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  1. Egon

    Ritual da SS Maxine e do Lorde Balaam

    Sumo Sacerdote Hooded Cobra: É com grande alegria que anuncio, perante toda a nossa família, estes dois maravilhosos Rituais. São ambos de proporções históricas. Este é também provavelmente o dia mais feliz da minha vida. O primeiro Ritual é sobre a SS Maxine. Através do conteúdo do Ritual...
  2. Egon

    Mishima, Bodybuilding & Greek Sculpture [MEDIA]

    Mishima, Bodybuilding & Greek Sculpture
  3. Egon

    I'm mostly back. As soon as I get a stable internet connection I'm going back to editing stuff...

    I'm mostly back. As soon as I get a stable internet connection I'm going back to editing stuff, but I can at least translate rituals. @Hp. Hoodedcobra666 @The Alchemist7 [JG] @BlackOnyx8 [JG]
  4. Egon

    Why did the Vikings worship the Norse Gods (Odin/Satan) but raped women in every village they pillaged?

    AC Valhalla is extremely boring don't waste your time with it or any Ubisoft game for that matter, watch some yt movie compilation if you want the part about the story. Still, the story isn't that good only the lore, xtianity being evil and such, but whatever there are better things about this...
  5. Egon

    3 Body Problem series on Netflix

    It's based on a Chinese novel series, it's not a Netflix original. I don't know how faithful it is to the book series, but it does depict the pseudo-scientific superstitions and brutality of Communism, I bet this made a lot of lefties angy regardless of the other politically correct multiculty...
  6. Egon


    É melhor não, será um desperdício de energia, talvez com exceção do de amaldiçoar pissreal. Esses devem ser feitos em conjunto com os membros quando a data/situação assim demandar para melhor eficiência. Faça os dos Deuses ao invés. Esses tanto ajudam o mundo como a ti mesmo como forma de...
  7. Egon

    How does one perform the Gods Rituals more efficiently?

    They're all moon Gods as HP HC said, but considering the Gods can have many attributes as well I would do Lilith (Moon's), Anubis (Saturn's, underworld) and Furfur (Jupiter's, growth). It's up to changes if needed.
  8. Egon

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Should the JoS page about Furfur be corrected? There says Furfur is a female but in this ritual and info we refer to Furfur as a God and Son.
  9. Egon

    NOVOS RITUAIS DOS DEUSES: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Saudações a todos os membros da nossa Família Espiritual, Abaixo vou colocar os Rituais para os nossos três estimados Demónios. Eles devem ser feitos durante os próximos 5 dias. Há também um Ritual para a Deusa Lilith aqui. Devido à natureza de Lilith e à forma como ela se envolve apenas em...
  10. Egon

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Thanks immensely I will be able to translate and do these before my travel. 🙋‍♂️🙏
  11. Egon

    Question #4634: Please recommend exercises to train my astral senses.

  12. Egon

    Question #4630: Observer effect?

    Do more physical activities and meet people, like going to the gym. Do activities that make you feel proud of your progress like building your body, growing food and becoming self sufficient. This can give a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Do Andras and Beelzebul's rituals...
  13. Egon

    Question #4641: Family Member that just died that was Catholic

    https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/death-funerary-rites-in-spiritual-satanism.95833/#post-501899 The Gods don't care what fairytales humans believe, they care about their actions in life and whether those were righteous or not, and if the stupidity of a person are justifiable (ie., the...
  14. Egon

    Question #4636: Synagogue of satan

    Synagogue of Satan are retarded christcuck larpers who think they are the "new covenant" and/or larp as "the real jews", while no matter what they do to please YHYV they still are the Seed of Satan as the "goym" they are, even if they denounce Satan and worship rabbi Yeshua instead, they will...
  15. Egon

    Hiroshi Hirata, one of my favorite manga artists ever was a follower of this religion.

    Hiroshi Hirata, one of my favorite manga artists ever was a follower of this religion.
  16. Egon

    @Hp. Hoodedcobra666 @The Alchemist7 [JG] @BlackOnyx8 [JG] Starting on Monday I will be absent...

    @Hp. Hoodedcobra666 @The Alchemist7 [JG] @BlackOnyx8 [JG] Starting on Monday I will be absent for a few weeks, or maybe months. I'll need BlackOnyx8 if he can, to translate at least important messages and new Ritual pages and post them here and in the website while I'm out, to cover for the...
  17. Egon

    Question #4626: A few questions before i do my dedication

    None of this matters, use whatever you can.
  18. Egon

    Question #4618: Spell to increase knowledge

    Do a Mercury Square: https://www.joyofsatan.org/Satans_Squares.html JoS Astro to know which signs the planets are in: https://www.jos-astro.com
  19. Egon

    Question #4622: Hot to do rtr

    Video tutorial: https://odysee.com/@RTR_Videos:9/FINAL:c2 you can download it by clicking on the 3 dots below the video if you want.
  20. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    You can't cross-reference existing attachments. I noticed this upon translating the new year message. I had to upload the same video again instead of let's say, use the link of the existing file by - (the same ID of the video file HP HC posted). This seems inefficient and could bloat the server...
  21. Egon

    Feliz Ano Novo Satânico: 2024

    Tradução: Saudações a todos. Este é o Sumo Sacerdote Hooded Cobra dos Ministérios da Alegria de Satanás. Quero desejar a todos os membros da nossa comunidade, do fundo do meu coração, Feliz Ano Novo. Estou muito satisfeito por estar a enviar esta mensagem a todos, a todos vós, membros da nossa...
  22. Egon


  23. Egon

    Must read books?

    Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations", definitively a must read by any devotee of the Gods. Nietzsche's work but I would suggest only later on as the stuff about "nihilism" (which Nietzsche is not) might confuse some new people and should be taken with a Stoic mindset, but Twilight of the Idols and...
  24. Egon

    Question #4548: Sephardic surnames

    No, some of those names are too common. You have to analyze the person's behavior and family history, it's not that simply otherwise a lot of German names would also be jewish like surnames with "Stein" in it are not always jewish. Jews changed their names en mass and someone for example marry...
  25. Egon

    Question #4542: Low self esteem

    Do as many Sun Squares as you want, material with the proper affirmations. Spiritual will also boost the Sun in your chart and solve things that bleed into other problems related to that nonetheless.
  26. Egon

    The Grand Ritual [Schedule Concluded]

    I do like this, since they happen in order: Saturn: F-RTR Jupiter: Baalzebul's Ritual, and the Grand Ritual Mars: the other RTRs
  27. Egon

    The Laws of the Sun (Film)

    That's from the same writer/producers of Buddah Saitan (The Rebirth of Buddah). I would be just wary of them as they seem to be an RHP cult.
  28. Egon

    RTR Ritual Schedule April 14th to April 30th [SCHEDULE FINISHED]

    Tucker Carlson says aliens are supernatural:
  29. Egon

    Happy Birth Day Adolf ♥️ ⚡ [ATTACH] Link: https://odysee.com/@joyofsatanpt:c/Where'd-You-Go:f

    Happy Birth Day Adolf ♥️ ⚡ Link: https://odysee.com/@joyofsatanpt:c/Where'd-You-Go:f
  30. Egon

    Question #4487: Japanese demons, and Shintoism refers to our Satan?

    Yes the Shinto Gods are Satan and his Demons. Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu are Azazel and Astarte, Baalzebul is Susanoo, Satan is Daikokuten etc., just use the search function, there are plenty of messages about it...
  31. Egon

    Agenda 14 a 20 de Abril

    Ao que parece Israel lançou agora formalmente um ataque ao Irão, depois de ter bombardeado a sua embaixada e de ter recebido um ataque de retaliação do Irão. Isto significa que o jogo está a começar. A agenda de rituais tem de ser prolongado até 30 de abril. Os mesmos rituais. -Sumo Sacerdote...
  32. Egon

    Magia para algo específico na beleza

    Podes fazer um trabalho de 40 dias com runas ou um Quadrado Mágico (material) de Vénus com as afirmações apropriadas para beleza, usando o tempo verbal presente sempre nas tuas afirmações.
  33. Egon

    Procreate is a must, Spiritual Satanists need to marry and have children and raise them in this path

    True. Choosing to become a Monk is way more christian if you ask me. Worse if you use "muh Spirituality" as an excuse as if Satanism told them this is the correct approach. Not even HPS Maxine who is beyond this Earth's level cared that her husband was not a Satanist or even meditates. I guess...
  34. Egon

    what do the orcs in middle earth represent?

    Regardless of how he interpret those, he is wrong and he knows it, and he didn't invent them, as these are spirits from European Paganism, so we might reclaim what is ours and give them their proper meaning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwarf_(folklore) Dwarves might either be just a type of...
  35. Egon

    what do the orcs in middle earth represent?

    That, and pisslamic shitskins from the middle east. They were first created by kidnapping Elves (Nordics) then twisting them to make that horrid mongrel race, just like the Middle East used to be ruled and populated by Whites before they were invaded and mongrelized to extinction. Note how under...
  36. Egon


  37. Egon

    O Grande Ritual

    Acima foi postado o áudio mp3⬆️
  38. Egon

    Can someone give guidance?

    Read: https://www.joyofsatan.org You can post whatever question you have here in the forums just make sure you read beforehand and if your questions weren't answered already by using the search function.
  39. Egon

    Ukraine and Organ Harvesting

    Idi Amin who knew about the Protocols and was assassinated by Israel. Gamal Abdel Nasser who was known as the most beloved leader in the Arab world, timidly tried to de-islamify and modernize Egypt like Ataturk for Turkey, then Egypt was harassed and warred against by Israel who cradled the...
  40. Egon

    Question #4417: Dating a mixed-race - question

    That's basically the same thing anyway. You auto-answered yourself with your whole post. "Aryans" of South and West Asia to begin with were a mix of Whites, Dravidians and Asians, sometimes Arabs too.
  41. Egon

    Question #4445: Dúvidas sobre rituais e normas. [Questions about rituals and norms.]

    1. Faça um quadrado mágico de Vénus (material) para esse fim, ou um trabalho com runas, como Gebo, por exemplo. Não te esqueças de fazer uma afirmação apropriada no tempo presente. 2. É isso mesmo que queres ou foste programado para achar que precisa disso. O que a realidade de relações humanas...
  42. Egon

    O Grande Ritual

    Não deixem de participar também da agenda de rituais até o dia 20: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/agenda-14-a-20-de-abril.95649 _____________________________________________ Abaixo, estou a publicar um dos Rituais mais poderosos de sempre. Este Ritual é um procedimento de...
  43. Egon

    Question #4429: Addiction

    Just release it every once in a while you don't need to repress it or porn to do this and eventually the need to look at porn will disappear, if you try to force your mind to not do something you will just get obsessed about it.
  44. Egon

    Agenda 14 a 20 de Abril

    Esta será uma agenda curta mas poderosa. Neste caso, temos de ser cuidadosos. O urso está preso e a sangrar. Ninguém deve querer aproximar-se dele e tentar fazer mais do que isto. Temos de disparar e temos de seguir o nosso caminho. O vórtice de energias negativas para estes eventos que o...
  45. Egon

    good movies/tv series with satanic themes?

    Dune (2021) and Dune Part Two (2024) Anti-messianic sci-fi that inspired Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Debunks judaic prophecies as tools to control and degenerate society that eventually cause holy wars that destroy civilization with sand niggers. Life of Brian Same as the above but comedy...
  46. Egon

    Os Pecados de Israel e a Guerra do Irão

    Tenho de abrir a internet outra vez e ver as notícias e aqui vamos nós outra vez, mais judeus que bombardearam generais iranianos, depois de um ciclo inteiro de ataques e mortes de bebés e crianças, enquanto eles afirmam que foi o "Hamas", o que todo o Israel e até os seus membros militares...
  47. Egon

    Question #4424: SATANAMA

  48. Egon

    Hercules thoughts ours or jew owned

    Hercules is a son of Baalzebul, you can learn about Hercules by learning about his father: https://www.satanisgod.org/BeelzebulHC.html
  49. Egon

    Question #4390: About the concentration camps

    These documentaries have unbiased jews telling what life in the concentration camps was really like, The Last Days of the Big Lie: http://www.holocaustexposed.org/Holocaust/Videos/Big_Lie.html Auschwitz - Why The Gas Chambers Are A Hoax...
  50. Egon

    Agenda de Guerra Espiritual: 9 a 20 de abril de 2023

    Puedes hacer cualquier Ritual de los Dioses o RTR Final todos los días, pero los rituales de inversión específicos como maldecir a Israel - porque estos rituales son más débiles - sólo hacerse cuando se publique un nuevo calendario.
  51. Egon

    Sou brasileiro

    Sejas bem vindo, podes ajudar traduzindo alguns sermões com pouca visibilidade que ninguém traduziu, corrigir erros ortográficos, ou doando dinheiro [ver esta página - Binance e Mercado Pago têm funcionado bem para enviar criptos à partir do Brasil]. Quanto mais formas de ajuda melhor.
  52. Egon

    Does a man ask the woman out?

    Usually complimenting a man and giving subtle signals isn't enough for many men, as there are many men who are very dense, and men in general don't like or understand subtlety - some women can go court a dude for while then say she wants to sit on his face, and men will be like "nah there's no...
  53. Egon

    satan is a hebrew word why not just refer to krishna?

    Satan isn't hebrew: https://satanslibrary.org/Demons/SATAN_Full_PDF_-_High_Priest_Hooded_Cobra_666.pdf
  54. Egon

    Question #4357: Family member should I try to help(big post)

    What kind of help? You definitely should show gratitude for her helping with your child. Trying to change her beliefs and exposing yourself isn't help and could probably ruin your relation to this helpful person. Be grateful at least she isn't a hardcore christard trying to convert you and your...
  55. Egon

    Question #4358: Lillith ex-wife of Adam??

    No such bullshit is written in the JoS website. The only information about Lilith in the JoS so far is this: https://satanisgod.org/Lilith.html Always pay attention to author, date, and specially context when reading something in the forums.
  56. Egon

    Write Down Your Problems

    Given [this], should our brothers in the French Foreign Legion or regular French military (or another EU nation for the matter) quit their jobs (or not to try at all) and move to another country? (At least beginners and non-high positions) As the line in Andras' Ritual says, "may you keep war...
  57. Egon

    Question #4343: Donations - Help Needed

    Guide: https://satanisgod.org/CRYPTO_DONATIONS.html
  58. Egon

    Astarte em Cartago: Honrada Pelos Gentios, Atacada Por Judeus

    Artigo original por Blitzkreig [JG] O Bando Sagrado de Astarte Cavalaria pesada de elite de Cartago (povos fenícios do que é atualmente a Tunísia). Fonte da imagem: Lordgood from Deviantart Repara na estrela de 8 pontas, um dos seus símbolos. Da Wikipedia - Fonte 1: "Uma parte importante da...
  59. Egon

    Reminder the Gods' Rituals can be done daily⚡

    https://satanslibrary.org/ExposingChristianity/Satans_Magickal_Squares.zip The sun square mantra can be found in this folder.
  60. Egon

    Candace Owens destroys rabbi and makes him go on babyrage mode[IMG] - then she gets fired from...

    Candace Owens destroys rabbi and makes him go on babyrage mode - then she gets fired from media outlet because jews definitely don't control and harass anyone: "We will not forgive them for making us kill their children"🤡 lol If you like me don't wanna watch the whole thing with this...
  61. Egon

    Reminder the Gods' Rituals can be done daily⚡

    Reminder you can do the Gods' Rituals outside of schedules, for blessings and self empowerment, and we have 14 Gods Rituals as of now which can fill each week worth of connection with the Gods: First week Sun day (enlightenment): Azazel Moon day (the occult): Abrasax Týr's day (vigor): Andras...
  62. Egon

    Question about Succubus

    You are not with any succubus and most people who request this aren't either: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/succubi-incubi-cowardly-bunk.93101 Do a love magical working instead to attract a human partner...
  63. Egon

    Question #4285: Atheism and challenging beliefs

    1. Satanists don't fear the afterlife or death, that by itself debunks the purpose of any false religions. Satanic practices like power meditation and Rituals for the Gods are means to grow outward and inward, to have a fulfilling evolution in this lifetime. As one advances it is not even needed...
  64. Egon

    Astarte: Eternal Queen and Mother / Spring Equinox

    Love doesn't have to be sexual or romantic. You can still be profoundly in love with her like in Azazel's parable about the two friends (click here), or the love of a pupil for their teacher, or of a child to their parents. The meaning of love has been disturbed and conflated in modern society...
  65. Egon

    How does one perform the Gods Rituals more efficiently?

    You can try doing them in the planetary days and hours I suggested here (since as of now we have 14 rituals): First week Sun day (enlightenment): Azazel Moon day (the occult): Abrasax Týr's day (vigor): Andras Wodanaz' day (medicine/mind): Valefor Thor's day (authority): Baalzebul Freya's day...
  66. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    People seem to be necroposting a lot, I think because "Similar threads" box, they read titles and post without paying attention to the date. Maybe if a thread, or latest message in a thread is 1+ years old, a confirm box could pop-up when one clicks in "Post reply" warning "This thread is over...
  67. Egon


  68. Egon

    Question #4235: Satanism just online?

    He never wrote such instructions, he advised against it as you can read here: https://satanslibrary.org/English/HP_Hooded_Cobra/Satanic_Meetups_in_the_Physical_World_-_High_Priest_Hooded_Cobra_666.pdf...
  69. Egon

    Genuine v Artificial LGB Things Thread

    Ancient Greece Was Gay: A Historical Fake News (you can turn on auto-translated subtitles, they're decent enough):
  70. Egon

    Jews set to Ban TikTok because of RELENTLESS Information Jihad against the Jews

    Chinese influencers spreading anti-jew videos:
  71. Egon

    Sermão 17/11/2018 - "Fim do Mundo"

  72. Egon


    You likely won't, read why here: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/succubi-incubi-cowardly-bunk.93101/#post-481311 Do a working to attract a human partner instead. Follow the JoS calendar to get the best dates for your working: https://www.jos-astro.com/#/astro-calendars And the...
  73. Egon

    Meme warfare

    Israeli jew spill the beans and threatens with kabbalah curses: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wU4oqjCSN6gY
  74. Egon

    Duvidas a respeito de astrologia

    A Lua minguante não serve para começar trabalhos onde se pretende expandir, por exemplo riqueza, mas para diminuir, por exemplo limpar a aura de imundices e remover maldições. Não se deve interromper nada.
  75. Egon

    Question #4178: Which Religion are we, as Satanist...

  76. Egon

    Question #4176: Andras

    You definitely can. You can do his ritual as many times as you like and communicate with him at the end, a formal ceremony with props isn't needed.
  77. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    In the light mode some fonts are too dark or too light, like quotes and hyperlinks:
  78. Egon

    Mulciber is not Hephaestus?

    No, it was HP HC who said that, that Satan is also Hephaestus when he is creator of civilization: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/azazel-apollo-updated-page-and-advanced-information.63514/page-4#post-295490 "Astarte splits into three Goddesses in the Greco-Roman pantheon. That will...
  79. Egon

    Simple high energy delicious meal: [MEDIA]

    Simple high energy delicious meal:
  80. Egon

    Ritual Schedule Feb 29 to March 15

    Reverse Blood Sacrifices: https://old.josrituals.org/Rtrs/Reverse195Ritual.html Restoring Justice: https://old.josrituals.org/Rtrs/I5417.html Curse Israel: https://old.josrituals.org/Rtrs/CurseIsraelRitual.html
  81. Egon

    Agenda de Rituais 29/2 até 15 de Março

    Saudações a toda a nossa Família Espiritual Satânica e ao nosso Exército Espiritual, Há muitas coisas a acontecer ao mesmo tempo. Por um lado, temos As habituais tendências belicistas e genocidas de Israel. Os Estados Unidos sob o seu atual presidente está muito fraco, incapaz e não está...
  82. Egon

    Sermão 17/11/2018 - "Fim do Mundo"

    Hoje em dia quase ninguém sabe, e fica a cargo de quem trabalha diretamente com os Deuses achar manuscritos de difícil acesso. https://web.archive.org/web/20220520041448if_/https://ssbiblioteca.webs.com
  83. Egon

    Question #4160: new to Satanism but desired ti belong for a long time. to have more confidence in my true self

    The problem isn't your body you were born with, you must develop love and confidence in yourself regardless of which condition you were born into, without any artificial hormones that no one really knows what they are made of, or surgeries to mutilate your body. Satanism defends nature which is...
  84. Egon

    Question #4149: Where should I start?

    Read everything at: https://www.satanisgod.org/HOME.html Dedicate your soul to Satan: https://www.satanisgod.org/SATANIC.html Start a meditation program: https://satanslibrary.org/hp_hooded_cobra_40_day_meditation_program.pdf Study Satanism further...
  85. Egon

    How do I best reach out to Saten?

    Don't wait, start connecting yourself with Satan as soon as you can, and dedicate yourself to Him. Learn about him https://satanslibrary.org/Demons/SATAN_Full_PDF_-_High_Priest_Hooded_Cobra_666.pdf And do his rituals: https://josrituals.org And Psalm...
  86. Egon

    what are your thoughts of demonolatrypractices on reddit?

    My thoughts are stay away from reddit and discord like it is toxic waste. At best this will lead you nowhere, and at worst this will get you doxxed and in jail. Those are useless idiots and blind people guiding other blind people. I am not "attacking" them, I'm giving you the route that is more...
  87. Egon

    new member

    Study all you can in https://satanisgod.org This looks overwhelming but it is actually very simple and methodical. You will find we are actually much practical than any other occultist "methods" out there.
  88. Egon

    Learn Any Language & Improve Your Grammar

    When starting one shouldn't stress on trying to speak it, but receiving input. Your brain will do the work of making up conversations and repeating sentences on its own, as you repeat what you have received input from over time, and attempt to imitate what it sounded like, like in the examples...
  89. Egon

    Learn Any Language & Improve Your Grammar

    The best tool for language learning: The theory behind it: This is true, I didn't ever "study" English, yet I'm pretty confident with my speech and grammar to the point I became a translator over time. When I found the JoS I didn't understand English at all except scarce words. Upon...
  90. Egon

    Rituais + Ética de Azazel

    Post sobre as Éticas de Azazel [inglês]: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/azazels-ethics-now-live.94519 Uma vez que haverá uma agenda de RTRs/Rituais ativa nos próximos dias, seria aconselhável que todos fizessem o Ritual de Azazel: http://www.alegriadesatanas.org/Rituals/Azazel's...
  91. Egon

    The best tool for language learning: [MEDIA] The theory behind it: [MEDIA] [MEDIA] This is...

    The best tool for language learning: The theory behind it: This is true, I didn't ever "study" English, yet I'm pretty confident with my speech and grammar to the point I became a translator over time. When I found the JoS I didn't understand English at all except scarce words. Upon...
  92. Egon


  93. Egon

    Mediterraneans aren’t white

    Muh dick big. If you talk and behave like a nigger, having Germanic appearance means nothing. It is pretty bizarre why racial betrayal seems to be rampant there for some reason. Correct me if I'm wrong but it wasn't kikes who forced their way with christardanity in Scandinavia, it was king...
  94. Egon

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    Read: https://www.joyofsatan.org/NEWPEOPLE.html
  95. Egon


  96. Egon

    I was looking for a kanji book out of curiosity and this seemed to be a very popular book among...

    I was looking for a kanji book out of curiosity and this seemed to be a very popular book among the language learning community... Hard NOPE for me imo, could save you time and money: I've got this nice book called Japanese Folktales which is bilingual, with furigana (reading of the kanji) +...
  97. Egon

    Prayer to Zeus and Ares

    BAALZEBUL, Honorable Zeus, Feared and Beloved Thórr Beautiful God of the harvest and the common people God of the beautiful physique God of the simple man, of the hardworking and strong man and the womanly lady of the field God of the countryside God of the Völk God of those who act and don't...
  98. Egon


  99. Egon

    Question #4039: Pope Francis Orders Christians To 'Pray to Satan' for 'Real Enlightenment'

    That is fake news from desperate xtians who wanna keep their cult relevant: https://www.techarp.com/facts/pope-francis-christians-pray-satan
  100. Egon

    Practical martial arts

    Another good use for Jiu-Jitsu could be for women, small people, or very muscularly weak people who can't rely on hitting a single abuser by striking, as BJJ isn't very physically demanding and focuses best on learning how to lock the human body up. Of course one should seek to get physically...
  101. Egon

    Question #3966: " stop controlling everything, and just let go "

    Air can make one highly irritated about the things they care about.
  102. Egon

    Lebanese man proposes using unexploded Israeli shell: [MEDIA] The Soul of Egypt has overpowered...

    Lebanese man proposes using unexploded Israeli shell: The Soul of Egypt has overpowered that of Judea:
  103. Egon

    Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

    Putin here obviously paints the Kremlin as innocent in all this, but the exposure of inner workings of western politics and NATO bringing about corruption of European countries, expansion and NWO is chilling: The part about Donbas is specially true, with NATO promoting jewish "neo-nazi"...
  104. Egon

    Practical martial arts

    These look better in movies but go with Muay Thai instead, you will achieve more with less. It is as @Voice of Enki [JG] said, read his posts carefully.
  105. Egon

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    Rabbi claims they weren't doing anything weird down there, they were just chanting subliminal messages to make goyim believe jooz are the chosen ones: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gQhs44yWiyKZ
  106. Egon

    Question #3945: War and Slavery in the Ancient World

    The same as it ever was for people during the downfall of humanity since the Gods exited Earth: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/why-did-the-vikings-worship-the-norse-gods-odin-satan-but-raped-women-in-every-village-they-pillaged.66139/#post-309058 Why Alexander the Great expanded...
  107. Egon

    Concentrar Tua Mente Nos Objectivos; Evitar a Poluição Cerebral

    Muitas pessoas não têm uma base sólida e perguntam-se sobre coisas aleatórias que não têm grande valor na realidade. O inimigo usa isto para nos manipular com televisão e videogames em excesso, como alguns exemplos. Deixar a imaginação voar ajuda a ativar o lado direito do cérebro e pode ajudar...
  108. Egon

    Antiguos Sermones del Sumo Sacerdote Hooded Cobra 666

    I did not understand your report.
  109. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    I don't know if you guys are talking about the same thing/aware about this, but linking to a specific message to our forum in Bitchute will link to the homepage instead, so I figured out link shorteners work just fine. Also a bump to the matter of adding Bitchute and Odyssee - and I also forgot...
  110. Egon

    Meme warfare

    The niggative IQ of anti-White monkeys: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6JP4ldva9DyI
  111. Egon

    Question #1504: Can me and my husband do Onlyfans

    Part of your income there will be going to Israel's biggest lobby in America, and any other porn site to host your content is going to use your renting for promoting other jewish agendas like pushing trannies for boys, and deals with the Feds to be silent about sex trafficking. OnlyFans Owner...
  112. Egon

    Question #3422: White Americans prior to Siberan ("Native Americans")?

    Sorry for the late response, here it is: https://www.renegadetribune.com/the-vinlanders-book-review Some other sources on this go to far like jew Robert Sepehr, or Gentile Arthur Kemp who one should take with grains of salt affirming everything was Aryan or whatever (in a certain way it was...
  113. Egon

    We have 14 Gods Rituals now. (post version...

    We have 14 Gods Rituals now. (post version: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/reminder-the-gods-rituals-can-be-done-daily%E2%9A%A1.95103) One ritual for the Gods a day keeps the jew away; First week Sun day (enlightenment): Azazel Moon day (the occult): Abrasax Týr's day (vigor)...
  114. Egon

    Question #3885: I accidently started a sun square during aquarias what should I do?

    Complete it until the end then start another one later on a better date. Wrong dates don't make the Sun malefic it just makes the square a little weaker than it could be but it still better than nothing, so long you make your affirmations and goals clear.
  115. Egon

    Question #3890: Am I a deranged Kike or a spiritually attacked Gentile?

    Disturbing thoughts will come and go to anyone who deals with the soul, like dust will burst out of a house that has never been cleaned before. If you are empowering or cleaning your soul, these can be amplified. That is why cleaning is important and not just dumping power into the soul, as you...
  116. Egon

    Question #3896: I am such an embarrassment!

    Sun Squares will increase your self appreciation exponentially, and you should also clean your soul a lot from what it seems. Mercury Squares will help with your education and grammar. When doing a Mercury Square/magical working for increasing your intellect, you can definitely couple it with...
  117. Egon

    Question #3898: blitzkrieg, nakedpluto or any high level ss can help me?

    Do many Sun Squares. Sun rules over health and willpower. Mars will help your willpower as well. Sun Square thread: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=76205 About Magical Workings and Affirmations: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=81236 Do Rituals for Valefor...
  118. Egon

    Question #3899: My soul is weak, very weak

    Do many Sun Squares. Sun deals with personal power, health, willpower etc. Mars will help your willpower as well. Combat sports, self defense, and the proper cultivation of Mars: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/combat-sports-self-defense-and-the-proper-cultivation-of-mars.89196...
  119. Egon

    Meme warfare

    No meme needed...
  120. Egon

    Folk song from Lesvos, Greece: [MEDIA]

    Folk song from Lesvos, Greece:
  121. Egon

    Wolven Storm - Polish, French & Russian: [MEDIA] [MEDIA] [MEDIA]

    Wolven Storm - Polish, French & Russian:
  122. Egon

    A Ukrainian Model’s Crowning As “Miss Japan” Shows The Spread Of Liberal-Globalism In Asia

    A Ukrainian Model’s Crowning As “Miss Japan” Shows The Spread Of Liberal-Globalism In Asia By Andrew Korybko Jan. 27, 2024 From the perspective of Japan’s historically conservative-nationalist society, ethnic ancestry – not citizenship, language, or culture – is the crucial prerequisite for...
  123. Egon

    Ritual de Thoth DISPONÍVEL! [28/Jan até 5/Fev]

    Quase todos são como está escrito, a linha “A, MA, GOH’D”, esse H é como se fosse "Gorréd" sem o "é", então se estressa o "rr" como "carro", pelo menos foi como entendi pelo que o SS Hooded explicou. Todo outro "R" sozinho é rolando a língua como no "trololó".
  124. Egon

    Homeric Hymn to Thoth/Hermes: [MEDIA]

    Homeric Hymn to Thoth/Hermes:
  125. Egon

    Ritual de Thoth DISPONÍVEL! [28/Jan até 5/Fev]

    Saudações a toda a nossa Família Satânica. Tenho muito orgulho em anunciar a todos vós o Ritual do nosso Deus Thoth. Esse Ritual será de suma importância no futuro, pois a importância de Thoth é uma das mais altas do nosso Panteão. Todos os Deuses reverenciam e respeitam muito o Senhor Thoth e...
  126. Egon

    The song about native land: [MEDIA]

    The song about native land:
  127. Egon

    Movie on Whites vs Rapefugees: [MEDIA] Анастасія Слуцкая (Anastasiya Slutskaya, aka Princess...

    Movie on Whites vs Rapefugees: Анастасія Слуцкая (Anastasiya Slutskaya, aka Princess Slutskaya) - Belarusian movie about abrahamist sub-human invasion and attempted genocide of the White Rus people ("Bela-Rus" means White Rus -> Bela = White, and is also the Romance root word for "Beautiful")...
  128. Egon

    Heinrich Himmler – Racial Policy

    Racial Policy Source: NS-Europa Der Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler SS/SS-Hauptamt The development of German culture has not followed a steadily rising course. Decades of no growth are followed by periods of slow but steady progress, then new ideas suddenly appear that transform our culture in...
  129. Egon


    As someone who has wiggers in their own family who have more "Aryan" genes than a lot of people, and from history like King Harald and the Jomsvikings, I can say wiggers (white niggers) are the worst of mankind, even worse than jews since they had the superior canvas given to them by their...
  130. Egon

    Can we save our white people? What to do?

    That is statistically impossible, SPECIALLY for Russia/any Slavic Nation. The reason you "see" more of that is because when you look at those kinds of couples it is so abhorrent you over-focus on that, but the White+White couples are so common in everyday life that we forget they exist and don't...
  131. Egon

    Question #3775: Why are my questions getting ignored

    Which ones? Sometimes I just miss Ask-Satan unreplied messages as it's still a bit visually overwhelming for me, but sometimes people also expect some kinds of questions even if they are good for the person to figure out on their on, or won't answer things they aren't 100% sure for not being...
  132. Egon

    Meme warfare

    "THE REAL NAZIS 🌊" series. The best shockumentaries about the Third Reich: :ROFLMAO:
  133. Egon

    Look what good racial hygiene can do, absolutely problematic🥹: [MEDIA]

    Look what good racial hygiene can do, absolutely problematic🥹:
  134. Egon

    I think the instrument is a Qanun, same as [MEDIA]

    I think the instrument is a Qanun, same as
  135. Egon

    I'm as free as a bird now. 🦅❤️‍🔥 [MEDIA] Historical performance. The crowd makes me think of...

    I'm as free as a bird now. 🦅❤️‍🔥 Historical performance. The crowd makes me think of classical Greece for some reason. Equally excellent version with the younger brother as singer:
  136. Egon

    Reminder Jan/22 ❤️working Lembrete 22/Jan ❤️ trabalho [IMG] January 22nd, you can start a...

    Reminder Jan/22 ❤️working Lembrete 22/Jan ❤️ trabalho January 22nd, you can start a working to attract love and make family 22 de Janeiro, podes começar um trabalho para atrair amor e construir família Working / Trabalho...
  137. Egon

    Pluto Entering Aquarius: First Signs Of Satan's Era...

    There is a reply button below each message. You can also highlight a part of the text and a reply button will also pop up like
  138. Egon

    Question #3735: Some questions about HPHC and other HP's

    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is a good start. It enlightened me immensely. A few stories from HP HC: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/happy-samhain-beloved-satanic-family-and-a-joke.64221...
  139. Egon

    To Mother Nature: [MEDIA]

    To Mother Nature:
  140. Egon

    Plutão a Entrar em Aquário: Primeiros Sinais da Era de Satanás...

    Hoje é um dia histórico, pois Plutão está finalmente a entrar em Aquário. Esta será uma era de desenvolvimentos maciços, liberdade da humanidade, futurismo e muitos desenvolvimentos tecnológicos que mudarão o estilo de vida da humanidade. Como sabemos, o inimigo está sempre vigilante para...
  141. Egon

    Question #3715: Could I know the name of my succubus? Please help

    That is true I forgot to link things related to people with low self-steem that can really help them solve this issue instead of imaginary waifu replacement: For the OP: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/question-1146-why-im-so-ugly.84939/#post-437734 You should do Sun Squares, and...
  142. Egon

    Question #3715: Could I know the name of my succubus? Please help

  143. Egon

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    It's never been just about women, people in general (Whites in particular, and East Asians) and specially men who became manchild and by that discourage women from trusting men to be fathers (they use harmful anti-fertility pills because many are afraid men won't wanna have sex with them if...
  144. Egon

    Yesterday I did groceries and the bill was "14.88"🙋🏽‍♂️

    Yesterday I did groceries and the bill was "14.88"🙋🏽‍♂️
  145. Egon

    Prayer to the Devil Father

    You can talk to him directly by focusing on his Sigil and feeling. You can do the Ritual to honor him: https://old.josrituals.org/Demons/Satan_Absolution_Ritual.html And his Psalm: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/satans-day-ritual-dec-21st-to-dec-25th-happy-solstice-yule.80452
  146. Egon

    [MEDIA] A patriotic Serb song composed in Corfu, Greece, that was played at Nikola Tesla's funeral.

    A patriotic Serb song composed in Corfu, Greece, that was played at Nikola Tesla's funeral.
  147. Egon

    Question #3660: A question about my race.

    Read what I quoted here: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/biokinesis-and-race-preservation-of-indo-aryans-and-other-sub-races.93157/#post-483676 I'm talking about out of the ordinary traits from another race like lighter skin in non-Whites or dark hair/eyes in Whites, not a mixing to...
  148. Egon

    Question #3702: Iranian race

    Iranians aren't Europeans: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/mixed-race-people-arabs-and-white-yezidis.18382 At least not for many centuries now, most modern DNA papers on race are bullshit. Iranians can go with other West Asians, maybe Indians who look White (both come from the...
  149. Egon

    What are some good spiritual satanist artists

    You have a lot of study to do then, read all the following: [PDF] How to Recognize and Identify a Jew [Part 1] [PDF] How to Recognize and Identify a Jew [Part 2] [PDF] How to Recognize and Identify a Jew [Part 3] https://kabbalahexposed.com https://blacksun666.org/Heinrich_Himmler.html
  150. Egon

    Music thread

    Some of the greatest concerts out there:
  151. Egon

    What are some good spiritual satanist artists

    No one knows, and if someone knew then they should shut their mouth. You don't want your favorite artists to be exposed as SS and cursed by rabbis, "Do not mention my name nor my attributes, lest ye regret it; for ye do not know what those who are without may do."
  152. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    I presumed as much, that is why I suggested expanding the approved sites if that's a thing. Maybe another option could be embedding the link to a literal video file that one uploads somewhere else as links to video files ending in .mp4, .mkv and such.
  153. Egon

    Asanas + Mantras

    I found this post by HP HC where he mentions the Shiva Samhita: Reposting HPS Lydia's topic on yoga: https://ancient-forums.com/index.php?threads/yoga-growing-your-home-practice.63804/#post-289449
  154. Egon

    Biokinesis and Race Preservation of Indo-Aryans and other Sub-races

    Blonde hair, green eyes and lighter skin in brown people is an out of the curve singularity that comes from mixing - like dark hair, brown eyes and sometimes tan skin in White people is from a bit of mixing with non-Whites. https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18382 ⬆️ That is...
  155. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Works for me. Look forward for the search function. The media function, if possible, could include embedding alt sites like Odysee and Bitchute, and even better, enabling us to upload videos here.
  156. Egon


  157. Egon


  158. Egon

    Was gaahl from gorgoroth a spiritual satanist

    No, he practices Norse Shamanism like his friend in Wardruna. Although he rejected associations with Satanism later for the same reasons as Varg does, it's still way better than any false and kike controlled "paganism" or "satanism". He also said based things about Hitler, and against...
  159. Egon

    What's Currently Still Being Fixed After Migration

    Using the main Search function doesn't seen work to find content in replies, only main threads, specifically. This problem of old links seems mostly fixed but only for topic links - linking to old replies like the one is that example still do not work. Sometimes linking to an old reply will...
  160. Egon

    Why is Zeus above Poseidon?

    As HP HC said Satan isn't just Poseidon but also Dionysus and Hephaestus, and "all the Gods". The Gods in the written myths are "Personas", and things they rule, and 90% not the literal accounts of the physical Deity. For example Satan as Lucifer is Venus but his daughter Astarte is also Venus...
  161. Egon


  162. Egon

    Question #3660: A question about my race.

    You should go with another Asian. Spiritual eugenics is highly advanced, you aren't ready to successfully alter your DNA at this point in time, this is nothing to worry about though, just accept the way you are.
  163. Egon

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    Nailed it, I think we posted at the same time but I've said that above. Model is on the link in the beginning of the topic. I want to experiment with Caravaggio's style as well.
  164. Egon


    Custa tempo e energia quando se poderia usar runas para atrair dinheiro sólido ou um relacionamento/família.
  165. Egon

    Jews Caught In Underground Tunnels In New York City

    And then they get expelled over 100 times from more than 90 countries for no reason whatsoever. A courageous modern masterpiece, Martirio di San Simonino da Trento, by Giovanni Gasparro.
  166. Egon

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    You can just write in the prompt "in the style of Botticelli", using the model I linked for more precision. It might be possible to fix this by adding details later but it costs more credits and might take many attempts for the AI to get it right. On that note I tried telling the AI to make...
  167. Egon

    Satan in Chinese and Japanese

    The hanzi/kanji for "Resurrection" is 再誕 - it means and reads the same in Chinese as in Japanese: Saitan/Zàidàn. @STanBlank @GuangXia_666 @Nagaraja I found that through the title of a RHP book, "Buddah Saitan" (as you can guess, "The Rebirth of Buddah") - although obviously they don't own...
  168. Egon


  169. Egon


  170. Egon

    再誕 • ᚹᛟᛞᚨᚾᚨᛋ • शाथाञ ⬆️

    再誕 • ᚹᛟᛞᚨᚾᚨᛋ • शाथाञ ⬆️
  171. Egon


    No links from before work anymore, I can't cross-reference with existing messages so replies where people sent existing sermons etc. like for example in Ask-Satan, the sermons I referenced before won't work, for example...
  172. Egon

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    Races of Mixed People: https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=85707 There are literally tens of millions of tri-racial browns in the world to go with. Sorry but I think you are completely wrong, you should re-read the sermon. It is time for people to snap out of platonic bullshit that...
  173. Egon

    Free Powerful Uncensored AI tool to make graphics

    Some wallpapers I did using AI via https://tensor.art It lets you create uncensored graphics however you like via prompts or through editing existing pictures. It gives you free 100 credits a day to spend depending on how much complex quality factors you add in. You have to chose a model to...
  174. Egon

    Wallpaper recommend

    Some I did using AI via https://tensor.art SFW Alternative With Sigils: Aspects of Astarte: Originals: Lilith: Example of Img2Img function to prompt from the existing picture of Father Satan on the JoS website:
  175. Egon

    Succubi/Incubi Cowardly Bunk

    Absolutely true and based. That and "I will deny anyone who might be compatible with me but never heard of the Joy of Satan, and will only expect near High Priest level of commitment to fall in love with me". I'm glad I used logic and guidance from the Gods to get me out of that mindset soon...
  176. Egon


    No, we do not condone any meetings in person, and any "Church" or "Temple" of Satan has nothing to do with the real Satan or the Joy of Satan. Meanwhile you can participate in this community and read the main JoS website and Blacks for Satan website. Joy of Satan website...
  177. Egon

    Question #3618: Depression and victim sexual abuse

    Tell them to read and apply what is in this post: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?p=467672#p467672
  178. Egon

    Question #3606: A beginner in Satanism

    You need to do the Dedication Ritual: https://www.joyofsatan.org/SATANIC.html Then you need to start a meditation program: https://satanslibrary.org/hp_hooded_cobra_40_day_meditation_program.pdf Starting Guide For New Satanists: https://satanslibrary.org/English/Starting_Guide_For_New_SS.pdf
  179. Egon

    Question #3596: Dealing with innate mediocrity and hopelessness

    You need to cultivate Mars energy by going to the gym and/or practicing a martial art: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=89196 After your physical session instead of a standard stretching you go home and do the hatha yoga session: https://satanslibrary.org/Yoga_Routine.html...
  180. Egon

    Question #3586: Радость сатаны и [CENSORED] [The Joy of Satan and [CENSORED]]

    Stay away from groups on Telegram, Discord or Whatsapp. These are usually government honey pots to get activist young White people framed, and destroy their future and image. They might even plant evidence for terrorism and pedophilia should they get an excuse to confiscate your PC and devices.
  181. Egon

    Uma duvida curiosa

    Este sub-fórum não é pra postar perguntas épara perguntas anónimas pelo site https://ask-satan.net por favor uma vez que já tem usuário aqui poste tuas perguntas no fórum em português: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewforum.php?f=9 Sim eu acho que pode ser sinal de vidas passadas, ou estás...
  182. Egon

    Reminder / Lembrete ❤️ (27/Dec)

    Wouldn't put that to chance, or presume anything, even though that might make sense consciously. Such as in the genie of the lamp analogy that HPS Maxine told before about not being vague on what you wish.
  183. Egon

    Movies, games, series

    I think you will like Noragami. It is a Shinto anime with personified versions of the Myths about the Gods. Short and with not too much violence, and no NSFW. I have mostly stopped consuming any entertainment, and wouldn't watch or recommend anything longer than this.
  184. Egon

    Reminder / Lembrete ❤️ (27/Dec)

    Absolutely true. Think in these terms: what good is it that you and me have grown out of this "muh perfect relationship with succubus with no disturbance on muh super advanced practices with no disturbance on muh ideologies" bullshit, on getting out of that mindset, to accept an earthling...
  185. Egon

    Reminder / Lembrete ❤️ (27/Dec)

    I totally get it, but realistically speaking we are not at such high Levels to make such demands. If we put such demands based on our standards we would end up childless anyway like Step One as if we never talked about these things. Procreating our people and making stable families is a more...
  186. Egon

    Question #840: Need help

    Posts about money: Using words of power: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Words-of-Power.html Career (Important): https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9790 Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...
  187. Egon

    Question #3535: adult life

    Posts about money: Using words of power: https://satanisgod.org/www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Words-of-Power.html Your financial patterns are keeping you poor: https://www.ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=82267 Sun Square thread...
  188. Egon

    Oskar Dirlewanger - The Most Bullshitted Person in the Whole 3rd Reich

    The Guernica fiasco is a well known example of soviets committing the war crime of dressing up as soldiers from enemy countries. Thanks for mentioning that.
  189. Egon

    Reminder / Lembrete ❤️ (27/Dec)

    Awesome, just don't give up on it at all. Also lower your expectations on people. Even if all the child-bearing age women in this world were normies, you can still be a beacon of light in their lives to inspire them in being at least soft-core Pagans or spiritual "atheists" like many Russians...
  190. Egon

    Fuck The Mob

  191. Egon

    Reminder / Lembrete ❤️ (27/Dec)

    Reminder 27/12 Home, family, women, food, nurturing, fertility and childbirth, love, mediumship, psychic endeavors, land, real estate, AoP Lembrete 27/12: Casa, família, mulheres, alimentação, nutrição, fertilidade e parto, amor, mediunidade, esforços psíquicos, terra, propriedade, Aura de...
  192. Egon

    Oskar Dirlewanger - The Most Bullshitted Person in the Whole 3rd Reich

    I meant by the gravity of over the top accusations, as if the writers of history where like "how can we out-edge everything we accused Hitler of, in fewer sentences?", for anyone who goes further into studying WWII and specially the history of opposition to bolshevism, or for people in Eastern...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan