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  1. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4701: Question about an adult film star

    she also has a large bottom lip, very obvious jew
  2. Swabian Starlight

    Diabetes and my near death experience

    You should try asking Lord Azazel if he is your Guardian (through His sigil), and see if you notice any synchronicities throughout your day, or you may outright hear Him. A Demon helping you may not necessarily be your Guardian though, you may have just been close with Him in a past life. I'd be...
  3. Swabian Starlight

    Proper pronunciation of 'Bifrons'?

    I apologize if this has already been answered, but when I tried searching I couldn't find a conclusive answer. How do you pronounce Lord Bifrons' name? Is it 'bee frons', 'bye frons', or is it 'bih frons'? Or is it something else entirely? I would appreciate any help on this, thanks. Also...
  4. Swabian Starlight

    Homosexual relationships and "gender" roles

    I never thought of it this way, thank you. The rest of your post is excellent as well but this in particular stood out to me.
  5. Swabian Starlight

    The Ego

    It means 'non-player character', its a term that comes from tabletop/video games. Basically it means a character that someone doesn't control, and people applied this to real life people who don't think for themselves and let someone else do the thinking for them (e.g. a priest, a celebrity, a...
  6. Swabian Starlight

    Neptune in Aquarius and technology addiction

    I see this a lot as well, all of my young family members are constantly in front of screens with either tiktok or youtube and have been for pretty much their whole lives. I find it repulsive that their parents see no issue with it.
  7. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4645: Regarding games

    These games can be useful. When I was about 12 or 13 I played wolfenstein for the first time and I thought the idea of the National Socialists winning WW2 was so cool. I never really cared for doom but there was another series called 'devil may cry' and it helped open me to the idea that Demons...
  8. Swabian Starlight

    NEW GOD RITUALS LIVE: Lilith, Anubis, Furfur

    Strange, I was just about to ask for a Lilith ritual. Thank you immensely for this High Priest! Hail Mother Lilith! Hail Lord Anubis! Hail Lord Furfur!
  9. Swabian Starlight

    U.S. House Passes Antisemitism Bill

    I would be surprised if its still around 10 years from now.
  10. Swabian Starlight

    The "Anti-Semitism Bill" - A Crime Against Freedom

    They are getting desperate, we are about to win and the jews know it. Every day more and more people are waking up. Hail Satan! Sieg Heil!
  11. Swabian Starlight

    How to shatter any atheist's confidence in his belief by asking a simple question

    There is, in Human nature, it might not be in (((your))) nature though
  12. Swabian Starlight

    Wow, thank you to everyone who has liked my posts!! I greatly appreciate it! [ATTACH]

    Wow, thank you to everyone who has liked my posts!! I greatly appreciate it!
  13. Swabian Starlight

    Lilith mama

    Very beautiful
  14. Swabian Starlight


    the beings they saw took the form of serpents**
  15. Swabian Starlight


    When a group of around 100 jews tried to spiritually attack Hitler they later reported that they were mocked in their dreams saying that they would never be able to harm Hitler, they took the form of serpents.
  16. Swabian Starlight


    Really? I always wondered why the Jos Spanish site used Enki instead. That is fascinating, thank you.
  17. Swabian Starlight


    The Egyptians worshipped a serpent God named 'Sata' https://egypt-museum.com/inherkhau-worshiping-the-serpent-god-sata/ If I recall correctly, the mantra SATANAMA means 'the highest name of God is Sata', or at least, that's one of many meanings. I couldn't find anything on this, so take it...
  18. Swabian Starlight

    past life regression

    A few weeks ago I had a rather vivid dream that I was in ancient Greece, it felt more like a memory than a dream. When I was a kid I had a large interest in Greek mythology and history as well. After the dream I looked up recreations of ancient Greece and it looked very similar to what I saw...
  19. Swabian Starlight

    Happy New Satanic Year: 2024

    Wow and I thought I had a deep voice :ROFLMAO: Happy Satanic New Year!!
  20. Swabian Starlight

    Blessed Beltane everyone!! Hail Lord Beelzebul!! [ATTACH]

    Blessed Beltane everyone!! Hail Lord Beelzebul!!
  21. Swabian Starlight

    Happy Beltane, Hail Baalzebul!

    Hail Lord Baalzebul and happy Beltane everyone! Thor has always been one of my favorite Gods since I was a kid. “What a difference between the benevolent, smiling Zeus and the pain-wracked, crucified Christ.” - Joseph Goebbels
  22. Swabian Starlight

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    For a little while now I've been hearing music as I fall asleep. It starts out kind of faint but quickly becomes very loud. Its happened about 4 or 5 times in the last couple of months. The music I hear is a violin and I swear its the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Its been different each...
  23. Swabian Starlight

    My Soul Calibur Demon tributes

    It looks great, thank you!
  24. Swabian Starlight

    My Soul Calibur Demon tributes

    I'd like to see Lord Janus if you don't mind The image comes from here https://astralartsofthegods.weebly.com/
  25. Swabian Starlight

    Popular and Successful Jewish Screenwriter Goes Mask-Off

    Lord Amdusias also said "Just as the enemy has people who cannot see us, we cannot see them. However, they will manifest blatantly as we get closer to the climax of our cause." back in 2003.
  26. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4499: Eternal duality with demoness

    I don't mean to offend you, but you sound highly delusional. A Succubus doesn't create you. The only way to avoid reincarnation is to complete the Magnum Opus. Also, more than likely you are not in a relationship with a Demon, 99% of the time this is just a delusion. These types of relationships...
  27. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4472: Help from Demons for passing a stupid exam that will let me progress in life, please!

    He really shouldn't be getting Satanic tattoos either. All it takes is one Jewish/Christian surgeon to ruin his life.
  28. Swabian Starlight

    Happy birthday, Adolf Hitler!

    Heil Hitler forever! Hitler's birthday really should be made into a holiday.
  29. Swabian Starlight

    [ATTACH] Happy birthday to the Fuhrer!!

    Happy birthday to the Fuhrer!!
  30. Swabian Starlight

    Facial features of black jews?

    Lil Wayne is Jewish? I had no idea, do you know where I can read more about this?
  31. Swabian Starlight

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    I apologize, I didn't know this. Thank you.
  32. Swabian Starlight

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    Gypsies were originally created for the same purpose as the Jews, but it was a failed attempt and as a result the Gypsies are essentially just low IQ Jews. The black Gods are humans that completed the magnum opus, yes. Lady Vapula is an example of a black God.
  33. Swabian Starlight

    A beginner's question on Jews and non-Aryans

    The Jews are the only dangerous ones. It should be noted that Gypsies fall under the Jews, though they aren't nearly as dangerous. The Sumerians, Babylonians, and if I'm not mistaken the Assyrians were all Aryans. The Black and Asian races also came from the Gods. All other races are a mixture...
  34. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4442: Am I Jewish

    Any amount of Jewish ancestry makes you a Jew, even if its .000000001%
  35. Swabian Starlight

    Are The Gods coming back?

    I can't wait to meet him and thank him. He's been a massive positive influence on me.
  36. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4442: Am I Jewish

    You can recover from it, there's no permanent damage.
  37. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4442: Am I Jewish

    They do not become Jewish, but they mix with Jewish energies. This will cause them to behave more and more like a Jew, and may even start to resemble a Jew after some time, but they are still human.
  38. Swabian Starlight

    The total destruction of Israel has begun

    Born too late to explore the Earth, born too early to explore the stars, born just in time to witness the end of Jewry.
  39. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4420: Turned on by another race

    You should do the white race awakening ritual. https://satanslibrary.org/RaceRitual.html
  40. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4418: Is fucking a Jewish girl normal?(for money)

    There are better and more effective ways of getting money, such as doing a money working. Doing this will only destroy your soul and make you miserable. I'm surprised you can even tolerate being around a Jew, much less wanting to marry one.
  41. Swabian Starlight

    About Website

    The original Gods did (such as Satan), but some were born here on Earth. A God could come from any planet aligned with Satan. Yes, a lot of Jews even look like reptiles. Yahweh is a thought-form Lucifuge is not a Grey, he is from the race that Greys come from, they are like humans but with...
  42. Swabian Starlight

    Satanic magic and partner find

    What affirmation did you use? I'm planning on starting a love working today and I'm not sure what affirmations to use.
  43. Swabian Starlight

    Question #4403: Hitlerbility

    Hitler did not hate the disabled. "it is not shameful, but a regrettable misfortune, to be ailing and weakly" - Mein Kampf In short Hitler thought that genetically disabled people shouldn't reproduce, but he didn't hate them.
  44. Swabian Starlight

    thoughts on the following people

    Very true. Still, I highly doubt Elon is on our side.
  45. Swabian Starlight

    Do siren's and other mythological creatures exist?

    To add to what Hellenic SS said, some are real, but they are elementals, meaning they are only made from 1 or 2 elements, we can't observe them with our physical eyes but they exist on the astral. From what I remember unicorns and mermaids are examples of this.
  46. Swabian Starlight

    thoughts on the following people

    Do you mind explaining how Julius Caesar was jew-owned? Also Elon musk is a racial Jew, there was a 23andme leak some time ago and listed under Ashkenazi Jews was Elon Musk.
  47. Swabian Starlight

    the (((War on symbols))) needs to stop <

    Raelism is short for Israelism, and it's founder is a Jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra%C3%ABl
  48. Swabian Starlight

    Adolf Hitler - She Doesn't Mind(Ai Cover And Video)

    Hitler achieved the magnum opus, so he is a God.
  49. Swabian Starlight

    Hitler and Christianity

    It sounds like Mike Vril Sledge, he still sometimes posts here https://americannationalradionetwork.podbean.com/
  50. Swabian Starlight

    Question #3856: Best translation of Mein Kampf?

    I would think the Stalag edition would be the best since it was the only approved English translation by the Germans. https://archive.org/details/mein-kampf-stalag-edition/mode/2up

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan