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  1. tandt

    Doubt & Disbelief: Spiritual Satanism

    Joy of Satan Home sweet Home!! Thank you HP, your knowledge is applicable in all areas of life
  2. tandt

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Perfect perfect perfect!! Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters!! Hail Satan forever!!
  3. tandt

    Important Notice: Members Allowed to Apply

    Hello, i am willing to join this project, thanks in advance
  4. tandt

    Controlling Over-Analyzing Mind; Strengthening Creative Mind

    Thank you so much Hps. Thanks a lot I Also look forward to learn more on using stones and herbs. I am really interested, maybe you can suggest a book. Thanks a lot
  5. tandt

    Faith In The Gods - No Matter What

    Thanks you HP for this great sermon. I found this to be really motivating.
  6. tandt

    Does a man ask the woman out?

    You can create more opportunities for him you ask out. For example ask him to help you with something where you are only two. The other way is to show him that if he delays you can be taken by other guys. Maybe that will push him to act fast. But after all, my opinion is its the guy that...
  7. tandt

    Write Down Your Problems

    Areas i need insight: 1. Since i am still not yet married, i want to know if marriage will not wreck my spiritual progress. Its most likely will not find SS partner, i am afraid that it will affect the way i do my meditations since i have to hide this. This troubles me a lot. I want to have...
  8. tandt

    Zarathustra's Wheel.

    We truly are a family. I can feel you through your writings. Hail Satan, our Father
  9. tandt

    Bullying, Physical Abuse (for students etc)

    Thank you HPS for such a great sermon. This will truly save our young people facing such problems
  10. tandt

    Making Use Of The Path In Two Simple Steps

    Simple , straightforward and easy to grasp. Thank you HP for the sermon
  11. tandt

    Question #4188: Libido during meditation

    The sexual energies can be circulated in the soul and programmed. The Ascending Energy meditation can be applied.
  12. tandt

    Question #3713: very shit life & idk know what do about it

    Try to come up with a meditation program and stick to that. Just by doing that for few months, you should notice some changes. Alongside, do workings to improve your situation. You will be fine brother
  13. tandt

    Question #2473: Happy birthday to me...

    Hope you are doing good 😊
  14. tandt

    My father is very sick

    Very sorry, my the Gods comfort you in these difficult times
  15. tandt

    Conclusions before the great storm - CHAPTER 17 – FAMILY AND CHILDREN

    Thanks a lot for taking your time to write on such an important topic. Honestly, this topic of family gave me confusion. Its true that a family is important, but for me, the question was always of balance. How can one maintain balance between career, spiritual path( mediations) and raising a...
  16. tandt

    Help with Full moon on our calender

    Thank you so much HPS Lydia. Thanks a lot, you have helped me.
  17. tandt

    Help with Full moon on our calender

    Hello brothers and sisters. My question is how long does a full moon lasts. Is it the whole day or minutes ? . I am worried about doing a white magic working on the warning phase of the moon. For example the moon is in Leo the whole day and on that day the full moon is at 13:00 pm. And on this...
  18. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    Sure , thanks
  19. tandt

    Spiritual Satanism: For An Evolved Society

    Thank you for such an enlightening post. I liked especially about fighting the enemy within, thats the biggest battle. Thank you HP
  20. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    Thank you Voice of Enki
  21. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    Thank you
  22. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    Thank you
  23. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    People come to Spiritual Satanism at different spiritual levels due to past lives, be patient with yourself
  24. tandt

    Believe in the Gods

    Thank you
  25. tandt


    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. So do you have a separate room for your mediations and rituals coz i think it will be difficult to meditate with someone looking at you
  26. tandt

    Help me

    Void media an still be done with your eyes open. As with mediations, just continue mediations, all those things will go away with time
  27. tandt

    So i was and officialy still am an jehova witness but i need help because i dont know what to do.;-;

    Come to Father Satan and heal your self. Xianity destroys and you are about to make a very positive decision in joining us. For now make sure you read the JOS site thoroughly and if you have questions feel free to ask here, we will guide you. But dedicate as soon as possible and start...
  28. tandt

    Question #3635: magic squares with runes

    Squares are very powerful, you should try them
  29. tandt


    Those with spouses who are not SS, how do you manage it, that is keeping tour privacy and caring for them at the same time
  30. tandt


    Great changes, its so good
  31. tandt

    Spiritual Satanism: The True Religion That Is Pro Humanity

    Yesterday, alone in my room, i though deeply on how beautiful Spiritual Satanism is. A path that allows us to grow, to become better and better and better. I smiled and felt blissful, as I realized how lucky am i to walk this path. I am immensely in love with this path!!
  32. tandt

    Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

    Congratulations to all our Guardians, you are doing such a wonderful job. May the Gods bless you
  33. tandt

    How do you visualise a rune in black magick? And also colour?

    You can condense the energy into a ball in front of you, vibrate the specific runes into it, program it and then direct the energy into the person. Don’t connect with the energy in black magic. Remember evocation and invocation. For color, you can work with white-gold, a very powerful color
  34. tandt

    THE NEW JOY OF SATAN WEBSITE LAYOUT IS NOW LIVE! [Update 2 - Changelog 15/Dec/2023]

    The page looks really good, especially the pictures are amazing. The vibes are really good
  35. tandt

    Improving As A Man

    That’s very true, our Gods are always with us both in times of happiness and sorrow. Thank you for sharing such a deeply touching story of your life and i am happy you made it through May the Gods bless you
  36. tandt


    Amazing artwork of the Gods. It’s beautiful
  37. tandt

    Improving As A Man

    Your signature touches me deeply
  38. tandt

    The Right And Wrong Spirit Of The World

    Thanks you HP for this wonderful sermon.
  39. tandt

    Spiritual Reset Day / Dopamine Detox Day

    Thank you so much High Priestess Lydia for such an eye opening sermon. Its true, that a lot of our time is being wasted on useless things. That’s a great reminder, thanks a lot.Very helpful.
  40. tandt

    Improving As A Man

    Thank you Hp, the sermon came at the right time for me as i am going through challenges. Thanks for your words of wisdom
  41. tandt

    Staying On The Straight Path To The Gods

    Through difficult times through good times, meditation is always the answer. Thank you Hp for this wonderful sermon.
  42. tandt

    November: Ancestors, Departed Loved Ones

    Thanks you for a wonderful post. It worries me every times i try to have feelings for a departed one, I connected with them and ending up having to clean my aura again, the same happens to real people, i pick up their dross
  43. tandt

    The JoS Has A New High Priestess

    Congratulations High priestess Lydia
  44. tandt

    Request for Musical Talent

    Maybe if we can add, just a violin, it will be a perfect piece. This sounds great snd matured
  45. tandt

    Request for Musical Talent

    Your song is good. You did it so well, that voice is amazing, is that your voice?
  46. tandt


    Thank you HP for the great work you did.
  47. tandt

    Global Forest "Fires" That Are Ongoing

    Thank you HP for this important sermon, its an eye opener
  48. tandt

    How Gods Think: Why Doesn't Beelzebul Or Satan Tell "Me" The Lottery?

    Thank you for these words of wisdom HP. The more we advance the more we get to understand certain things.
  49. tandt

    Magick, Meditation & Your Destiny

    Very enlightening sermon, thank you. Some people fall under the illusion that people outside there are okay, they don’t mediate and they appear to be happy and all going well. Yet that’s totally not the reality. People are broken down from the inside and this manifest in their behavior such as...
  50. tandt

    Are You Blessed?

    Sometimes i think deeply and realize the beauty of the knowledge we possess. The inner peace and high level of existence we feel. Ooooh this path is beautiful. How about the calm feeling you get after performing the Demonic Rituals. The overall change that has taken place, its like you are a...
  51. tandt

    Joy of Satan Websites Offline Archive Updated

    I want to thank you brother for these offline websites. They are really helpful to me. Now i can safely travel knowing i have all my rituals and the whole Joy of Satan website wherever i go even there is no internet, i can still access our valuable knowledge. You helped me and i thank you.
  52. tandt

    Relations Between Spiritual Satanists: Clarifying The Subject

    Very enlightening sermon, Thank you HP
  53. tandt

    The Devil Is Your Friend

    Our Gods are wonderful. Thank you HP for this sermon
  54. tandt

    The Devil Is Your Friend

    Our Gods are wonderful. Thank you HP for this sermon
  55. tandt

    Question #1352: some music and negativity

    I thought i was alone feeling this. Even some people if i have feelings for them, I immediately feel their dross. It sucks. The same goes for music aswell. It all has to do with the higher level your mind will be working on. The more we advance, the more sensitive we become to energies.
  56. tandt


    Thank you HP for this wonderful and powerful ritual for our Great Lord JANUS
  57. tandt

    Follow Your Heart

    Thank you for your very encouraging words HP
  58. tandt

    Satan's Library: 2023 Major Update

    Thank you brothers and sisters for such an important work. May the Gods bless you all
  59. tandt

    Contributing to JoS: Here's What You Can Do

    For some of us who can write, creating a blog site would be a great idea. Through Facebook, you can share your stories, and through this, you can put the JoS website and reach thousands of people in no time. The best way to go about this is to create an account without known Satanic Symbols...
  60. tandt

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    Its amazing how most of us are reporting the same thing. I just felt it that something was coming a day before😃 Hail Satan
  61. tandt

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    I suggest you take time to read the joy of Satan website: www.joyofsatan.org
  62. tandt

    Joy Of Satan - Ritual Schedule March 6 to March 17 [SECOND RITUAL UP]

    Vibrate the whole paragraph that’s 1 time, vibrate again the whole paragraph for the second time that’s 2 round, and continue up until you reach the 9th round and the proceed to the affirmations. Aum “ affirmation” Aum that's one round. You do the stated rounds
  63. tandt

    Open Thank You Letter to JoS 5 Years of Satanism

    Congratulations, that’s good news
  64. tandt

    The Subconscious Mind And Its Role In Manifesting Our Reality

    A very helpful and well written post. Thank you a lot.
  65. tandt

    Your financial patterns are keeping you poor...

    Thank you for this very helpful post
  66. tandt

    Preliminary Ritual Schedule Before New Release - 29th Jan / 2nd of February

    No you don’t send bad energy to the gods because you have a flu. Ignore those thoughts of your energy being bad as this can result in cursing yourself. Just clean your aura and do the ritual.
  67. tandt

    Why You Must Never Give Up In Life As A Spiritual Satanist

    A very motivating post. Thank you Hp. We all have problems but the best way is to face and deal with them. I see most outsiders, they think beer is a solution, but this will only add problems on top of the other. Your post made realize how lucky am i to find this amazing place and the Gods...
  68. tandt

    Receiving Gifts From The Gods - A Lesson In Gratitude

    Thank you for such a great post Our Father Satan is always there for us. There were times when i was worried but i learnt that even if you are going through difficult times, never forget the Gods. Both times of misery and Happiness, there are always with us
  69. tandt

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    Just a bit out of topic, but brothers and sisters, isn’t it wiser to marry after the first Saturn return?
  70. tandt

    To Young Men In The Forum

    Thanks @ Brandonn
  71. tandt

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    Also, one can use the “more meditations that workings” approach to make life easier. Doing too many workings in an environment that is full of disturbances can be challenging. Jus make sure your program contains what you can handle.
  72. tandt

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    Also, one can use the “more meditations that workings” approach to make life easier. Doing too many workings in an environment that is full of disturbances can be challenging. Jus make sure your program contains what you can handle.
  73. tandt

    Dealing With The Extrenal World As A Spiritual Satanist

    I’ve seen the Gods supporting around this. There are times when we are in difficult situations that we can’t even meditate, I’ve seen opportunities coming up, people leaving you and ending up having enough privacy and such. I think everyone of us should have a life time simple ritual that work...
  74. tandt

    To Young Men In The Forum

    Great post for the young guys here. But, its also my wish for those with partners who are not SS, to share their advice and guidance and also potential challenges. I know that sometimes it’s difficult to get a wife or husband who is a SS, so i’d like to know how to deal with those situations...
  75. tandt

    Question #210: my porn stash

    Delete delete delete and thats it. Porn ruins life.
  76. tandt

    2023 - SS CALENDARS [Update: Hungaryan Calendars Ready]

    Thank you all brothers and sisters for such a wonderful and very important calendar. This calendar makes my life easy Hail Satan and Happy Yule season you all Stay blessed
  77. tandt


    Happy Yule everyone!! Lets enjoy and indulge!! Hail Satan!!
  78. tandt

    When Satan Speaks He Says The Truth - The GOLDEN Opportunity

    Thank you for this great reminder. In this world is easy to get carried away with its nonsense and negativity, but we always have to remember that we have a great opportunity in front of us. Hail Satan and all our Gods forever and ever
  79. tandt

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 3: Precession and the Ages

    Great post, and i am enjoying reading the website on your signature, its very helpful and revealing for us blacks…….a sign that the race awakening ritual is working well, i just started seriously checking it this period of the schedule Thanks a lot
  80. tandt

    The Benefits of Trance

    After a very busy day, just after coming back home, i came across this post and i did the trance meditation, i felt so much relief, my mind was fully refreshed. Thank you so much Lydia for such a wonderful and helpful post. Hail Satan
  81. tandt

    Is going to the psychologist bad?

    I have also experienced such a period, but for me, the problem vanished at last, and that was a result of bad planets. It will pass with time and i don’t think a psychologist is necessary, but you can still go though. I remember very well, this problem took me close to a year. It was...
  82. tandt

    On Money Management

    Walking down the streets, i see people racing like rats, in all directions “chasing money”. They dint have time, to manage and to take care of other important aspects of life, and I’m talking of basic things like reading and taking care of loved ones. So obsessed with chasing money, to an extent...
  83. tandt

    "I Know More Than You" & Denial - Team Spirit - Be Thankful

    I appreciate your words if wisdom. Together we can achieve more. Our Gods, regardless of that we are way less in all aspects compared to them, they still stretch their hands, listening to our worries and take good care of us. Considering that only, its a complete lesson we all should learn from...
  84. tandt


    Your work is greatly appreciated, this knowledge is deep and very revealing. Thank you HP Cobra
  85. tandt

    You're Not Taking Advantage of Your Power as a Satanist

    Truly beautiful post, its very inspiring and thank you brother
  86. tandt

    Dedication and Devotion to Father Satan

    The love and patience of the Gods is amazing and deeply touching. Things can be hard sometimes but Father will always be on our side. Thank you for your post HP
  87. tandt

    Kanye West: Shut Down For Being "Anti-Semitic" [UPDATE: Kanye Missing?]

    I just saw his interview, that guy knows whats going on, and he is not crazy. I hope he will soon find out about Christianity and its also good to see our rituals working
  88. tandt

    A Story From My Life: A Short Story On Bullying

    Trying to avoid trouble can be helpful. Last year i almost got arrested due to violence. But thanks to the Gods, they protected me, and this situation was a result of a very negative planetary transit. However, there are a lot of negative people out there, at home or work place. I have found...
  89. tandt

    Drama: JoS Is Not Responsible For External Drama - Remain SAFE [Updated]

    This is the place. If you want to learn, to grow, and empower your self, all the tools one needs are here and more and more will be revealed as you advance. Thank you Hp for this wonderful reminder
  90. tandt

    Introduction to Astrology, Lesson 2: The Seasons

    Much appreciated, thank you fir your great posts brother
  91. tandt

    A Secret About Satan's Name : Satan Is God

    😂😂😂😂 you made me laugh, i would also love such a sport
  92. tandt

    Spiritual Satanism: Away From "Evil"

    Wonderful sermon Hp, there is a lot of wisdom in your sermon. It all makes it clear for those with little understanding if what truly Spiritual Satanism is and those confused ones. Satanism is about rising and rising and rising. Im in love with this path❤️❤️ The all our Gods and Goddesses of hell
  93. tandt

    Yoga Posts

    Thank you Lydia, for your great posts on yoga, they are very helpful
  94. tandt


    I’m in love with this…..the posts are exciting and very helpful
  95. tandt

    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    Special thanks to the brothers and sisters who did this amazing work. I want you to know that, your efforts makes our lives easy. May the Gods reward you Thank you, your love for this community is amazing Hail Satan
  96. tandt

    Why I Trust Only In Joy of Satan and Satan Himself, and the Gods, Brothers and Sisters

    I want to be in this path forever and ever. Hail our beloved Father Satan
  97. tandt

    Guilt? Depression?

    There is much joy and happiness in advancing and growing one’s self. Setting goals and focusing on improving your own life is very rewarding and makes us better people. The “you” of today should be better than that of yesterday. The world right now is full of broken people and these people they...
  98. tandt

    How Is A Real Cult? The Story Of A Real Cult - Post By Tabby

    I want to comment on the Jehovah’s witnesses. My mom and my Father were Johovah’s witnesses. I remember being beaten up and dragged to church when i was a kid. Hours of boring bible study. It was horrific. My Father even now is saying he regrets it that i went to university to persue my studies...
  99. tandt

    For Those Who Don’t Like, Or Don’t Know How, To Exercise

    Today I started my jogging routine, what na amazing feeling i got😎. Honestly combining this with power meditations and yoga will take your existence to another level. I also made it a point that i stay hydrated and also eat fruits and other healthy meals… this is doing a lot for me, even my...
  100. tandt

    If You Know, You Know: More About Mistakes

    One thing i have learned in this path is Satanism is like climbing a ladder. You pass and then move on to the next step. Sometimes certain situations pass by to test us and to teach us lessons. The best think is to learn and avoid worrying, blaming or staying stagnant. Lets keep moving and i...
  101. tandt

    Gods That Were Human - Guides To Humanity & "Hell"

    Great post with very important message. Hail Father Satan
  102. tandt

    Astral Parasites & The Aura

    I suggest you do the Aop and meditations. Meditations raises your level of existence( especially advanced chakra spin). With consistent you will reach a level were you will not be affected by outsiders and have intense peace and calmness. Just stick to your meditation program. Also programing...
  103. tandt

    What can I do to improve my discipline?

    Besides spirituality, you can try to plan your activities try ti stick to them. Reward yourself after the accomplishment. This will make your brain associates accomplishing and rewards.
  104. tandt

    Benefits of Spiritual Warfare

    Thank you Naked Pluto. This is very motivating
  105. tandt

    GROUP RITUAL: HONORING ABRASAX [July 23rd to August 3rd]

    Im having bad planets, but when i just looked at the sigil, i felt relieved 😌
  106. tandt

    Joy of Satan Sites & Translations: STEADILY UPWARDS! - UPDATES, NEW SITES, CONTACT US [22nd August Progress 2022!]

    This is wonderful to see our Family growing like this. May the Gods bless all those who participated in this. Hail Satan
  107. tandt


    Thank you Fuchs, that helps a lot and its simple
  108. tandt

    Fostering The Satanic Mentality: Your Actions and The Gods

    This post has all the keys we need to achieve in life. I have learnt that talk is cheap and acting is where many people fails. A habit of finishing what you have started is rewarding in so many ways. What a very wonderful and motivating post, thank you HP Cobra.
  109. tandt

    Creating balance and harmony

    Creating balance and harmony In this universe there are both terrible and wonderful things. The negative aspects of life will drive us to evolve and rise to higher levels. There is death, pain, suffering, losses and at the same time there are good things in life. Now we have the enemy. This...
  110. tandt


    I have tried to put it in a fun way. Some of us are formally employed and others are still going to school. Some may feel it difficult to handle both doing spiritual warfare and other social issues. Those serious in spiritual warfare know that sometimes it feels like the enemy always have...
  111. tandt


    Thank you for clarifying things, I'm planning on making donations
  112. tandt

    Who are you? Retrospection and Questions to ask yourself

    A very encouraging post brother….this path is truly beautiful Hail Satan!!
  113. tandt

    "Former Jehovah's Witness/Catholic seeking the truth" - HP Cobra Answers

    Fuck the Jehovah’s Witness. My mom and Dad were jehovah’s Witness and they used ti drag me to this mortuary. One day my mom fell sick and she lost a lot of blood. They refused to do blood transfusion because its a “sin” to get blood transfusion. My mom died and i left without a mom because if...
  114. tandt

    One Year as a Spiritual Satanist

    Great post😀😀 wish you the best on this path. Hail Satan
  115. tandt

    BEELZEBUL'S RITUAL: BLESS UP FOR THE SATANIC NEW YEAR! (30th April - 10th of May Ritual Schedule)

    Hail our Mighty God Beelzebul for ever and ever. Thank you our Hp for this ritual…. For me it was the most intense ritual i have done in my life. His energy was strong and powerful. I felt a sense of power
  116. tandt

    New Satanic Year: A Prior Assesment of My Mistakes And Improvements

    I enjoy reading your posts HP. Great sermon. Hail Satan! Hail Astarte! Hail all the powers of hell!
  117. tandt

    How To Interpret & Understand The Messages Of The Gods

    Thank you for the post. In my case, sometimes when i face challenges, l love how the Gods use music to motivate me. I feel like meditation is the key for one to improve ones communication with the Gods. The more seriously you take spiritual Satanism the more the Gods “ gets closer to you” and...
  118. tandt

    Astrology: About signs on houses

    I wish you were my Maths teacher, you make things simples.....great post brother
  119. tandt

    Necromancy: Communicating With The Dead

    According to my experience, evocation is always the best and safe for starters. I invoked a soul and when she left, I contacted her negative energies. It was extremely unpleasant and I had to clean my soul for hours. The good part is she have me the answer through a dream. Also a pendulum can...
  120. tandt

    Announcement: Joy Of Satan Guardians [First Announcement Made]

    Congratulations to the mentioned members, that's a very good development the JoS has made, this will make us more organized.
  121. tandt

    Just talk to Satan

    I liked your post, it's beautiful
  122. tandt

    The "Pandemic" Recap - Going Into 2022: Games The Enemy Plays - Waking Up To Them

    To add, these days are difficult and some of our own here may begin to panic. Just like a working, energy may be built in the astral and the the event will occur after being triggered by a transit. There are workings I did and forget about them, only to see them manifesting months later after...
  123. tandt

    The "Pandemic" Recap - Going Into 2022: Games The Enemy Plays - Waking Up To Them

    I think people will suffer seriously and then that's when they will realize the whole game and start reacting. Darkest times are coming, right now we are doing what we are doing to reduce the damage, but great suffering for humanity is unavoidable.
  124. tandt

    Happy New Unstoppable Year - Advancing Into 2022

    Wish you all my Satanic brothers and sisters a great 2022. Let's stay strong, the journey is long and we are already making it, we are growing and becoming more and more powerful. This year I was deeply touched by the care, love and help Goddess Astarte have shown me. There are no words to...
  125. tandt


  126. tandt

    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    I still can't access the new website, im getting a blank page if I click. I'm using Safari browser, anyone who can help?
  127. tandt

    SATAN'S DAY RITUAL - 23rd to 29th Of December - Happy Yule Wishes!

    Happy Yule everyone, but where is the MP3 link for the ritual?
  128. tandt


    Our daily aura of protection when skillfully applied can be used to save us from any issue that arises within our lives. This can be time saving. For example, you do your daily Aop but today something happened, you are on a threat. By doing that same AoP but now willing and knowing that it's...
  129. tandt


    Thank you Hp Cobra, that's very informative. Hail Our Beloved Goddess Astarte forever and ever!!
  130. tandt

    [UPDATED: NEW ASTRO FEATURES 11 SEP 2022] - 2022 Joy of Satan Calendar & Joy of Satan Astrology Website NOW LIVE!

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you HP, and all my brothers and sisters for the wonderful work you did. Nothing will stop the will of Father. Hail Satan forever and ever!!
  131. tandt


    Wonderful sermon as always. Thank you Hp Cobra.
  132. tandt

    Introspective Meditation: Increasing Conscious Awareness

    This knowledge is truly life saving. Thank you HP Cobra. I did this and my mind became so clear and I became more aware of what was happening around me
  133. tandt

    Are you Fighting

  134. tandt

    JOY OF SATAN Website Update is LIVE!

    Thank you for the great job. That's amazing
  135. tandt

    Are you Fighting

    The lesson still remains the same, it's through difficult times and challenging situations we become strong and more powerful. It's not about running away but facing the situation and dealing with it. Every challenge you face is an opportunity for you to grow. We will fight forever and rise...
  136. tandt

    Advanced Spiritual Warfare: Usage Of The FRTR, Shattering And Tetra

    That's very true. Spending a few seconds meditating on their destruction makes a huge difference. It's about willing and knowing it's all happening now. It's happening now, they are dying and loosing power.
  137. tandt

    My Daily Routine

    My Daily Routine Often times, suffering is a result of ignorance and laziness. For example, you work up late and you want to go to work, then you fail to do meditations before you left and you got harassed by the enemy throughout the day, and then you demand the Gods to protect you. Is that...

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan