is it possible to send one...
  181. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    hey lydia, is it ruined if we miss a day?
  182. Big Dipper

    Cant find meditation

    YUP thats it! I thought it had something to do with chakras, but I misremembered the page THANKS
  183. Big Dipper

    Cant find meditation

    Do you guys know where I can find the meditation where you hum "b" when your lips are almost closed? I remember it had a picture of the back of a Pharoh's crown and it looked like a bee. Cant find it anywhere.
  184. Big Dipper

    repeating squares?

    Do you think that After a square is done then whatever you squared for will take more effect during it's hours? Like if I did a sun square to get rid of a pimple, or whatever, do you think that, since the square is going to heal you overtime, the square will heal you more during hours of the sun...
  185. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Okie dokie thanks! I'll just stick with the 36 since I just did it again and it wasn't anywhere near as bad, but I'll send you a post card from hell if I explode :D
  186. Big Dipper

    astral calendar error help?

    Really? What about on the 17th when the moon is in scorpio? It says "ending things permanently, freeing the soul", would the 17th be better?
  187. Big Dipper

    repeating squares?

    So here recently I did a jupiter square for luck and fortune as well as abolishing anything that weakens my natal jupiter. I was doing a second one and failed it, but can we do multiple of the same square to increase results? The results of a square should be indefinite, right? Also, let's say I...
  188. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    hey lydia since I started the cleaning at 5pm on saturday the 2nd a full cycle of 28 days would end on the 30th, so should I just go for 56 days, or just a 21 day cycle and then a 28 one? I did raum 36 times into my chakras, so 252 times total, and I got a little nauseous and my body kinda...
  189. Big Dipper

    astral calendar error help?

    Hey guys, on the 24th of april is says it's a good time for freeing the soul, but on the next day moon goes into pisces. Was it supposed to say "freeing of the soul on the 24th, or on 25th, because that is when moon goes into pisces? I'm trying to do a freeing the soul working for 90 days...
  190. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    any specific hour to do them in?
  191. Big Dipper

    Recruiting someone. Right or Wrong?

    so, there is someone that has known me to be a satanist for a few years now, pretty much since we met, and for a while I would kinda hint that they should look into satanism, but they never want to. They have a weird believe that there is a higher power, but since there are so many religions...
  192. Big Dipper

    The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself....

    Is raum a cleaning mantra and can i use it?
  193. Big Dipper

    Reminders for New Members (part 2)

    so would you vibrate uruz for 48 times and then ansuz and sowilo, or keep it like the race awakening ritual and keep it together urus, ansuz, sowilo 48x?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan