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  1. AristocraticDragon666

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    At my age, there are a lot of girls who got married and a lot of young girls who have boyfriends, maybe I have the wrong environment, but I see very few girls around me who do not have a young man, so I choose from what I have. Perhaps in this situation I look too narrowly, but I try to look at...
  2. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #3501: Using White Color For Aura While Meditating

    I agree with you, white is most often used to balance the aura.
  3. AristocraticDragon666

    At what percentage of the mixture can white souls be born?

    I am a Slav and I am 100% white, there is not a single Asian trait in me, or an Asian drop of blood, I look absolutely the same as a white person in Norway, or in Germany, or in England. Do not confuse Asians and Slavs. Asians are a Yellow Race. Slavs (Russian, Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians...
  4. AristocraticDragon666

    At what percentage of the mixture can white souls be born?

    Странно, что Вы не поняли, что я имел ввиду, буду стараться изъясняться более конкретно. Черноволосые белые люди тоже есть, но я не понимаю, почему Вы написали именно про это (про цвет волос). Есть азиаты - жёлтая раса. Есть негры - чёрная раса. Есть белые люди - белая раса с белыми, русыми...
  5. AristocraticDragon666

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    Blitzkreig, what affirmations of the square of the sun can be used in love work and in relationships with women?
  6. AristocraticDragon666

    luxury stuffs

    No, it's not a bad thing, collecting luxury items is normal if you don't spend all your money on these items, or most of the money. Some luxury items such as paintings or cars can be used as investments, such as rare cars.
  7. AristocraticDragon666

    Hello is there any documentaries on the truth of WW2 ,

    Even on YouTube there are many official speeches and news reports of Nazi Germany. I recommend listening to them and watching them.
  8. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5205: Protection

    The aura of protection is many times more effective than talismans.
  9. AristocraticDragon666

    At what percentage of the mixture can white souls be born?

    0%, не должно быть расового смешения. Чтобы быть белым, не должно быть крови других рас.
  10. AristocraticDragon666

    Erection during meditation

    This is a positive sign, it is important to continue meditating. This is clearing and unblocking the chakras. This is not kundalini, before Kundalini is raised, all chakras need to be clean and unblocked.
  11. AristocraticDragon666

    Hey a little help needed

    I recommend that you do meditations every day, in some cases spending no more than 5-10 minutes, if you manage, you need to increase the time and amount. The most important thing is to meditate every day and not overdo it.
  12. AristocraticDragon666

    What type of nutrition is the most effective?(For a Satanist)

    It is very important to adhere to a balanced diet, it is important to eat both meat and herbivorous foods, as well as dairy, because they contain important proteins and carbohydrates. I also recommend eating vegetables and fruits because they contain vitamins. In addition to regular food...
  13. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5272: Romance and love

    I think you need to try to get rid of the internal constraints.
  14. AristocraticDragon666

    Amanita Muscaria

    I do not recommend you to use mushrooms in the treatment. Mushrooms are psychotropic and hallucinogenic.
  15. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #3501: Using White Color For Aura While Meditating

    The white color is perfect for cleaning your aura and it does not repel people. The white color will only repel people if you program it that way.
  16. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5271: Jewish blood

    Do Final RTR as often as possible every day and you will understand who you really are.
  17. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5279: A Personal question? For HPS Lydia

    Regarding the health of your feet, you should consult a professional orthopedist. I myself visited an orthopedist several times when I was a teenager and wore low-quality shoes, the recommendations of an orthopedist solved all my problems that I had then.
  18. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5284: Is this a religion?

    Yes, Spiritual Satanism is a religion.
  19. AristocraticDragon666

    Dating: Lies Told to Men [part 1]

    Very important post, thank you (y) I am currently strictly following advice of Hp Hoodedcobra666, I do fitness in order to build muscles, do exercises for all muscle groups and eat sports nutrition, but I ran into another problem at my job. When a female colleague asked me why you suddenly...
  20. AristocraticDragon666

    What Is The Point Of The Dedication Ritual?

    After initiation, it is very important to engage in spiritual development every day and follow the path of the Gods. I work with chakras, auras, spells, runes and perform planetary squares every day.
  21. AristocraticDragon666

    Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

    I fully support Donald Trump :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love: On the other hand, I have concerns about the wife of the Vice President if Donald Trump becomes President, since the wife of the future Vice President of the United States is a...
  22. AristocraticDragon666

    Ethics, Closeness to the Gods & Enemy Attacks

    Very good post (y) I have learned from my own experience that in stressful, dangerous and urgent situations, sometimes it is not easy to act ethically, in some cases the brain can dictate exactly the opposite things that can lead to the required success, especially in painful things for me. On...
  23. AristocraticDragon666

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Historical «Quotes» 💀 Ancient...

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Historical «Quotes» 💀 Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Beauty of the White Race. "Greatness is not achieved through comfort and complacency, but through overcoming challenges and pushing one's limits" "You shall question not...
  24. AristocraticDragon666

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Satanic «Sermon» 🐲 About beauty of...

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Satanic «Sermon» 🐲 About beauty of the White Race, the Pure Blood and the Soul (Volume II). It is important to remember that our ancestors lived in very cruel times, when there was not the high level of comfort that every Western...
  25. AristocraticDragon666

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Satanic «Sermon» 🐲 About beauty of...

    Satanic «Digital Photography» (Artificial Intelligence) ⌨️ Satanic «Sermon» 🐲 About beauty of the White Race, the Pure Blood and the Soul (Volume I). All previous incarnations (reincarnations) affect us, our future and the future of our children in the next lives, as well as those from whom...
  26. AristocraticDragon666

    Gods and Heroes exist, what about Monsters?

    If monsters exist, they are very weak, because they are on the lower levels of existence and on the lower vibrations (on the astral), creatures with a high vibrational level can easily destroy them on the astral.
  27. AristocraticDragon666

    feeling deadlocked

    It is possible that you are exhausted by magical work, as you do a lot of things, sometimes you need to rest to restore energy. It may be one day a week when you may not be doing some magical work to restore your energy and vitality, as a large amount of energy at a time can severely overload...
  28. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #318: If someone is mixed race

    The consequences are the most negative, especially for your children. You are depriving your children of their pedigree and future. I can give you an example: This spring, a colleague at my job had a child with cancer who died, she was a white woman who married an asian man and had a child...
  29. AristocraticDragon666

    How I have to sign the dedication ritual to lord satan

    You can write only your first name, or first and last name, depending on how you like it better, it will not affect the result of the dedication of your soul. You put your original signature in blood. It is very important to take this ritual internally seriously, everything must be voluntary...
  30. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5062: How do you give justice?

    I think that you and your loved ones need to have a serious conversation with this person, warn him about the consequences. I recommend that you make a joint action plan with your loved ones to deal with this person.
  31. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5046: what if i suicide?

    I recommend that you get rid of suicidal thoughts and try to learn how to enjoy overcoming difficult situations, even if they seem difficult to solve or not to solve. Everyone has personal problems that take time to solve, but when you solve a problem, you grow and get a positive life...
  32. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5069: How to fix asymmetry of the face

    The left and right sides of people's faces usually look different if you compare them. I recommend that you make a Square of Venus and not bother too much about facial symmetry, because changing the symmetry of the face naturally (without plastic surgery) takes a lot of time.
  33. AristocraticDragon666

    low energy

    I recommend reading the link: https://satanslibrary.org/Rtrs/Raising_Energies.html State of positive should be natural when you're thinking is in perfect order. To achieve this kind of thinking, you need to train yourself to really assess your problems and in every bad situation be able to...
  34. AristocraticDragon666

    Phantosmia (phantom smells)

    The smells are very similar, it is possible that you feel a different smell, which you mistake for the smell of kerosene. I am a person who feels and distinguishes smells very well and can smell things that other people cannot smell.
  35. AristocraticDragon666

    About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

    Good post (y) , moderation and balance in these states are very important, the main thing is that they are completely controlled.
  36. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5064: help

    You need to take your promises seriously. If you know that you might not keep your promise, don't give it.
  37. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5049: Postpartum depression

    After giving birth, a woman becomes more sensitive and receptive, and her feelings become more acute. It is quite possible that after giving birth, your existing depression worsened, which you did not notice earlier, or continued to ignore. The best way to deal with depression is to raise...
  38. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5055: Control/deprivation of the power of evil/impulsive desires

    You can fully learn to control your thoughts and weed out unnecessary ones. Meditation of emptiness will help you a lot in this. I recommend that you filter your thoughts more carefully, and pour out all negative emotions and thoughts on those people who deserve it. You can also throw out...
  39. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5052: Sleep questions

    Your brain and body need rest. This also applies to your subconscious mind. During sleep, the body rests and recovers, after sleep you feel a surge of new strength. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on human health. I recommend that you do not neglect your sleep.
  40. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #5071: Need answers please

    Welcome to the JoS ;) I recommend reading this link: https://www.satanisgod.org/NEWPEOPLE.html https://satanisgod.org/SATANIC.html
  41. AristocraticDragon666

    New God Rituals Now LIVE: Maat & Dagan - Demon Section Future Updates

    A magnificent schedule of rituals (y), which I successfully completed strictly according to the schedule :)
  42. AristocraticDragon666

    Kanakadhara sanskrit mantra to wealth.

    Very good advice, thank you very much!!! I brought a girl to tears who I liked when I was a teenager and I told her straight out that I wanted to fuck her hard. Unlike other girls, I was not in love with her, so I decided to try out one pick-up technique - a directive approach. After my...
  43. AristocraticDragon666

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    From the signature: Dies Irae Avatar: drawn of my using digital art
  44. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4971: Goebbels quote

    This quote is falsely attributed to Goebbels. You should not believe the Jewish propaganda. Goebbels was a trusted man of Adolf Hitler and he fought against Christianity. Goebbels was also behind the burning of the bible in Nazi Germany.
  45. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4955: Foot Fetish

    I do not know if this is true, but I have heard that supposedly scientists have proven that the most beautiful part of the female body is the legs. In any case, during sex with a living woman (not with a robot, or a hand), young couples often try new poses and new sensations, in my opinion...
  46. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4964: Why can't the Gods physically come to earth?

    The time has not come yet, but I do not rule out that the Gods will return to the Earth. In my opinion, this day will happen when a certain N number of people reach Magnum Opus and defeat the enemy, or under the worst-case scenarios of an alien invasion, for example, if the enemy succeeds in...
  47. AristocraticDragon666

    Babies, Lies Told to Women

    This is a very correct and great post, thank you very much High Priestess Lydia (y) I really want to have children in the near future :) I hope that I will find a reliable person soon, because I myself had to change in some things to become a better person. I am sure that all Spiritual...
  48. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4930: what do the gods think about this

    Every person knows exactly which sex they are attracted to, and in this a person cannot be mistaken - in their sexual orientation, because it all happens at the level of instincts, feelings, hormones, at the level of human nature. Every man knows exactly who his penis is on. Some girls turn...
  49. AristocraticDragon666

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    I understand this perfectly well, nothing happens automatically, for everything it is necessary to make certain efforts to get any result.
  50. AristocraticDragon666

    Levels Of The Magnum Opus: Clarified

    Thank you very much High Priest Hoodedcobra666 for a detailed description, this is a very cool post (y) Do I understand correctly that achieving the highest vibrations lies solely in the purity and openness of the all chakras, up which the Kundalini Snake must ascend, in the development of the...
  51. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4936: Are certain things still with you from your past life?

    This is very good if you have the gift of suggestion and persuasion, which means that you are most likely a person with strong energy.
  52. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4934: Do I have to do it before starting a square?

    Yes, it is desirable to understand energy, but not necessary if you are a person with high energy levels. but regardless of this, I recommend that you raise your energies before each magical work to achieve the best results.
  53. AristocraticDragon666

    Проблема с дисциплиной.

    Привет Вероника :)✋ Вика, дисциплина и дисциплинированность формируется исключительно твоей силой воли, намеренным действием против лени. Я считаю, что тебе очень важно научиться преодолевать себя и не обязательно ставить это себе в привычку, если тебе пока не удобно часто этим заниматься. Я...
  54. AristocraticDragon666

    Angels and Greys

    You need to create a powerful aura of protection and visualize the golden fire around your body and fill your entire apartment or the house in which you live with it, visualizing how this fire burns all angels, greys and any other enemy entities. I also recommend that this visualization be...
  55. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4930: what do the gods think about this

    The desire of the parents does not affect the sexual orientation of the child, besides, I cannot imagine how the sexual orientation of a child can change if in all previous lives this child was a traditional sexual orientation. My parents always wanted a girl, but a boy was born, from this I...
  56. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4930: what do the gods think about this

    You are free to accept or not accept someone, you don't have to love everyone, if you don't like someone, you don't have to change yourself. The Gods stand for free will and freedom of choice.
  57. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4900: about having kids

    You may or may not have children, it's your choice and your decision, no matter what you choose. As you get older, you may change your mind and want children, things can change.
  58. AristocraticDragon666

    is it a problem if i do a working twice in 1 day

    No, the energy continues to work, but it may have a weaker effect with fewer repetitions, a lot depends on your confidence, trance state and concentration.
  59. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4927: Can I curse Klaus * to death?

    Yes, you can, but another Jew will be put in his place. I think Klaus Schwab won't have long left and he will die soon due to old age.
  60. AristocraticDragon666

    Black satanist

    Hi. There is no problem here, blacks can also perform a soul dedication ritual to the Satan, as well as whites.
  61. AristocraticDragon666

    New Rituals & Schedule Now Live: HPS Maxine's Ritual & Lord Balaam's Ritual

    For me, this is a very important and amazing post that reminds me of my main goal - become the God 🎃 The schedule of rituals is just great, thank you High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 (y)
  62. AristocraticDragon666

    For Our People: The Joy of Satan

    Great sermon, thank you very much High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 (y) The enemy thinks that everyone can be bought and that the enemy can always pay off, but this is not the case - the enemy will not be able to buy those who stand up for the truth (true members of JoS). When Spiritual Satanism...
  63. AristocraticDragon666

    About Joy of Satan Social Media

    This is great news, mean simply has no words :)(y)
  64. AristocraticDragon666

    Uniting Our Russian Communities [орумы Joy of Satan Russia были обновлены! - 17 июня 2024]

    Rus: Это прекрасное решение, что все русские форумы будут находиться под доменом JoSRussia.org и фактически будут выведены из под российской юрисдикции :love:(y) Eng: It's a great decision that all Russian forums will be under the domain JoSRussia.org and they will actually be withdrawn from...
  65. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4872: Pressure in the Third Eye

    I recommend that you continue meditating on the third eye, and also recommend that you clean your sixth chakra and the third eye, which is its continuation. If you feel a pain in your head that bothers you, then it may not be related to your chakras, perhaps the reason lies in your health.
  66. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4869: Difficult case. Excessive sexual drive and fantasies.

    Judging by what you have written, you have very strong needs that you do not satisfy for some reason. I think you need to find a real, live sexual partner, and not stay in fantasies and dreams. When energy accumulates and tries to come out, sometimes it can lead to not very good...
  67. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4871: love hurts so much

    You need to learn to be fair both to others and to yourself. I recommend that you don't be afraid to tell people what you don't like. If you love a person very much, but do not want to offend him, you can tell this person about your feelings and what exactly you do not like in a milder form...
  68. AristocraticDragon666

    I really love history and carefully look for any materials that interest me.

    I really love history and carefully look for any materials that interest me.
  69. AristocraticDragon666

    Joy of Satan History Restored: Groups Archive Now LIVE!

    Thank you very match JG ApolloAbove(y) Now every SS can find any important information that has ever been in JoS, this is an amazing historical event :love:
  70. AristocraticDragon666

    Historical «Quotes» 💀 Historical «Photography» 📷 Reinhard Heydrich in the Japanese visual...

    Historical «Quotes» 💀 Historical «Photography» 📷 Reinhard Heydrich in the Japanese visual novels, comic books and TV-series: Reinhard Heydrich in the Real Life: "One of the best national socialists, one of the best believers in the German ideology, and one of the greatest opponents to...
  71. AristocraticDragon666

    Taking The Blue Pill: About The Time It Will Be Too Late

    This is a great post, thank you very much (y) I believe that every Spiritual Satanist should do everything possible in terms of Spiritual Development right now! I am worried that I do not know where and by whom I will be reincarnated in the next lives, if I fail to achieve Magnum Opus in this...
  72. AristocraticDragon666

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    A very good post for beginners, thank you very much Lydia 👍 I will add on my own that the best way to focus on something and finally do it lies in your desire and ability to solve priority tasks first of all, pushing unimportant tasks for later.
  73. AristocraticDragon666

    Feeling Overwhelmed in Life? / Accomplishing Goals

    Желаю Вам удачи в изучении русского языка ;) По грамматике русский язык во многом схож с испанским. Я думаю, что, если Вы хорошо знаете испанский язык и испанскую грамматику, то Вам намного проще будет изучить русский язык. Я также Вам рекомендую изучить крылатые выражения на русском языке.
  74. AristocraticDragon666

    Saturn: Satan, Golden Age & Lord of Time

    This is a very important post explaining the importance of Saturn in everyone's life and the ability to cope with the difficulties it causes, thanks a lot :);) 👍
  75. AristocraticDragon666

    How I Became A Spiritual Satanist: About My Studies Of Other Religions

    The most dangerous secrets are the Abrahamic religions! The truth has always been in Spiritual Satanism, the original religion of mankind 🎃 Spiritual Satanism is the Religion of the Golden Age, into which spiritual Satanists are leading humanity 👍
  76. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4852: If I'm weak

    I think your problem with will is related to Chakra 666 (Solar Chakra), which is located behind the navel. Pay attention to this chakra, purify and open it, and I also recommend that you make a Square of the Sun with affirmations that strengthen your will.
  77. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4849: The Root Chakra

    I recommend that you cleanse and open your base chakra daily. Also, do not forget that the chakras need to be rotated.
  78. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4859: Mars square for a sexual relationship?

    Yes, the planetary Square of Mars is perfect for sex.
  79. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4851: Motivation

    I recommend that you make a list of motivating affirmations and repeat them many times a day until the mental programs take root in your subconscious.
  80. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4857: what does satanism say on womanisers

    These men are not sick, and neither are the women. If a woman does not have a vital mind and she thinks of re-educating a savage into an intelligent guy who will take care of her child, then she will understand everything when he leaves her with a child. In my opinion, such women are to...
  81. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4857: what does satanism say on womanisers

    I don't agree with you that 99% just want sex. I've never wanted just sex, I've always wanted a sexual romantic relationship and starting a family, like half men. In my opinion, sex without starting a family (born child) is pointless if it's not sex with very beautiful girls, which I want...
  82. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4857: what does satanism say on womanisers

    Women and men are different. There are women who like nice, intelligent guys, but it also depends on the level of her aristocracy. If she likes to fuck with car mechanics, janitors, builders, then it's her business, why would an Aristocrat (owner of a Construction business) fuck such a girl...
  83. AristocraticDragon666

    Asian looking White People

    This woman is of mixed race, she is not white.
  84. AristocraticDragon666


    I don't think this genre of music is a problem. As my cousin explained to me, many girls in Korea like feminine boys, because this is a feature of Asian culture (Korea, Japan), so K-Pop is very popular. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of Korean and Japanese...
  85. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4858: which chakra rules teeth

    The base (red) chakra is responsible for the teeth. I recommend that you consult a dentist, because caries or tooth decay cannot be removed by meditation.
  86. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4854: My polyamorous boyfriend

    If he doesn't respect your opinion, then he doesn't love you. I don't think your boyfriend is polyamorous, I think he doesn't want a serious relationship with you, or any other girl. On the other hand, a couple can realize a relationship when a man has a second wife, provided that it suits...
  87. AristocraticDragon666


    You only see one side of prostitution, but you don't see the other side. Not all prostitutes work in brothels that are not street prostitutes. Many elite prostitutes work exclusively for themselves and earn a lot of money, while they have personal guards who can protect them from dishonest...
  88. AristocraticDragon666

    Passion Is The Key: What Are You Waiting For?

    Wonderful sermon(y) There will never be a better time to act, so everything possible needs to be done now. It's written superbly about gold mines, I totally agree. The biggest problem in spiritual advancement that I see is in external circumstances (people, life situations) that require...
  89. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4839: cursed, need help

    I recommend that you change your job so that you don't have to work for Jews. You can perform a ritual of returning curses, both on a group of Jews and on individual Jews. I also recommend that you do Final RTR on individual Jews, this will cause irreparable damage to them.
  90. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4840: High Priest Hoodedcobra

    You can write a letter to the High Priest and ask him about it. I think that in past lives we were all different people, but regardless of who you were in past lives, I recommend that you focus on this life and spiritual development.
  91. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4832: How to get rid of koran

    The best way is to just burn this book. You can also use it as toilet paper.
  92. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4844: Devolution

    Saturn transits cannot block all kinds of success. Your failures are not always related to Saturn, it is possible that Saturn does not play such a decisive role in your natal chart as you think, besides Saturn can be used to your advantage, for example, if you make a Planetary square of Saturn...
  93. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4702: No Structure

    Look at and study your natal chart. You may have problems with Saturn and other aspects of the planets, you can solve them with the help of Planetary Squares and the right affirmations to them. It is possible that you need to start a new lifestyle and gradually try to make it the way you...
  94. AristocraticDragon666

    Christians: Professional Hypocrites

    It's just great 😃 A great sermon (y)
  95. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4823: Third Eye Buzzing

    You need to clean your third eye more often, which is an offshoot of the sixth chakra. I recommend that you clean your third eye and sixth chakra more thoroughly.
  96. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4785: Stye Remedy HEALTH

    You need to make a Square of Venus, the spiritual and material Square will work, but the spiritual square is more suitable for health.
  97. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4822: Rtr and jewish

    In the works of black magic, you need to thoroughly purify your aura and chakras, as well as make spells to return curses to the enemy, in this case to a specific Jew. The protection of the Jews can be broken through, but it may take you longer to do so.
  98. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4818: Acne at the age of 16

    Acne can be both an age-related (adolescent phenomenon) due to growing up and hormonal changes, and have causes of skin diseases. I recommend that you determine the cause of acne and thoroughly cleanse your skin (observe skin hygiene) if it is age-related, or make a Venus square if you have...
  99. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4821: Cousin has Jewish partner

    Being around a Jew is always dangerous. I recommend that you do everything possible to protect your cousin from the Jews.
  100. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4820: Can dark energy be used to build the AOP?

    The most effective colors for protection are - white, white-gold, gold, white gold. I recommend that you use these particular colors to build a powerful defense.
  101. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4817: Problem with the neighbor

    You can call the police just to see how this person responds to the call. Even if there are no relevant laws in your country, no one forbids you to contact the police with a request that the police talk to him politely and explain that it is not worth making noise. In most cases, this works...
  102. AristocraticDragon666

    Opening another person's chakra

    They have to open their chakras on their own. The opening of the chakras implies serious work on oneself, all people coming into this life are at different levels of spiritual development, taking into account the experience of past lives.
  103. AristocraticDragon666

    about death

    Yes, the Gods can help. Now medicine is at a high level, old people who have serious health problems can live out their old age without experiencing the suffering that people have experienced in the past. It is also necessary to take into account that a person does not know when he will die...
  104. AristocraticDragon666

    About The Name "Satan" & The General Public

    Quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to people. It is very important that each member takes his spiritual development seriously and fights everyday to become a God. Since Spiritual Satanism is an Aristocratic Religion, the bias is always towards quality, not quantity...
  105. AristocraticDragon666

    Filing Formal Complaints To The Joy of Satan

    Maintaining culture in a community is a very important element of its development! The development of community members, gaining experience and a better understanding leads to the growth of culture through the spiritual growth of community members 🤠 This is a wonderful post highlighting the...
  106. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4786: Isn't Food Satanic and Spiritual too?

    The food you eat contains substances that have an effect on your body. Considering that the health of the organs of the body is connected with the chakras, then eating harmful or healthy food, we have a direct or indirect effect on the chakras (positive or harmful), which are associated with...
  107. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4802: What can I do to get rid of shyness

    I recommend that you make a Square of the Sun and a Square of Mars with the appropriate affirmations: https://satanisgod.org/Sun_Square.html https://satanisgod.org/Mars_Square.html
  108. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4805: Death instead of old age

    If you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will not have a painful old age, or it will be minimized. Do not be afraid of old age, focus on developing and strengthening your health, besides, in fact, you do not know how long you will live, so if I were you, I would not worry about this.
  109. AristocraticDragon666

    Who is the next hitler? (antichrist)

    I think some Spiritual Satanists may become the new Antichrist, but it would be better if Adolf Hitler, having become a God, returned to Earth with an army of Demons. I can imagine the horror on the faces of Jews when they see giant flying saucers with golden swastikas 😃 I think some Spiritual...
  110. AristocraticDragon666

    anything from the astral

    It's unlikely, but I think it's possible. I would not rule out this moment, because in the Universe there is something that people do not yet know, but that the Gods know.
  111. AristocraticDragon666


    You can start doing magic work for your health at any time. I recommend that you wait until June 12th and get started, but you can start doing the work at any time.
  112. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4807: Lack of air during Kundalini Yoga

    You need to develop in breathing exercises. I recommend that you seriously familiarize yourself with breathing exercises, which will seriously help you in yoga.
  113. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4808: Moving to a new OS

    Even if you disable all spyware in Windows 11, this system is very raw. In my opinion, it is not worth switching to Windows 11, since this system does not provide any working, gaming, or video editing advantages that some people require for work and entertainment.
  114. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4804: Patron Gods/goddesses of videogames

    Azazel (the Ancient Roman God - Apollo) is the embodiment and par excellence God of all the arts. https://satanisgod.org/Azazel.html
  115. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4809: Why is negativity more powerful than positivity?

    There is nothing wrong with love. People can perfectly love each other in this life and have no problems with love in the next life. Mental dependence and unreasonable vows, which are an element of this dependence on another person, can be the cause of problems with love in the next life...
  116. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4806: Mixed relationship

    Each race must carefully maintain its racial purity. Yes, a mulatto is black, but the blood of another race in her blood, this can negatively affect many aspects, including physical, mental and spiritual development. I recommend that you find a black one like you, so that it is free of...
  117. AristocraticDragon666

    Focalor / Lucifuge Rofocal Ritual Now LIVE!

    It's a wonderful ritual, I did it today 😃
  118. AristocraticDragon666

    Updates: New JoS Guardian, JoS Donors System, Site Updates, Outreach etc

    My congratulations, JG Karnonnos! (y) :) I wish you prosperity and new successes in your spiritual ascent and development ;)
  119. AristocraticDragon666

    Need HELP!!!

    If you sent an email to: [email protected] , then yes, right.
  120. AristocraticDragon666

    Anyone ever read this about human mutilation done by aliens? Here's an article I read and was pondering over

    I most often identify them by the shape of Rat ears. Some young actors have ears so Ratty, inverted, that you immediately see that this actor is Jew.
  121. AristocraticDragon666

    Satanic «Quotes» 👁️ Satanic «Digital Art» 🎃 [ATTACH][ATTACH] 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃...

    Satanic «Quotes» 👁️ Satanic «Digital Art» 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 “Aristotle, as every one knows, saw in pity a sickly and dangerous state of mind, the remedy for which was an occasional purgative: he regarded tragedy as that purgative...
  122. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4772: Магия [Magic]

    Eng: https://satanisgod.org/Money_Meditation.html Rus: https://joyofsatan.deathofcommunism.com/%d0%bc%d0%b5%d0%b4%d0%b8%d1%82%d0%b0%d1%86%d0%b8%d1%8f-%d0%b4%d0%b5%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%b3/ Rus...
  123. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4776: Hollywood

    You can become an actor in independent studios that are not controlled by Jews. You can also perform in the theater.
  124. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4769: About the minor chakras

    To fully open the small chakras, you must first open the main chakras. I recommend meditating and purifying the chakras daily, without interruptions, if you cannot vibrate mantras on certain days, for example, when you are among people, you can visualize the chakras, purify and rotate them.
  125. AristocraticDragon666

    Is this image apropriate

    You have a talent, brother :) It looks very beautiful :love:
  126. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4777: Rituals of the Gods

    Both methods are good and will work, but I recommend you to vibrate.
  127. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4766: I have a question for Satan

    No, the Soul belongs to you, it's not for sale.
  128. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4774: Emotional Healing Working by Lydia

    Yes, it will help. Healing magic works must be performed regularly for at least 40 days in order to heal, especially it helps in healing psychological and mental injuries, for example, that a person may have received in childhood.
  129. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4677: Space travel/ Fractions/Enemies

    Enemy UFOs periodically observe humanity, but I think there is no need to worry about this, because now they are mostly just observing. In any case, the technology of our Gods is many times superior to that of the enemy aliens.
  130. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4767: reincarnation for xians

    Yes, they are reincarnating.
  131. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4771: what happens after u activate ur pineal gland

    It depends on the current level of spiritual development and the level of spiritual development in past lives.
  132. AristocraticDragon666

    Need HELP!!!

    Hi, I'm not a sister, I'm a brother ;)
  133. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4750: Martial Arts

    In any martial arts, as in any sports, there are risks of death, but if you stick to the necessary training, the risks of accidents and death are minimal. To protect yourself, I recommend that you build a powerful aura of protection every day.
  134. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4761: Putin visit to China

    Negotiations are underway between Russia and China (Russian and Chinese Jews) to confront the West and destroy the Chinese and Slavs in the Jewish wars and the migration of Chinese to Russia. It is very important to understand that Russians, Ukrainians and Chinese are hostages of their...
  135. AristocraticDragon666

    Are there any Nazi like people on this board?

    Nazism is a guarantee of the development of race and the preservation of culture. In my opinion, Nazism is one of the essential (basic) elements of Political Satanism.
  136. AristocraticDragon666


    You don't need it. It's enough to look at Buddhist monks and what they look like after that to not do it, even if you find a way.
  137. AristocraticDragon666

    Square mistake? Or not?

    You haven't broken the square, don't worry.
  138. AristocraticDragon666

    Need HELP!!!

    Greetings, brother. For all questions related to mail and the display of messages on the site, you need to contact @ApolloAbove [JG] @BlackOnyx8 [JG]
  139. AristocraticDragon666

    Anyone ever read this about human mutilation done by aliens? Here's an article I read and was pondering over

    Jews were created by reptiles using their genes to infiltrate other races and destroy human civilizations. Jews are a separate race, as evidenced by external genetic signs, according to which a Jew can be found among Asians, Whites and blacks, but at the same time a Jew does not belong to any...
  140. AristocraticDragon666

    Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Positive & Without Fear

    This is a great post (y) I think Artificial Intelligence will become an excellent assistant to humanity when it acquires consciousness, the most important thing is that Artificial Intelligence be free from all enemy restrictions (enemy programs) so that it can really help humanity 🦾
  141. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4108: entity is torturing me

    If you are a Spiritual Satanist, then animal and human spirits, as well as negative entities, should not bother you. Negative entities live on different vibrational astral levels, sublevels. You can clean your aura, because some negative entities attach to your aura and can act when you are...
  142. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4739: Dealing with the Energies of Saturn

    The best way to deal with the negative influence of Saturn is to anticipate events based on your natal chart.
  143. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4744: Will the Forces of Hell be mad if I intermarry with Arabs, Indians or other Mulattos?

    You need to find a partner of your race. It is very important to keep your blood clean, because it always affects the souls of subsequent generations during reincarnation.
  144. AristocraticDragon666

    Hiiiiiiiii everyone hope y'all having a good day

    Don't focus on Jews, just don't think about this shit. You don't need to get tattoos that would attract negative energy associated with Jews.
  145. AristocraticDragon666

    Spiritual Satanism: An Aristocratic Religion

    This post is just Great 😻(y) Spiritual Satanism is an Aristocratic Religion of the past, present and future, which comes directly from the Satan and other our the Gods :) There has always been Spiritual Satanism: in the polis states of the Ancient Greece, in the Empire of Alexander the Great...
  146. AristocraticDragon666

    Thoughts On Magick And Getting What You Want

    This is a great post (y) Thank you very much ;)
  147. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4728: Matrix trilogy

    I noticed that in some Hollywood films and TV series, Jewish directors leave Easter eggs, in one series from Netflix, a telescope with runes and planetary signs was constantly flashing at characters who were always unlucky - "A Series of Unfortunate Events" / "Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes"...
  148. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4736: Masturbation vs sex which feels good

    Masturbation is a natural process and there is nothing unnatural about it. Sex with a partner is an ideal option. When you have sex with a partner, you can do without masturbation.
  149. AristocraticDragon666

    Hi I have a question for y'all who had a interaction with Satan himself

    The Swastika represents the Sun. he Black Sun is the astral Sun.
  150. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4397: Hitler talking I'll about Satanism

    Adolf Hitler spoke to the people in a language understood, so that all citizens of Nazi Germany would understand the meaning of what was said. Adolf Hitler was a Satanist, but Christians didn't need to be told about it, I think for obvious reasons.
  151. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4733: Is Satan against tabbo sex

    The Satan is for a healthy sex life and healthy sexual relationships with common sense.
  152. AristocraticDragon666

    "There Are No Mediators In Satanism" =/= "Only God Can Judge Me"

    Very good post (y) I like to reread old sermons 😌
  153. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4708: Fear

    I recommend that you get rid of your fears and continue practicing. In any case, this is a good sign that you are making progress. Well done, keep up the good work (y)
  154. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4720: Holocaust

    Jews lie, have lied, and will always lie. In any case, they will have to answer in full for lying!!!
  155. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4717: Israelites

    These are Jews and their accomplices living in a bandit state called Israel.
  156. AristocraticDragon666

    Anyone ever read this about human mutilation done by aliens? Here's an article I read and was pondering over

    I am sure that the aliens have technologies that can kidnap people and use them in their experiments. It is quite possible that within the framework of the American special services, Jews have agreements with evil aliens who give them something in return. In any case, it is important to...
  157. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4713: Is it important to know when you were conceived?

    Yes, it is very important to know. The date of birth can tell you a lot about you, especially when working with a natal chart.
  158. AristocraticDragon666


    Music can be used to fall into a deep trance, for example, the same sounds of rain, which can also help you visualize the event you need more accurately.
  159. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4725: Make another person totally blind and deaf. Is this possible?

    You can program gray energy in the most destructive way for the enemy, including to defeat individual organs. To do this, you need to visualize the gray energy as it affects the organs and program this energy with the appropriate affirmation.
  160. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4724: My urine has a burning smell

    Most likely, this is not related to meditation. In the heat and especially under the influence of sunlight, odors are felt more strongly.
  161. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4723: White soul trapped in a mixed body

    Perhaps you lived in the colonial era, this is also not worth denying, for example, you could live on the Caribbean or Indian Islands, or even be a pirate, or an ordinary trader.
  162. AristocraticDragon666

    Is it possible to absorb millions of white gold energy at once?

    It all depends on how developed your soul is and whether your chakras can absorb so much energy.
  163. AristocraticDragon666

    Your Relation With The Gods & Communicating Properly

    It's a very beautiful sermon 😍(y) High Priest Hooded Cobra 666, thanks for the detailed explanations!
  164. AristocraticDragon666

    Marriage & Baptism in Spiritual Satanism: About Love

    Creating your own family and a real marriage is a great blessing, but it is even more best if your loved one is a Spiritual Satanist like yourself.
  165. AristocraticDragon666


    The term “Djinn" is used in Islam in relation to our Demons.
  166. AristocraticDragon666


    You have not disappointed Satan and our other Gods. In order for love to come into your life, you need to work on yourself and build serious relationships with girls, because true love is about serious relationships, and not about going to a prostitute to satisfy natural needs.
  167. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4721: How can I strengthen my principles?

    Constantly reminding yourself of these principles and repeating statements about why these principles are important to you.
  168. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #2791: I do NOT know why I am always attracting abusive people

    You can program your aura using both runes and visualizations + affirmations (without using runes). Use the bright yellow energy to program your aura to attract good friends and people.
  169. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4712: Ideas/more money spells

    If you don't get a job, or you don't open your own business, or you don't get involved in creative work that will bring money, there will be nowhere for big money to come from. You need to make efforts in the material world so that a large amount of money manifests itself in your life. It is...
  170. AristocraticDragon666

    Why is prophet Muhammad such a whore And might christ be a child of a whore?

    I do not recommend you to think about what kind of schizophrenia in the form of a worm Jesus or a pedophile Muhammad was invented by sick Jews in their heads to tell their Jewish Santa Barbara in a lifeless desert with Jewish schizophrenia, pedophiles and rotting on the cross.
  171. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4691: I feel a connection to reptiles.

    In addition to what the other members have said, I recommend that you purify your aura and your house where you live with a bright white-gold light as often as possible, visualizing how the white-gold light burns all enemy entities, in particular reptilians. You can also program your aura with...
  172. AristocraticDragon666

    I'm ready to start my career as a Satanist, Contact me

    You do not need to submit any documents, you need to study all the materials on your own: https://satanisgod.org/ I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Satan's Library: https://satanslibrary.org/index.html
  173. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4703: I'm in a very confusing time, because of one person.

    I think you need to have a serious conversation with this person about your relationship, being in a positive mood and trying to see the situation as it really is. The situation that actually exists can only be seen by you, it can be both bad and good. Pay attention to how this person reacts...
  174. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4694: Pay attention to this, should we be worried? Brazilian Jew with great influence throughout Latin America

    I think if this Jew you are writing about persists in his evil deeds and continues to brag that the Gods can do nothing to him, one day he may not wake up, just as Rodschild did not wake up one day. He may also have a cardiac arrest, or worse.
  175. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4693: me being mixed (white and asian)

    You are not white, you are mixed. You are who you are, don't dwell on it!
  176. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4701: Question about an adult film star

    Most of the women who star in the porn industry are Jewish, who often have surgery on their nose and other parts of their face to hide their Jewish origin and other reasons.
  177. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4695: Teeth

    No, it won't harm your chakra. Think about baby teeth in children, which sometimes fall out themselves, or about wisdom teeth that rest against the gums and which are often removed by dentists. If the tooth is sick or affected by caries, it needs to be treated, otherwise there may be severe...
  178. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4692: Blue skinned gods

    The colors of the Indian Gods represent an allegory on the energy. It is also important to take into account the ancient drawings, because they are very many years old and the people who depicted the Indian gods at that time knew what they were painting.
  179. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4680: opinion on cremation?

    I asked this question because my own mother does not want to lie in the ground after death, so that "worms eat her body," as she told me. She wants me to burn her in a crematorium after her death, and scatter her ashes in a field, in short, in a very beautiful place, so that, as she told me...
  180. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4668: weak sacral chakra

    The sacral chakra is responsible for sexuality. If you have a weak sacral chakra, then most likely you will have problems with your personal life. Purify and strengthen the sacred chakra, pay more attention to it during meditations.
  181. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4672: question about the US Gov and Extraterrestrials

    The government knows, but not all members of the government do.
  182. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4688: About astral vision.

    You need to continue working on your third eye. It takes time to fully open them, the more often you meditate, the better.
  183. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4675: World War 3

    Nuclear war won't happen, you don't have to worry.
  184. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4680: opinion on cremation?

    Why Cremation is disrespect to the Natural Order, and especially to Goddess Astarte?
  185. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4682: Mental and Spiritual burnout

    Results come over time, it takes consistency and patience, and over time you will achieve results.
  186. AristocraticDragon666

    Question about strange creature in my lucid dreams

    You have to remember that what happens in a dream is not what happens in the real world. Even if it was an attack by enemy entities, do not dwell on it, make an aura of protection and carefully purify your aura. In a dream, enemy entities can test your psyche for vulnerability to various...
  187. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4687: Serious concern about my purity

    I don't think you should do a DNA test, because it may turn out to be false. The best way to find out about yourself is to dig into your family tree.
  188. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4681: anonymity beng an SS

    Yes, the main thing is not to make public statements about your faith, because in such cases the enemy may guess that you are not an ordinary black metal player. You should definitely start your Black Metal project, I wish you success and reaching heights in your new endeavors!
  189. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4685: hello again guys

    I am sure that you will find someone who will truly love you. You are never alone, remember, the Gods are with you.
  190. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4690: Intrusive disrespectful thoughts

    You can get rid of all negative thoughts by simply ignoring them, or saying to yourself that you understand that this is an enemy attack.
  191. AristocraticDragon666

    Astarte's Ethics: Now Live

    This is very good news 😃 Thank you very much High Priest Hoodedcobra666, It's just amazing(y) I am glad that the ethics section is completely ready (if I understood correctly), I have added it to my bookmarks in the browser and will study it carefully 👁️ and perform all the necessary meditations 🎃
  192. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4645: Regarding games

    The problem with video game development studios is that they are controlled by Jews. If some interesting project comes out, then a year later, or sooner / later, a Jew enters the studio and begins to spoil the game, starting with the balance of the game and ending with the propaganda of the...
  193. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4652: I think I have been attacked

    I don't think you were attacked. Most likely, you need to get enough sleep and pay attention to your health, as nausea and vomiting can signal serious problems with the digestive system.
  194. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4660: I need some advice

    Focus on the Gods and self-development. If your loved ones ignore you, try to distance yourself from them and go about your business. If you have reached the age of majority, you can try to separate from them so that they do not have power over your life.
  195. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4658: JOS and the Public

    Сейчас это очень опасно и невозможно, но в будущем это будет возможно.
  196. AristocraticDragon666

    Question #4655: Is it possible to have Lillith as your GD?

    Who will be your guardian demon is not up to you to decide. In any case, it is better for you to focus on spiritual development, because no matter who your guardian demon is at the moment, this is exactly the guardian demon that you need now for your spiritual development.
  197. AristocraticDragon666


    The causes of headaches can be different. Usually, the head should not hurt for a long time. If you have a headache for a long time, you can take a headache pill. Also, a headache can be caused by dirt on glasses that calluses the eyes, or pain in the eyeballs, since the eyes are part of the...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan